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  1. 3-2-1-Now

    Slow Takeoffs

    If you don't need the best second segment climb performance the aircraft is capable of, then try a higher flap setting (instead of flap 5, try flap 20). Best regards, Robin.
  2. I can't configure any air stairs for the 300ER. They don't even appear (works fine on 200). Everything else appears to be OK. Any ideas? Best regards, Robin.
  3. The problem is with the way FSX terrain crash detection works. It's like you occasionally see the aircraft jumping on the ground, particularly at KSEA, if the sim is busy with other tasks and can't update the terrain fast enough. In that case, as the elevation changed due to changes in the resolution of the mesh, it would cause the aircraft to bounce/crash. I suspect what is happening is as the coastline LOD is increased (witnessed by the shape changing as you approach it) then the crash boundary built by the sim is not exactly in line with the visible terrain for whatever reason. What would be interesting to do is taxi from the other direction and see where it is. It could literally be an invisible wall, or something worse. Best regards, Robin.
  4. Where the stick is should not affect the trimmer when on the ground. The FBW is bugged so it may not be behaving correctly. I'm not at my simming PC so can't check the manuals for what it should be doing, but I've never had a problem setting trim for takeoff. Best regards, Robin.
  5. So much speculation, so few facts. All we know is it didn't make the intended destination. There are so many oddities and serious questions about what happened, and what did or did not occur in response, that all anyone is doing is feeding the media with unsubstantiated nonsense. I haven't even read this thread because there is no point. Those who know aren't saying; those who don't have too much to say. The aviation expert on CNN said it best: "Idle speculation is pointless. Wait for the conclusion of the investigation". I expect to be waiting several years for this one, if ever. Best regards, Robin.
  6. It is rigged so that when in the correct landing attitude, with the main wheels touching the ground (but oleos fully extended), it reads zero. Best regards, Robin.
  7. Rudder trim - lots of rudder trim (and rudder). As written above - it's all to do with airflow, prop dynamics/forces etc... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P-factor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_engine Best regards, Robin.
  8. O/T: why do people photograph their screens??? Not heard of PRT SCN? You can crop the image, too... If the FMC is dumping the SID/STAR then try removing the offending procedure from the database and see if that at least makes the rest of it usable. Best regards, Robin.
  9. There's your problem. Best regards, Robin.
  10. Longest for me so far was Hong Kong to Santiago (21 hours and a few minutes). I took just 30 tons of cargo - the rest was fuel. Best regards, Robin.
  11. From the system description, only one side should be affected. Best regards, Robin.
  12. Hmm. Do you need to change the loader type? I think you'll find if you do that, it should work. All the XML expression is for, is detetcting if the door is opened/closed. AFAIK it does not affect what appears, where. Best regards, Robin.
  13. Well first of all... I use V1.8. To edit the positions is the same in any version AFAIK. Go to the menu, and select CUSTOMIZE AIRCRAFT POSITIONS. It will display a dialog whereby you can select the door you wish to edit, then click CUSTOMIZE. It will go into SLEW mode, and will enable you to position the loader exactly where you want it. Best regards, Robin.
  14. What is wrong with 1.8?? For me it works well. If it is the main door cargo loader you're worried about, then just re-assign a cargo loader to the forward cargo hold? I ended up customizing all the positions anyway as I thought they were too far from the aircraft, and offset from where they needed to be. They are working on adding support for 3 loaders, but when we'll see it I don't know. Best regards, Robin.
  15. What is the view "out the window" doing? Is it stuttering/pausing? Best regards, Robin.
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