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  1. Thanks for everyone for their suggestions. I did settle on the Carenado Aero Commander for now, though there are several others in this thread that I've added to my wish list. I really like the Aero Commander! It's got a ton of character.
  2. Jimmy Angel

    Air Hauler 2 Updated

    I will add, at least based on my understanding of the UI, that you can set up timetables for passenger flights between specific destinations, and you can also fly ad-hoc passenger flights from any airport to any airport. I think this plus the cargo runs offers a nice balance between variety and being able to fly regular routes to your preferred airports. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong, but that's my understanding.
  3. Ah, I forgot about that one. Been around forever, I think. I'll give it a look. Thanks! What's the word on the street for the Carenado Shrike? I love the beat-up look of that.
  4. I have the A2A Piper Commanche, which I like a lot, but I am looking for something a bit less fiddly (and maybe a bit faster) as a starter for Air Hauler 2. Also have the Realair Legacy, but it's not exactly appropriate for hauling passengers or cargo. Are there any other developers who produce quality single engine GA for P3D v3? I don't need A2A level fidelity, but would like to have a flight model that feels and acts right, with a nice looking virtual cockpit. Edit: GTN 750 compatibility would be ideal, though I suppose I can live without it. I am also open to a twin, though my joystick setup isn't really twin friendly. I do know about the RealAir duke, and I am sure I will get that at some point)
  5. Jimmy Angel

    Air Hauler 2 Updated

    Thanks much. This makes sense. I can do without the extra gates and such for now, I think. I'll make the purchase this weekend (along with the new Active Sky, and maybe a plane or two, and heck it's going to be an expensive weekend).
  6. Jimmy Angel

    Air Hauler 2 Updated

    Question for those in the v2 Beta: Do addon airports not work at all then right now? For example, if I've got an ORBX airfield it won't be selectable or show up in the jobs list? Was thinking about purchasing, but will hold off if I can't fly between my Orbx PNW airports. Is there any indication of when the import function will become available?
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for this tool. I can't believe the difference it made for me. So much more vibrant and lifelike! It's got me excited about flying P3D again. Here's my before and after.
  8. Jimmy Angel

    P3D v3 and TrackIR

    I've got one on order. We'll see. My TrackIR Clip has always been a bit frustrating, so I'm hoping the active LED's of the Trackhat will offer better ... errr ... tracking. I'll report back in a week or two. It'll be for Prepar3D plus some other games (Elite, Rise of Flight, ARMA)
  9. Jimmy Angel

    Good Bye 2.5...

    Downloaded 3.0 this morning. Seems to be a nice iteration of the platform. I have a fresh install of 2.5 so can do an apple-to-apple comparison, and there's a 10% improvement in frame rates in the same scenario with the same config settings. Not huge, but combined with VAS optimizations a nice improvement to be sure. The ability to adjust HDR is nice. I'd love to see them expand on this with day/night settings (without having to delve into the config). Looking forward to being able to get some Orbx and A2A stuff in place.
  10. Jimmy Angel

    Opinions on EZDok for P3D

    So if you open the Twin Otter checklist and then click on the hot links to the view for that particular control/instrument, it all works for you correctly? If so, I am obviously doing something wrong ... but I have no idea what.
  11. Jimmy Angel

    Addon Performance: What to Expect on your System

    This is pretty cool. Thanks! Already referenced the charts to help make some purchase decisions, since I found that the results for the aircraft I do have line up with my experiences pretty well.
  12. Jimmy Angel

    Traffic Optimizer for FSX/P3D

    Hey, this is a super-cool utility. Works great for me on P3D v2.5. Killing 200 flights didn't exactly make my FPS skyrocket (it went from mid 30's to high 30's in the best circumstance), but I imagine in crunch situations at complex airports it'll really help. I know the author hasn't been around lately, but I'll raise a glass to him anyway. Nice work.
  13. Jimmy Angel

    Opinions on EZDok for P3D

    The install with the latest beta wasn't too bad, doesn't require jumping through hoops (i.e. Estonia Migration Tool), and was up-and-running for me without issue. However.... Getting the camera to cooperate with some of my add-ons that depend on camera settings was pretty frustrating. This included the A2A Cherokee 180 (with the walkaround utility), and the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended (with the interactive checklist). There are apparently workarounds for this stuff, but I couldn't get them working and eventually gave up and removed EZdok. And, I've gotta' say that EZdok is really powerful, but it's just fiddly as heck in terms of the UI, getting a new plane set up properly, etc. It's not too bad once you figure things out, but if I happen to not use it for a few weeks I feel like I'm relearning it each time. Maybe I'm just old and cranky, but I find the payoff not quite worth the effort. That said, I sure do miss the ability to move between cameras with a flick of my joystick hat. I know EZdok will eventually sing its siren song to me again -- perhaps after the official P3Drelease -- and I'll be back trying to figure out how to make it all work.
  14. Jimmy Angel

    FSX GA-Traffic (the utility) in P3D

    Yeah, good point. It's just that GA-Traffic did such a good job of easily generating traffic, and I had full control over plane models, etc. What do you think of the GA traffic in MT6? If you fly from some smallish random airfield does it have any activity, or is it just the regional and hubs?
  15. There's a great tool called FSX GA Traffic that I've used for a few years to quickly and easily generate worldwide AI traffic. I Know I had the bloomin' thing working in P3D at some point, but I did a fresh install recently and can't sort out how to make it work now. Basically, it's not able to see any of my planes, and the "Planes" tab is empty. I've tried using it along with the Estonia Migraton Tool, without success. I know this is probably an obscure utility for obscure usage, but I'm hoping someone has solved this particular issue. I miss my AI traffic.