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  1. This is both silly, dangerous and disingenuous. Do so at your peril.
  2. I see a (your?) similar post was flagged as clickbait on the official forum.
  3. You enjoy watching them develop potential melanomata? Not nice. Hey...what can I say? "That's what I say".
  4. Do you have the results of your testing Rob?
  5. That's odd as I've all these available for adjustment in the Nvidia Control Panel as usual.
  6. I was using the immediate previous one which was a wee bit glitchy sometimes. I have a RTX 3070 as my card and this new driver is a good fit for it.
  7. Just tested it for an hour in VR over NZ using the ORBX mesh. This seems a solid driver. I'm pretty pleased with it.
  8. The freeware version is pretty good and works well for me. What I really want to know is how MUCH better, if at all, this paid version is. Anyone tried both?
  9. That video on the left is using rudder control proportionally, such as proper pedals. Whilst that on the right exhibits the behaviours when you try and fly with a controller (XBOX etc) or the keyboard - either full on or off, no in-between. Scandalous!
  10. Sort of correct - the wireless part anyway. Amazon sell a cable by Anker, approved by Oculus, for about £12. I have no problems with it and it works just fine.
  11. Yes I do this as part of my pre-flight routine. Just a few seconds extra and quite immersive in its own right. It appeals to the OCD in me!
  12. What, the nail? Hey, Nails Heads Matter!
  13. Actually I just wanted to explain this orff business too as it goes with the "old boy" part. It's a sort of snobbish thing and goes hand-in-hand with it. One example of it in use is Michael Caine in the 1960s film "The Italian Job". His character is talking to the garage owner where he had been storing his Aston Martin whilst he was "inside". He had the man open the bonnet (hood in the USA) so he could retrieve his stash of cash from the engine department. He then went into a long pretext as to whether sufficient air was getting into the carburettor and asked the man if he thought it needed more air (leaning the mixture) as he thought it may be a little "orff". Michael's character was being played as upper class or snobbish when (like me) he was just ordinary (ornery in the USA), and he was trying to show how upper class he thought he was. No offence meant, I was just mucking about. I am far from snobbish etc. Superior maybe, but not snobbish. However please don't speak to my wife who may well hold a contrary view. Hmm prolly didn't explain that very well either. But note the careful use of aircraft type expressions to keep it within context for a flight sim forum!
  14. Indeed! James Bond started it all in the film Goldfinger when he woke up in the aeroplane and found her (Pussy Galore) leaning over him. "Ah, pooozzzy", he purred. (RIP Sean). It then came to prominence in an English sitcom (set in a department store) called "Are you being served". One of the assistants, a Mrs Slocombe, was always being asked by her manager why she was late for work. She'd inevitably reply, "I've had trouble with my pussy", to howls of laughter from the audience. Worth checking out on YouTube where you'll come across another catch-phrase from one of the characters (who was gay but only hinted at in the series), "I'm free"! Ah the 1960s and 1970s and songs like "Didn't we have a wonderful time the day we went to Bangor" etc.
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