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  1. I ran across this recently when trying to purchase the Super Cargomaster expansion. Any product page I clicked on was blank, with only the Carenado graphic header showing. I discovered it only happens with the latest release of Chrome. I had the previous version on my Macbook Pro, and it worked there until I upgraded to version 7. Since this occurred only with the latest release, I submitted it as a bug to the dev team. This was their response. Apparently it's caused by an unclosed comment in the code on those pages, which wasn't an issue for previous versions, and still isn't with other browsers. Most likely it won't work from this point on with Chrome unless the coding issue is addressed.
  2. I must have a thing for trijets, because my top favorites are: 727-200, L-1011, Tu-154, and MD-11. I've though the 727-200 was the most elegant looking narrow-bodied airplane since childhood. My local airport has several of them in various states of disassembly. Sure wish I had the money and space for one of them. Of the more current aircraft, I think the 757-200 looks almost as good as the 727. And of course Concorde is in a class by itself.
  3. Thanks, Opa, for letting us know about this fix. I actually tried searching for some sort of fix a while back, but never managed to locate anything. Glad I can finally get rid of that annoying hill now.
  4. I thought I was the only person who had that problem. Good to know it's not just me. It would indeed be nice to find out what causes that and remove it if possible.
  5. I'm not a pilot (though I would love to be), but I have to say that this airplane has become one of my favorites in FSX in the short time I've owned it. It's reassuring to me as a non-pilot to see so many comments from those familiar with the flight characteristics of the C310 talk about its flight model accuracy. I've been criss-crossing PNW with it, and having an absolute blast the whole time. Everyone involved did a spectacular job with this one.Once I'm gainfully employed again, I hope to purchase a couple of the Saitek throttle quadrants so I can experiment with the engine-out procedures, which sounds like something infinitely more enjoyable (if that's possible) in FSX than in real life.
  6. I bought a new ASUS laptop in January with Windows 7 x64, and promptly installed FS9 to see how well it would work (I had FSX on another computer already). I started using it so much I ended up buying the E-Jets package and ERJ v2 a couple of weeks ago. I also had ridiculously low frame rates in FS9 under Win7 with the E-Jets, and couldn't figure out why. In some of my research, I found a suggestion to uncheck any compatibility mode settings for the shortcut used to launch FS9 (I had it set to use XP SP3 compatibility mode, having assumed it would be necessary), and strangely enough that completely took care of the issue for me. I do have disable visual themes, disable desktop composition, and run as administrator still checked, however. I haven't had any issues with ERJ v2 whatsoever. And as far as I can tell, unchecking that setting has had no negative impact on FS9 performance or any other add-ons.As with most things FS-related, however, your mileage may vary, but it might be worth a try to see if this corrects the issue for you.
  7. Be sure to click the Webcast link on the upper right of the page.
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