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  1. I ain't rising to the clickbait. Suffice to say, if you were an aeroplane, you'd crash and burn. Crash and burn, buddy!
  2. I can assure you it won't, based on my personal experience of all three.
  3. MSFS more of a game says Austin? I definitely agree with him there based on what I've seen.
  4. It's both: it's like a misplaced giant forest whereas in reality there is the odd gorse bush and whin barely a few feet high.
  5. On the tree issue (ie back on topic) try flying from Lydd (EGMD) to Shoreham (EGKA) VFR. It's impossible to recognise anything. EG Rye golf club is covered with trees (always a useful POI), Lydd itself, the coast etc is covered with trees that simply aren't there in the real world. Much work to do and it's a complete immersion spoiler. Still, it's an Alpha, let's see what transpires leading to release.
  6. I'm using 442.88 which is designed and built around Vulkan - same card as yours. Runs fine.
  7. Interestingly (well, to me anyway) I have the Beta on a WD Blue M.2 plugged into an external caddy running off my USB 3.1 port. It's actually much much faster than the internal Crucial SSD I use for 11.41, and load times for complex scenery are much better.
  8. I remember the early days of gliding when you rarely made it back to your home field and instead had to rely on a friend in a Land Rover with a trailer to come get you from some cabbage patch somewhere. Assuming you didn't get ravaged by a bull or the farmer's daughter! Same now with the para gliders in Devil's Hole, Brighton UK.
  9. To defend Beta testers...they do see the bugs, I assure you. The problem is the parent company can't afford the delay and it's far too expensive to get everything sorted for release and pre-empt other sims (FS and XPL) with their new graphics etc engines. Release/fix/release/fix, rinse and repeat.
  10. Editing the scenery_packs.ini file in XP is just so simple and the scenery priority order is so intuitive too. It's when you add things like ORBX Central and xOrganizer into the mix that it gets all "screwy". I'm with the original poster on this one!
  11. No I don't forgive you. That's just lazy and how are you sure?
  12. Nope that's not right. I have a GTX980ti and the experience is buttery especially in Vulkan. Other specs Haswell at 4.3ghz, 32 GB RAM
  13. Ah well, silly old pensioner me! Thank you, that sorted it. It's a Windows permission error and I edited the Policy to resolve it. Thanks very much - and for a great product too!
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