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  1. Wow. Looks like I may have to take out my Xplane 10 (box edition) and install it ASAP. Once again, EXCELLENT JOB PMDG and..
  2. Amazing. I recommend this addon for AVSIM Gold star award. It's amazing how much time and effort you invest in this and sharing it with your fellow simmers without expecting anything back. Thanks a lot mate.
  3. They have already posted the fix for throttles on their facebook page. Download here https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqqczdag3zgnd91/BlackBox%20Airbus%20WideBody%20v0.80.1%20%28Throttle%20Calibration%20Patch%29.exe?dl=0 To Everyone else saying it's not worth it, Thanks for the heads up. I deeply miss a proper Airbus A330/40/80 on FSX and that is why I was thinking of giving BBS a go. But I am still not sure. I am ready to accept an unfinished product (I know it can't be of PMDG or Aerosoft quality) but I will settle for any airbus that can just do about basic flight functions, not hoping for anything fancy etc. Anyways... still undecided.
  4. Blackbox Simulations have release v0.80 of Airbus A330/40 http://www.blackboxsimulation.com/index.php/products/fsx/a330xtreme/ Price 39.99 Euros
  5. The "Landing Altitude" on your lower EICAS says it all.
  6. Looks like flight sim is still a MALE dominated hobby hehe.
  7. I am kinda over Boeings now. 747v2 will be the last boeing I will ever buy. I am looking now for someone to develop a good heavy Airbus. Like A380 or 340/350. I know NLS are working on A380 for quite a long time - but is it par with PMDG's quality is yet to be seen.
  8. Sp1b is working like a charm. No issues at all.
  9. at least for me I don't know how I bump into this but PMDG Knowledge base center makes it very clear that if you have FSUIPC and SIMCONNECT both installed in your PC, ASN will have difficulty with weather radar as it cannot send data through two channels. So I completed deleted FSUIPC from my modules. (All files) and it works finally PMDG knowledge base : http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a109/weather-radar-troubleshooting
  10. Sorry . Change the setting in your FMC to "CREATE WX FILE" and not "Create WX file and load to FSX" I think on the later option, FMC Assumes that you are using default FSX weather (which is static unless you have checked live weather mode in FSX as well) and loads in WX from FSX which remains the same throughout. If you use "CREATE WX FILE' only it will take the weather from the active weather enginer which would be ASN. Check if this solve your problem
  11. As someone mentioned earlier dont export the wx file and delete any previously exportes wx files in the folder. Let the fmc create a file itself ( which the fmc option says) and that will solve it
  12. SOLVED: Introduction manual page 163-165 - In short STEP 1 : on ASN this option must be checked - STEP 2 : In Your 777 FMC Go to PMDG Setup > Simulations >Option Browse to NXT PAGE .. I believe on Page 7 there is an option FSX PLN FILE FOR WXR : Which should be set to > CREATE FILE AND LOAD TO FSX Cheers
  13. I am having the exact same problem. From the data uplink, Route, Performance and Wind data is loaded without a hitch in the FMC. It's the descent forecast which won't upload and I get the error message on FMC "Invalid Forecast Uplink" btw using PFPX for my flight plans and ASN Live Weather mode (on the same machine) No Complex stuff in ASN. Default settings.
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