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  1. This will put the GTN750 into the VC of the J model. Makes it Easier to navigate for sure. [VCockpit09] size_mm=256,256 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$C130_radar background_color=0,0,0 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750VC,22,22,200,195,UNIT1
  2. Honestly, just get OPUS FSI, EZDOK is outdated and has never worked for me , if I had a Nickel for every problem I had with it , I could have bought 5 OPUS, someone else may have a fix but yo will just have another the next time you light it up.
  3. Looks like there about as far along as they were 4 years ago, Don't get me wrong I do indeed know what it takes to move a project to completion but they just have too much going all at once, just ask the investors in the KA .
  4. I read something about a MU-2 Solitaire years ago that Milviz was doing so I never get Excited about WIP projects that they do, as a matter of fact I wanted that one to be my first purchase from them and to this day I still don't own anything from them.
  5. It's Here !!!!!! We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the ObjectFlow 2 Open Beta! During the open beta, ObjectFlow 2 will be distributed via Fastlane. Fastlane allows you to opt-in to receive potentially unstable updates before they are released to everyone. Once you have opted-in to Fastlane, you will receive a beta update to FTX Central that includes ObjectFlow 2. This update will also allow you to view your airports in FTX Central for Prepar3D v4. HOW TO OPT-IN TO FASTLANE AND RECEIVE THE OPEN BETA: 1. Log in to your OrbxDirect account. 2, Go to the Fastlane page: https://orbxdirect.com/account/fastlane 3. Click "opt-in to Fastlane" 4. Start FTX Central. You will be prompted to update to FTX Central version 3.2.2. 5. You should now see all of your airports for Prepar3D v4 in FTX Central. 6. When starting the simulator, click "yes" when it asks if you want to run ObjectFlow 2. HOW TO OPT-OUT OF FASTLANE AND RESTORE THE LATEST STABLE VERSION: 1. Log in to your OrbxDirect account. 2. Go to the Fastlane page: https://orbxdirect.com/account/fastlane 3. Click "opt-out of Fastlane" 4. Delete the %localappdata%\Orbx\FTXCentral directory. 5. Re-install FTX Central from https://orbxdirect.com/ftxcentral 6. You are now running the latest stable version of FTX Central. THINGS TO NOTE: • ObjectFlow 2 is an open BETA. This means it may cause instabilities in your simulator (crashes, display anomalies, etc). • You do not need to download any additional programs to access Fastlane. Just opt-in from the Fastlane page on the website. Any open beta updates will be delivered via FTX Central v3. • FTX Central updates will be more frequent, so you'll get new features faster. However, you may also experience more bugs. • ObjectFlow 2 is only used in Prepar3D v4. FSX, FSX-SE and P3Dv1-3 will continue to use ObjectFlow 1. • If you find an issue with ObjectFlow 2, please post it in the ObjectFlow 2 Open Beta forum. Additionally, please use this issue template as it will help speed up the troubleshooting process. See the release announcement: http://www.orbxsystems.com/…/topic/139402-objectflow-2-ope…/ Images attached to this post are from NZQN Queenstown, PAVD Valdez and LOWI Innsbruck. All running in Prepar3D v4.
  6. I have had it since it came out and Love it , the cameras take a bit of getting used to but once you have one it's a piece of cake, you can't go wrong with it. Worst case Scenario if you have problems get a hold of Stephen and Cheryl and they will help you. Lot's of people gave up on it because it is a very complex program at first , but I couldn't fly with out it. I can send you a default camera setup I have for a GA plane to get you started if you get it. Best Money I have ever spent.
  7. Same here, I tried all my tricks to no avail so I rolled back and all is well. if you have power in your units you can try to install a Generic USB driver to see if that works.
  8. Make sure your default aircraft on startup has both tanks turned on, it's a bug from long ago that hasn't been addressed , I had the same problem in the MU-2
  9. I have Problems with my controllers as well in the MU-2 ,Throttle works but everything is Jumpy and if I use the prop pitch it cuts out and kills the engines, Nav light is also visible in the VC so something needs to be updated, I believe Mark said something about .DLL files needing updated from the source that did them for him so I would bet that is the problem . Hope it's fixed soon. mb
  10. Thanks again for sharing the MU-2 Corporate Pilot Texture! I am enjoying it more every day.

    1. MBaclawski


      Glad you like it !!!!!!

  11. This is Still a work in progress but here is what my Photoshop Guru came up with, I was thinking the same as you were that there needs to be a owner flying his plane on a business trip, there is still some shading that needs to be done and then it will look just like me flying my MU-2 .
  12.     The Surrounding area is done in photo real you will notice it a bit when you cross over to NA but it's a large area. Marty
  13. Yup Update broke mine so I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. Mine is Hanging on exit and now it won't even start. Guess I Should have waited.
  14. I bought a 4K monitor knowing full well that my eyes are no where close to that so I may give it a try.
  15. Leen I happened to Watch Steve paint this airplane using shared screen on Skype , I even helped him find some of the Logo's , I Sincerely hope you are not thinking that some of your Work from X plane has been Plagiarized, Believe me when I say that he is More than capable of doing his own work , People like you really ###### me off , those of us that cant paint Appreciate people like Steve that take the time to paint and to Accuse him of using your work will probably ensure that we lose another painter willing to upload to Avsim or anywhere Else. Hopefully your ready to pick up the slack. Cryptic messing goes here hopefully you can decipher it. Marty H
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