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  1. I’m getting a lot of go arounds. Anyone suggest what settings I should be using?
  2. Apologies if this already got mentioned but is there a problem with aircraft landing? Only I don’t see any.
  3. Noted thank you. I should have said I'm using the latest studio ready driver
  4. Yep I was at EGLL using DX12 recently and I saw graphics glitching during taxi (e.g. pixels fading upon movement). Wasn't sure whether it was due to the Inibuilds mod or DX12. I need to test more elswhere admittedly. (I'm using a 3070)
  5. Cant wait to check out the new audio. That for me was one of the most poorest things on release.
  6. So to clarify, is the studio driver ok to use for dx12 purposes or should I wait for the game ready version?
  7. Yeah, show me how the Fenix lands at a busy Heathrow airport with full on scenery and then I’ll sit up and pay attention.
  8. MSFS stability has really deteriorated over the last couple of months. I barely play it due to CTDs. Let’s hope SU10 will be the answer to our prayers. If not, maybe I’ll pick up XP12 after all.
  9. Too many CTDs for me as well, mainly occurring short on final. I’ve actually stopped playing pending SU10 for this reason.
  10. Yeah I’m with the OP on this. I don’t doubt they’re working on a lot of stuff but more tailored updates would be welcome, otherwise it just appears too mercenary now that Amir has most peoples money. Could they not do smaller, bite (byte) size updates?
  11. Slightly unrelated but when is the Fenix going to be updated. Dissapointed with the lack of updates I have to admit.
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