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  1. I use the Button control with the Atlas Air 747-8 Cargo. Since the installation of the last version 1.3, I'm living with the EICAS message "Fuel Imbalance", no matter what I do to try to erase it. Of course, the fueling is done by the PMDG standards, the FMC option is for Auto Tank/Eng Config, and I applied the 747 FCOM Fuel Balancing procedures without success. Even with the 4 engines tanks equalized, the EICAS message stays there. Is this something to be discussed here in this forum or in the PMDG forum? I've read their forum and applied all those suggestions, also without success. Regards,
  2. Heronjr

    C441 Initial State

    Stew, Thanx, it worked. Sometimes the age blocks my brain. I forgot that my initial state is a turned on trike!!! Rgerads,
  3. Hi, When loading the C441 in FSX, she starts ready to taxy, without parking breaks. I have to stay put until she loads to apply the breaks, otherwise I have to go out of the airport to get this bad girl back to apron. Is there a away to change the C441 initial state, at least with parking breaks on. I do not have this problem with the Lear 35A. Thanx and regards,
  4. Heronjr

    C441 AP/Yaw Damper switch

    Hi Ark, Thanks! I installed it and it's working now. I had to include the AUTOPILOT_ON LVar because the switch itself moved by the script does not turns on the autopilot. Regards,
  5. Hi, Does someone knows how to move the C441 Autopilot-Yaw Damper white switch, located in the central pedestal, with some LVar or LUA script? I could identify most of the C441 switches movement scripts, but this one is giving me a hard time. I can turn on/off the autopilot using the specific LVars in Spad.neXt, but this switch stays there in the off position. The autopilot turned on works okay, but I don't know if the yaw damper is working or not (I don't even know if Flysimware simulates the yaw damper in the C441). Regards,
  6. Hi Scott, Yep, he sent me the complete lua settings and now I’m learning a lot about this new science for me. The plane is indeed fantastic, mainly with all the resources working. The yaw damper lua assignment works perfectly and was welcomed because the Flysimware G1000 yaw damper doesn’t work for me Now I’m looking for the assignment of two switches which come together near the anti-ice unity: Radio Altimeter and Auto Pilot. This Auto Pilot switch turns on the Master A/P unity. Regards
  7. Doublem, Thanks for the tip. I'll try them later. Really, these settings deserve lots of patient from us, users. Sometimes I feel as a paleontology expeditionary looking for some special setting. Regards,
  8. Hi Scott, Thanks for your kind reply and suggestions. I already use the G1000 keys for some Lear A/P functions, but unfortunately they do not cover those switches I asked. So I will ask Ark for the LUA scripts. Regards
  9. Hi, I would like to hear if someone knows which are the assignments (FSUIPC or SPAD.Next) for the following switches: Thrust Reverser Arm L/R Air Ignition L/R Fuel Computer L/R I have explored both FSUIPC and SPAD.Next list of assignments and found NIL, nada, nothing to move these switches. The great majority I use for flying this bird I found and applied satisfactorily on my Saitek system. Thanks and regards,
  10. Four years later, I am here to suggest the solution: using two monitors and the autopilot unity is on the second monitor, simply click anywhere on the first monitor (e.g. the windshield) and then move the mouse pointer to the heading switch on the autopilot unit on the second monitor, and scroll the mouse wheel. The heading bug will turn. This problem is not exclusively of this plane. It is a known problem which occurs in some 2d panels placed on the 2nd monitor. RegardS
  11. Thanks for the support. I could not imagine the P3Dv4 Rome-LIRF so outdated - and it is considered one of the "detailed default" in the FS World. The ILS frequencies of runways 16R, 34R, and 25 are from the time of Caligula ;-) Sorry if I used the word "bug", but I was influenced by that post in the 777 forum. As I have other priorities for FS shopping, I will close those runways in PRO-ATC/X and use 16C, 34C, 34L and 16L. Regards,
  12. Sometime ago, someone posted in the 777 forum a problem occurred in some runways around the world, where a message “rw/ils freq error” appeared during the approach, i.e., the autotuning ILS system was not recognizing the frequency. It was identified as a bug and the walkaround was clearing the frequency box on the NAV/RAD page before entering the destination. This post was answered by lots of pilots with the same problem. Now, this same message came to me on the B747 QOTS approaching Rome LIRF rwy 34R. The ILS frequency was in the PFD, the same as of the approach plate, but the LOC switch refused to light Can someone please confirm if this is really a bug and the solution is still the above mentioned? Or simply, things like that happen and there is a Boeing documented solution? P3Dv4.1, W7 Regards
  13. If you added it, I can’t see it as an option. Mine is Button. Is this a Voice only feature?
  14. Hello, How is the engines start sequence is changed to 4-1-2-3?
  15. Heronjr

    PC Aviator US download speed?

    How long should I wait for a 4gb download of Anchorage Professional? I'm trying that for 2 weeks at random times of the day/night. I guess we have the right to complain for this. I don't have this problem for years at any other web shop and my internet speeds are quite good and stable. I think yes they have to answer any complain from customers and the excuse of a cluttered server is unacceptable. If one wants to sell tons one has to acquire heavy trucks, cranes and big installations. At the moment, the nth try to download with FDM is expecting 2d 8h to finish. Regards