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  1. Ronzie Success!! Many thanks. Roger
  2. I am beginning to think I have an old version of RC. The version number is 4.0.3675. If this is in fact true, how do I get an upgrade to the latest? The website doesn't offer much help. Roger
  3. Ronzie Did a reinstall and used the path you suggested. Nothing changed. Still get error 9. Scenery Rebuild still doesn't work. There has to be something fundamental that is missing. Roger
  4. Ronzie . My files are in C:\Roger Lewis\My Documents\Flight Simulator X files. They are also in my equivalent of the path you cited above. So I assume that I am using the incorrect path. I will do a reinstall and use the path you suggest. I still don't understand why the Scenery Rebuild doesn't work. Will advise further. Roger
  5. Ronzie If its any help, when I load a flight plan into FS and then do the same in RC it does not appear in the top window. It just seemsthat FS and RC are not talking to each other somehow. I have run the installation several times and all seems to be well. As I said I am never asked the path to FS. The install went to C:/ Programs/RCV4. Roger
  6. Ronzie That may be my problem. During installation or Scenery Rebuild I am never asked for the path to FSX. My makerwys and fsuipc are up to date. Sounds like something in the installation process went astray. Roger
  7. As an added note, when I run the rebuild scenery DB It just runs and nothing happens. It almost seems that RC doesn't know where FSX is and I cant seem to tell it. Roger
  8. I recently installed RCV4 on my FSX Win 7 setup. After getting the new registration and resolving a dll problem, everything appeared to be normal . When starting Radar Contact I get the following error message: Run-Time Error 9 Radar Contact.rcv4module.initialize. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Roger
  9. Now we just have to figure out why the NAV key worked for Tanker yet failed for a number of others. Must be an answer out there somewhere.
  10. I am having the same problem as MIk75. I was able to make it work with the gyrations he suggested but something is wrong somewhere. When GPS is selected as the NAV source, engaging the AP NAV button should follow the flight plan. As it is now NAV will not activate at all when the button is pressed unless you proceed as above. Any help would be appreciated. Roger
  11. Sound problem resolved. Started from scratch with everything. The JelAir Sound folder goes in the FSX Sound Folder not the sound folder in the CJ2 Folder.
  12. FSMania just published a youtube video series on the CJ2. There is a link to the mod in Part 2 of the series.
  13. I just installed the 1.5 mod in the CJ2 and everything works great EXCEPT the VSpeed sounds. I have pasted the sound files into every sound folder on the planet and still no 80 knot VSpeed callouts. What am I doing wrong. Regards Roger
  14. The Verdana font was missing from both Windows and FSX. I downloaded a copy from the Internet and that, at the moment, seems to have corrected the problem. Thanks for your help. Regards Roger
  15. All of a sudden my right-click menus and atc boxes are blank i.e. No text. The rest of FSX runs fine. Any ideas how to correct this problem?
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