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  1. aerhead1

    Slow Takeoffs

    Thanks everyone for the tips. The runways in question were 25R at VHHH, 7R at LAX, and 14L at O'Hare. All pretty long runways. I probably did need to check the MTOW. I'll have to keep that in mind for the next flight.
  2. aerhead1

    Slow Takeoffs

    My first attempt was Hong Kong to Chicago. I don't remember the weight cause the flight was yesterday.
  3. aerhead1

    Slow Takeoffs

    First off, thank you PMDG for producing a beautiful aircraft. The 77W has been my favorite type now for the past few years. However, when I start a fully ultra long haul flight My takeoff roll has gone off the end of the runway more than once. For takeoff, I line up roll a few feet to make sure, then hit the autothrottle speed button to vr, which seems to come late. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to hold the brakes and spool up first?
  4. Thanks to everyone for lending their advice. I have started looking at the manuals. And with all of the other things I have going such as work, my music production, and school, eventually I think I may get the hang of it. And to those who tooks this topic as a personal assault, I am not suggesting anything negative about the product or the company. They are both very impressive which is the reason I bought the plane in the first place. I'm just stating that maybe it wasn't my wisest purchase. But I have it now so I'll sort it out. Thanks again.
  5. @Steve, I am looking at FS2CREW already. It looks like that's a favorite with the NGX crowd.
  6. @Richiebacardi, I actually spent about a week reading these forums and various reviews before making the purchase. And I'm not really expecting a refund, but stating that I wish I hadn't bought it to begin with. Having said that, I will probably stick with it because I really would like to know how to work the plane before the 777 comes out. I still think I would buy that plane, but I should have waited til it came out to make my decision. Maybe you guys are right, and I will grow to love it. We'll see.
  7. As a long time simmer, I was really excited by the prospect of a PMDG 777. So much so, that I bought the 737NGX as a primer to get an idea what it will be like, even though I've never been a fan of the 737. I have to say, I'm not very happy with it. Maybe I just got in over my head because I honestly don't need the level of operational detail that some on these forum members prefer. I like to start the plane, fly it, and watch it travel to its' destination. I don't like spending an hour on the ground trying to start the thing, which I have yet to do by the way. I guess i'm more into watching from the outside than being an actual pilot, and the 737 holds up in that regard as well. But if I can't fly it what's the point. Since I love the Triple 7, I would probably be more patient with it. At this point, I wish I had my $70 back.
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