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  1. Wow. Looks like I may have to take out my Xplane 10 (box edition) and install it ASAP. Once again, EXCELLENT JOB PMDG and..
  2. No @ topic. My hangar is still missing a decent A330, A340, A380 and A350
  3. Qatar Airways welcomes the first ever A350XWB ready for commercial flights. Complete story here : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2973686/The-future-air-travel-Qatar-Air-takes-delivery-Airbus-A350XWB-featuring-colour-changing-LEDs-integrated-entertainment-swooped-winglets.html
  4. 2D panels are required when you have your own home made cockpit and you want all the panels on different screens. 2D panels if used properly are more fun than a 3d cockpit
  5. Amazing. I recommend this addon for AVSIM Gold star award. It's amazing how much time and effort you invest in this and sharing it with your fellow simmers without expecting anything back. Thanks a lot mate.
  6. Hi Can anyone suggest any good Aviation magazine in Australia ? I am interested mostly in commercial aviation news, new ICAO guidelines news etc etc. (any magazine with tabloid style photos would be a cherry on top ) Thanks in advance.
  7. I hope my post is not a discussion on EULA, kyle. was just explaining to Dave :mellow:
  8. That is right Dave. It has been explained earlier by Kyle that 777 for P3D is for PERSONAL use, hence any use by a SINGLE PERSON under P3D EULA. PMDG 777 for Professional simulators and for providing training by training academies has NOT been released yet. http://www.prepar3d.com/product-overview/prepar3d-license-comparison/ [MOD EDIT: Removed inaccurate EULA info.]
  9. To all the members complaining about Freedom of speech. Sorry , AVSIM does not have any such FoS policy. From AVSIM terms of service Freedom Of Speech: AVSIM is not a democracy, and there is no such thing as "Freedom of Speech" in our forums. If you believe that you are entitled to that freedom without restriction and that you should be able to do and say as you please, then reconsider... Please do NOT register. Your Access to AVSIM: Your access to AVSIM is not a right. You are allowed access because you agree to these Terms of Service and commit to abide by them. If you do not abide by them, your access will be removed. http://forum.avsim.net/page/AVSIM%20Pages/terms_of_use.html
  10. I paid 300 dollars (here in Australia) to sit for an hour on Level D 777 Simulator (for the first time). I am not a pilot just a home simmer and the moment I looked at the controls in front of me, deep in my heart I was grateful to PMDG for what they have reproduced on a desktop. I felt like I knew every bit of that cockpit. Thank you again for your products. They are priceless.
  11. Nope. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything here. I think PMDG never promised a discount from FSX to P3d. They made it clear from day one (as far as I remember). I do not understand the disappointment.
  12. You cannot get better than this. A complete real flight video from Rio De Janerio to Sao Paulo (in English) All procedures, checklists, ATC, takeoff, landing, etc etc I learned a lot a lot from this video alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBTbTCLEp4M
  13. They have already posted the fix for throttles on their facebook page. Download here https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqqczdag3zgnd91/BlackBox%20Airbus%20WideBody%20v0.80.1%20%28Throttle%20Calibration%20Patch%29.exe?dl=0 To Everyone else saying it's not worth it, Thanks for the heads up. I deeply miss a proper Airbus A330/40/80 on FSX and that is why I was thinking of giving BBS a go. But I am still not sure. I am ready to accept an unfinished product (I know it can't be of PMDG or Aerosoft quality) but I will settle for any airbus that can just do about basic flight functions, not hoping for anything fancy etc. Anyways... still undecided.
  14. Blackbox Simulations have release v0.80 of Airbus A330/40 http://www.blackboxsimulation.com/index.php/products/fsx/a330xtreme/ Price 39.99 Euros
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