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  1. aerhead1

    Slow Takeoffs

    Thanks everyone for the tips. The runways in question were 25R at VHHH, 7R at LAX, and 14L at O'Hare. All pretty long runways. I probably did need to check the MTOW. I'll have to keep that in mind for the next flight.
  2. aerhead1

    Slow Takeoffs

    My first attempt was Hong Kong to Chicago. I don't remember the weight cause the flight was yesterday.
  3. aerhead1

    Slow Takeoffs

    First off, thank you PMDG for producing a beautiful aircraft. The 77W has been my favorite type now for the past few years. However, when I start a fully ultra long haul flight My takeoff roll has gone off the end of the runway more than once. For takeoff, I line up roll a few feet to make sure, then hit the autothrottle speed button to vr, which seems to come late. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to hold the brakes and spool up first?
  4. Though no evidence of any fault with the plane has been developed, it's been a tough couple of years for the Triple 7. RIP to the passengers and crew.
  5. Sometimes on takeoff, when I engage the autopilot the plane starts descending instead of climbing. I disconnect the vnav and climb using the v/s. What's that about?
  6. The BA livery looks better the more I see it. I can't wait to fly this bird!
  7. I climb between 1600 and 1800fpm.
  8. That makes sense. Maybe I set my climb rate too high or my airspeed too low, but I get pretty nose high if I clean it up before I get past 250.
  9. I had no idea they retract the flaps so early. I always assumed they waited til around 10,000 feet.
  10. Before I commit to the full version, I wanna wait for the 77W release since I don't know I how much that expansion will be. The trial version looks pretty cool for the 2 flights I've done so far. A flight to and from a rainy ATL gave me a chance to see a nice transition into and out of the clouds. It did hit my frame rates pretty hard, but I don't think the Imaginesim KATL scenery helped much.
  11. Who knew the Triple 7 could get even better? Of course, it won't be in the air for a few years, but I hope PMDG puts it in the queue. Doesn't look like the 777 is fading anytime soon ^_^
  12. Yeah, I thought the $59.95 price probably the most reasonable for our hobby. I'm still not all that convinced that I'll leave FSX. I'm just a weekend pilot and I'm pretty happy with my setup, but Was curious to see if Prepar3d was really that much better. Pleasantly surprised by the objectivity.
  13. $199?!!! Is that the basic package price? If so, this debate is over, lol. I love simming, but I do other stuff with my life. I'll stick with FSX. Thanks everyone.
  14. I keep reading posts in the PMDG page about how great this Prepar3d is, like it's the second coming of the personal sim world. I've also looked at a few youtube clips and comparisons and I don't really get what the fuss is about. I generally can't stand photoreal scenery, and that's the only real difference I notice. And according to the website, it's not even intended for personal use. I know FSX has it's many flaws and aggravations, but I need more evidence on why I would want to pitch it, so I figured i'll mine this forum for info. I may get flamed, but if there's any valuable information in said flaming i'll take it into account. Please help.
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