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  1. Hi guys, Next time I will try the magic updater. I did not remove the WX from the Lear 35A, but did it for the other aircraft. This last update, don’t know why, made a mess in the fsx.cfg and I had to redo lots of old permissions FSX had for ages. Thanks and seasons greetings,
  2. Rex/Milviz recently published an update for their WX Advantage radar, and they recommend that the addon should be uninstalled before upgrading. Then, when upgrading, they again recommend that you should use the WX Configuration app to remove the unity from the airplanes which it is installed, before going further on the installation. That is quite easy to do with non-retrofitted aircraft. How are we supposed to act on upgrading the WX Advantage on the Lear 35A? Regards
  3. Chris, that's what I was thinking. KTPA has a pretty long 01L and I landed there using Autobrakes 2 (as always) and reversers. I just applied a really small brakes pedal pressure just before clearing the runway. The whole procedure was quite normal, differently to what happened in Sydney, when the aircraft only slowed almost at the end of the runway and I had to use a lot of brakes - in this case I agree they should be melting the tires. Is there some kind of brakes tuning on P3D and/or QOTS? Regards
  4. Hi, the exactly same oddity happened to my B747F landing at YSSY. And to complete things, the aircraft could not park because she refused to continue taxing just before turning to the gate. Brakes/tires heat lights were on. P3DV4.1 and not registered FSUIPC. Andrew, did you came to a conclusion? Thanks
  5. Hi, As I am now having this problem too, I came to this post via Search. Is this case came to a conclusion? Yesterday I landed normally at KTPA using B747F / P3DV4.1 after 7 hs flight from LPAZ and I couldn't taxi to the gate after clearing the active and holding short due to Tower instructions. And, as described by Gusifer, I had to apply max throttle to reach a gate. Thanks.
  6. The issue I've found was tested on both the newest 738NGX version (JUL12-2017) and the previous. My flight was from TJSJ to KTPA (SJuan/PR to Tampa-FL) and the flight plan offered by FlightAware was: ACONY2 SAPPO R507 GTK A555 ZBV DCT PHK This flight plan was loaded on FMC and all legs appeared along the route pages without any intervals. The other FMC pages were filled with the necessary data and, at last, I started filling the winds along the many legs. PFPX plan gave me the following information for FL400: NOPIT=112/011; LENUS=109/013; GTK=117/013; RATTL=112/015; INDEE=243/002; DUKKY=267/004; DONEZ=096/014; ZQA=104/016; ZBV=072/009. The flight planner gives the wind information for some of the waypoints, so I started filling NOPIT, skipping ANTOX, filling LENUS, skipping MRTEE, and so on until I tried to fill INDEE on page 3/5. At that waypoint I could not press the EXEC button after entering the winds 243/002. Also, the FMC simply could not clear the scratchpad nor advance the pages. After sometime, I looked what was happening with the FMC-2. It was on MOD condition. I pressed EXEC and went to the LEGS pages just to see them empty. The FMC-1 was frozen and some seconds later FMC-2 stopped working. Next, after rebooting, I did this test flying. When reaching FL300 I started filling the winds as above described. When I tried to fill the winds on the waypoint INDEE, the FMC froze and the aircraft started behaving as the AP was off, just uncontrollable. The cockpit was not at all frozen, but with very slow responses as if the CPU was extremely occupied with other heavy tasks. I use the NGX since 2011 and never experienced such behavior. I'm sure I did this procedure before, filling winds at some waypoints and leaving the others simply inheriting the numbers from the above. I don't know if this specific route has some trick or any special condition to end like that. I'd like to know the opinion of those of you guys who would try this flightplan. Thanks!
  7. In this case, I'll do some more tests using LNAV and HDG to join LOC at airports with parallel ILS runways and, if the frequency problem persists, open a ticket I will. Best,
  8. I have just flew the approach 12R to OMDB using BUBI1B star.During the downwind leg, it correctly tuned the ILS 12R on 109.50 IBDE (as always). Then, before the base left turn, I deactivated LNAV and did the turn using HDG. It captured the LOC and G/S like a charm. You can leave VNAV as you wish, or FLCG. Juergen, try your fly to OMDB turning to final using HDG instead of LNAV. Please, read the warning in FCOM (NP 21.47). I don't know if that's the answer. Don't think it's a bug. Best,
  9. Dan, Yes, IDBR was set to IDBE and I lost data for approach. Before turning base, I could see the IDBE, the LOC and the GS for the assigned runway 12R. This has happened to me twice on OMDB and once at LatinVFR KMIA. My guess is I was intercepting the localizer on LNAV, and there is a warning on FCOM about this. (NP.21.47), but I'm not sure if this is exactly the case. I will make some tests on this circuits and see if using HDG to join works. Best,
  10. Sorry, you're correct Kyle, my scenery is not monthly updated. Only the aircraft and tools which have Navdata contracted. My FSX Map of FlyTampa OMDB says for ILS data: 12L - IDBL - 110.10 12R - IDBE - 109.50 30L - IDBW - 111.30 30R - IDBR - 110.90 Which are exactly the numbers/letters shown in the 2017 published approach plates on the link I gave you. The change I saw while turning base was on the identifiers (IDBE to IDBR) but the frequency on NAV/RAD was still 109.50, however, the approach failed. In order to organize our discussion, at that time, I put the navigation on HDG, made a turn, rebuilt the approach on DEP/ARR page, and intercepted the localizer 30R from the right and it did work, proving that the scenery frequencies were the same as the aircraft frequencies. Best
  11. Hi Kyle, My scenery and aircraft are updated monthly to the last Navigraph AIRAC (1706) and all the OMDB scenery frequencies are the same of the real world published charts, as it is a high quality commercial add on (Fly Tampa Dubai Rebooted). I repeat, the problem is, when coming left downwind, as the aircraft turns base to 12R , it captures the letters of runway 12L (IDBR) but maintains the frequency 109.50, which is the correct 12R frequency, thus provoking a mismatch and spoiling the approach. You can clearly see the wrong letters on PFD/MFD Otherwise, if I come from the right downwind, i.e. using other STAR, the aircraft correctly captures the ILS 12R and does the approach as programmed. I'll rephrase the question: Why the aircraft picks another runway data if the FMC is already programmed to the original one? Does this happens in real world? If so, how to avoid? Please see the BUBI1B STAR (page 10-2) and the ILS approaches ((pages 11-1 to 11-2) at: http://vau.aero/navdb/chart/OMDB.pdf Try this approach with a QOTS programing it to land on 12R using this star. Best
  12. I use to fly to Dubai OMDB for my VA and I have often experienced this problem. The referenced STAR BUBI1B runs parallel to both runways 12L and 12R as a left downwind, and after passing the airport, you should turn a base LEFT to join the 12R localizer. BUT, when turning this base, you pass in front of the 12L localizer and, at this very moment, the FMC changes automatically the 12R "IDBE" ILS letters for the 12L"IDBR" ILS letters, and the FMC sends the message of ILS mismatch. Attention to this: it changes the letters but doesn't change the frequency, thus emitting the message. This also happened to me arriving in Miami KMIA. The FMC was programmed to one of the parallel runways, but when passing in front of the other, it captured it's ILS frequency. How to avoid this? Normally, this is a situation in which you're preoccupied with other procedures for safe landing and then, at that point, you have to quickly peel a pineapple! Just to clarify one detail : the BUBI1B STAR attends to both runways 12L and 12R. Best,
  13. Hi, Same here with B747-400F RR, the only one I'm using. Best
  14. After some more tentatives, I finally got the activation working following suggestions from support in relation to the FlexNet stuff. As I don't have antivirus, the lesson learnt from this episode is: each case is a case. Thanks for all and happy flying.
  15. Kyle, Thanks for your and the crew's effort. Jordaan, Anything new at FACT? Best