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  1. fta2017

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    How is this shady? It’s clear as day that Orbx have always designed their airports to sit on top of their regions. I think they have made that clear since they made YMML back in 2008. I don’t think they have ever made an airport for default anything. i certainly wouldn’t buy one of their airports without their region tech under it, that’s just the way their ecosystem works. All this “debate” is just background noise by people who don’t get how Orbx sells their stuff. oh and last time I checked you have always been able to buy just their airports by themselves from their website. They just won’t look as good without their regions. Seems clear to me. edit: here is a post from the Orbx forums from five years ago where Jarrad Marshall recommends a region to go with a new airport and the reasons why it won’t look good without it https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/58093-time-for-a-holiday-introducing-broome-international-airport-ybrm/?do=findComment&comment=524591 And another one regarding Jackson hole, back in 2013: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/59356-bowerman-airport-questions/?do=findComment&comment=538821 I expect there are probably hundreds of such similar answers on their forums over the past ten years. Again, nothing “shady” about this and in fact they make it quite clear when asked. edit: another one from Tim Harris seven years ago, explaining the exact same thing quite clearly https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/30725-explained-missing-cairns-autogen-scenery/?do=findComment&comment=264329
  2. fta2017

    Holy smokes!

    Looks pretty crisp to me ... If you right-click on the above image and display it in its own browser window at full size it looks very impressive indeed. I'm sure there are parts of their source data which is so-so but you're missing the point. 95% or more of XP users don't have the time, skills or inclination to fiddle with Ortho4XP and fill their HDDs with terabytes of data and then end up with questionable object placement and trees all over the place in a random manner. This is a turn-key out of the box solution that Orbx will sell in droves. Hats off to them I say!
  3. There is no need for TreesScapes because they are making their own UK photoreal product which includes every tree placed, based on what I can read on their forums.
  4. fta2017

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    I can't speak for PMDG, but as far as I know based on interviews he's done (a Cosford 2017 video from memory), JV from Orbx was planning DLC for FSW but was waiting on the SDK to be fully completed. They have DLC on FSX:SE so I don't see why they would not have done for FSW, especially since they had licensed Global for it already. Speaking of the size of development teams, it's a safe bet that Orbx has the largest in the industry these days, but they have no plans to make their own flight simulator. I also remember JV saying years ago that making their own sim was not on the table because "it would take $35million and ten years, more than we'd even want to spend". His comments here are interesting too: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/150476-orbx-10th-anniversary-the-history-of-orbx-series-parts-1-7/?tab=comments#comment-1326102 "Flight simulation engines will become more efficient and the interim platform winners will be the ones that are the most tightly coded and embrace new modern technology and systems without dragging the sim to its knees. Sim companies that don't foster a healthy third party developer community from inception will lose out (remember the MS-Flight debacle?). Flight sim addon developers will become increasingly platform-agnostic and new tools will emerge to compile content across many simulators and operating systems at once. The consumer won't be locked into a single sim, but will pick and choose addons for all his installed sim platforms to suit whatever mood they are in for the flights they want to do. And they will be most loyal to publishers that make buying choices easiest and provide support across the most platforms. The days of fan boys devoted to a single platform will die quickly as more and more new sims enter the market. There will be no guarantee that the darling favourite sim of 2018 will be the dominant platform of 2028, not by a long way. Simmers will become more fickle about which sim they use, even more so than some of the flip-floppers we see posting on forums today about how they switched away, and then switched back. The new minimum frame-rate will be 90FPS. There are kids less than 14 years old today who will be CEOs of companies that introduce remarkable new simulator engines and technology this coming decade and will uproot and disrupt the status quo of the our industry. The simple rule is: 'adapt or die'. Eventually the actual flight simulator engine will be marginalised and not relevant anymore. It will be all about the content which will run across a bunch of different simulators. The best performing most open standard sim will be the most commonly used. Closed proprietary platforms will die off. It has always been about the content. There is a reason we guard our IP so diligently at Orbx; all those assets can be used on future platforms without knowing what those platforms are today. Orbx's value as a company is not how many sims we support, but how many assets we produce that will eventually run on anything."
  5. fta2017

    Farewell FSW

    I think JV knows far more about the situation than most others in the business since DTG licensed Orbx for the base terrain. I think his approach to call for grace and consideration has more to do with his intolerance for the usual conspiracy theories and soapboxing that usually feed on events like these, as can be evidenced by numerous posts in this topic from people who have no clue what really went on. The fact Orbx did not publish any DLC for FSW is telling. He was critical of MS when they closed their doors to third party with Flight and I expect he had the same personal views about DTG, but give the man his dues because he hasn’t said a negative thing about them despite being prodded in plenty of interviews about Orbx’s plans for FSW.
  6. Orbx are releasing a payware YBGC and YSPT soon, I would not bother with any freeware IMHO.
  7. Developing for Orbx is very lucrative actually. I listened to a podcast a few years ago where JV mentioned his top airport developers earning over $100k per year. He’s a savvy businessman who has built a product delivery system that other vendors are now rushing to copy, except he’s 2-3 years ahead of the curve with a massive customer base on OrbxDirect now. So even if you baulk at having to pay the Orbx “tax” of say 50%, the reality is you’d sell far more copies through OrbxDirect than almost any other sales channel, and earn a lot more in the end. Combine that with having multiple products on their store and it has a cumulative effect. I use P3D and AeroflyFS2 but not XP11. However, if Orbx started selling their airports (and new airports) for XP I’d buy a copy of that sim in a heartbeat. That is the true influence of Orbx on the XP community, and Austin and Laminar know that.
  8. Geez give JV a break, if you bothered to read his explanation it is very clear he mistakenly assumed shots he was given by his developers some time ago were from P3D when in fact they were using Ortho2XP and W2XP for experimenting with XP11. Stop trying to cook up conspiracy theories when there's nothing to speculate about. He's apologised and not pulled the topic, give the man credit. I for one would like to see them developing for XP IMHO.
  9. fta2017

    Orbx 48% off most items

    According to this post by JV, PayPal have frozen a substantial part of their funds for over nine months: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/139689-orbxdirect-hot-august-freezing-sale-48-off/?do=findComment&comment=1234942 I can understand why Orbx has no plans to reinstate PP if that is the case.
  10. I believe Orbx is adding dynamic lighting to all its payware airports for free, I read JV mentioning that in a post on their forums. I assume those updates will be rolled out through FTX Central.
  11. fta2017

    Black Marble Base for P3Dv4 released

    BM is no different to FTX Vector - they both attach lights to real-world vector data. Also it's not true that Vector/Global don't allow customisation - there is an FTX Lights Configurator that gives you a lot of control over the colour and size of the various lights. There are also many different coloured lights imbedded into the Orbx landclass textures themselves. Frankly I am not sure why anyone would invest in BM when Orbx has provided this for years already with Global/Vector/openLC. Also remember they upgraded all their FTX regions and openLC to include greatly ehanced city lighting including all motorways. Not an Orbx ######, but surprised people are not doing their homework before jumping in and buying what they already have.
  12. fta2017

    Dynamic Lighting/Night Lighting in P3D v4

    Who flies at night? 99.5% of my flights are in the daytime, the others at dusk. All this raving about XP11's night lighting is just trolling by XP fan boys who yet again are bashing a new sim entering the market. Serious chip on their shoulders and it seems to poisoning almost every topic these days.
  13. You hack Orbx software into your P3D4 setup and then blame them for bugs? Seriously, stop being such an a ss
  14. If you use Microsoft Office it still uses legacy code from 1992 or earlier. If you use an ATM or credit card your bank is still using old code from the 1960's written in FORTRAN Using old, proven, debugged, legacy code is not a bad thing, it's a good thing.
  15. fta2017

    Prepar3D V4 addons compatibility list

    You have not listed Orbx airports, which will all work fine in V4 but newer airports using objectflow.dll will need to wait for that DLL to be updated, according to JV http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/135405-prepar3d-v4-64bit-orbx-preview-4k-screenshots/?do=findComment&comment=1200775 Vector will not work from day one but they are working on it.