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  1. I’m about to put a 4090 with a 7800x3d and 64gb RAM so this feedback excites me greatly. I went with 64GB which I know is overkill because of the forthcoming MS2024 and to ensure I have some element of future proofing as I typically find myself running a ton of additional applications at the same time as I run MSFS. If the 7800x3d is as good as I think it will be then I don’t plan to mess around with any overlocking and will just set and forget it (obviously I will make sure bios is updated)
  2. Exactly the same experience for me. It’s a shame because I love seeing the busyness of other airliners but it’s a complete immersion killer when you’re coming onto final and see the oncoming lights of other planes ahead of you also lining up directly in your path.
  3. Can anyone suggest some good and realistic routes to fly with this bird? Most current ones seem to be freight only which is great, but any good passenger examples or ways of looking up the history of some routes that used to be operational?
  4. I think it's Microsoft server side related, but it's gotten much worse recently.
  5. Anyone else getting constant alerts and then 'successfully connected' again quickly afterwards? It's kind of ruining the realism for me, so just wondered if there is anything I can do about it? Thanks.
  6. Sorry, I should elaborate rather than just say joke. Too many go arounds for no reason, planes buzzing the tower, disappearing aircraft both before and after take off.
  7. Same experience for me as OP. I was trying out the new FSLTL update at EGLL and it was a joke
  8. Clean install but seeing a significant FPS drop. Hope they can fix it. Aamir is on the case.
  9. Wow. This thing is a work of art. Takes a lot to impress me but seriously loving this airport. Can highly recommend. Anyone know if it’s GSX pro friendly?
  10. I’m so confused. Why are they bringing out a new MSFS when there’s plenty still to fix on the current one, regardless if it’s an add on or not. They can’t even get the ATC right. Have they tried walking before running?
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