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  1. And right there is the deal-breaker for me and probably many others.
  2. I just selected a runway and the aeroplane loaded in with engines running so no problem!
  3. Stop chasing FPS and concentrate instead on smoothness with realistic render settings. There're people would kill for those fps!
  4. I knew Peter Wright as he lived very close to me in Eastbourne, before moving to the USA. A top bloke, very experienced programmer and author and very missed on YT. He was the first person I heard say "Study Level" about something. I don't know whether that was his invention.
  5. I stopped watching him a while ago because I got fed up with his constant self-promotions etc.
  6. I was an official BETA tester for OS2 and had to upgrade my RAM from 4MB to 8MB to run it, at a cost of £145! Anyway Windows was never going to be beaten because OS2 had negligible multi-media and other gizmos the public was just starting to want, as CDROMs were starting to come out such as MicroSoft's encyclopaedia etc. Despite Woolworth's using it and a couple of other big corporates, the sheer usability of Windows beat OS2 in very short order.
  7. Thanks Michael, it's always good to see your thoughts. I must have followed you all over the Internet, from P3D to Aerofly to here!
  8. Of course it isn't an addiction. I think the whole program is silly and you won't ever find me playing (or simming) it. In fact I am going to delete the *** from my comp... Oh hang on the PFD is warning me not to sink so fast and I've missed my go around spot so can't chat more now...
  9. I have this problem occasionally and it seems to be after a Windows Update. I run it from the XBOX Application and it works fine. Subsequent loads from my desktop shortcut also seem fine too. I presume it's summat to do with the XBOX hub needing to synchronise with the MS servers. Anyway just throwing this "out there" in case it helps someone.
  10. Before I start blowing up my system do these settings (the Pos X and Y) impact those of us running in 2560 x 1440 as well? Thanks in advance.
  11. I live exactly here in the Dales and I can assure you oppressive does not come into it! It's downright oppressive! Nice on a sunny day though. BTW do not go onto Ilkley Moor without a hat. Jus' sayin'.
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