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  1. Ah okay, definitely a sound config issue then. Glad to see another blue here, I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried he may have still had the Spurs bottling aura all over him, but I’m warming to his appointment now haha. What a miserable season.
  2. The whooler only sounds when the trim is held for more than 1 second, try holding it on the ground for more than 1 sec plus to confirm it works.
  3. But you literally started…. Ah Nevermind. Anyway as I said in my opinion I only flew it for 15mins for my case usage it was quite disappointing based on what was said during the dev interviews. For anyone that’s clueless about the plane like me for another type it’s pretty good value for money in my limited try
  4. I mean you do realize that the check airman isn’t sitting on a chair in your house behind you watching you play flight sim and grading your performance? You will be taken to a full motion approved sim for a day, every 6 months and your performance graded. Not good enough? You can lose your job. If a desktop sim performs exactly like it does in the real world, why on earth should you care if your pilot uses it to quickly practice something before the real check? The only thing that matters is you perform when actually being evaluated by a check airman. Sims may and does not work for everyone nor do may agree with it but it does for me.
  5. Surely u you aren’t addressing me? Unless you haven’t read my post, I have clearly stated from a Pilots perspective the inaccuracies from what was described as a full fidelity aircraft and from a non related simmers perspective who won’t care about those things is good value for money I thought I read wrong but who on earth are you to tell someone what to do with their own free time? A footballer playing fifa? Really? if you are curious, flight simulator has been and I can’t emphasize this enough an extremely valuable tool to prepare / practice on inital and recurrent checks. It’s isn’t going to fly or feel as the real plane but seeing the systems work more or less as they do in real life and practicing memory items etc that you never get to practice in the real world has helped me a lot. I do not use flight sims for any other purpose. It was great finally managing to get a 600 glass cockpit that I can practice on as I have to revert to FSX to use the flight1 500 to remember how certain systems work that you never touch in real life hence the dissapoinment from my case use perspective despite the same thing working on the flight1, with it being the same dev
  6. Im confused with some of the responses here. I’m a -600 pilot as well and can confirm that entire list is 100% valid. Now will most simmers care or recognise 60% with what’s on that list unless you’re rated on it? No. But the fact is it was labeled as an expert series aircraft and these are actual valid inaccuracies. My personal opinion having flown a quick pattern is that is was quite disappointing, and some very basics that I think like the prop speed on climb and approach is totally wrong ( the after takeoff checklist requires you to visually and aurally confirm the actual speed of the prop is 82% but it was 100% for me) and the engine sounds including the low quality trim whooler sound are absolutely nothing like the real aircraft. The aircraft felt very twitchy on ground and in flight but I have that problem with all aircraft in MSFS and the cockpit is honestly shocking, I couldn’t believe the color of the cockpit alone made it past QA without going into the other things like the displays. In the quick 15 minute test I was very impressed with the electronic checklist but that was a quick skim, and the cabin modeling seems decent. I know making aircraft is incredibly difficult and I can only respect these guys for the work they put in despite being disappointed etc. I think for non rated simmers that wont know what is to be expected or what the real plane does and feels like, I think $13 is great value for what you’re getting, but the Flight1 is still superior.
  7. Curious, how will you compare the aero to a monitor (2k or 4K) in terms of clarity and colors ?
  8. I'm from a tiny island, and about 6 years ago went to the US to do my flight training. Whilst I was taxing out of my home airport, I heard ATC giving a plane clearance to land, and heard the callsign Flying Fortress. I looked at my instructor with my mouth open; I'm not into military aviation, but I remember as a kid, hearing that plane's name in the Fighter Ace Game that came with FS2002 and thinking it was some God like plane, after hearing things about it while growing up, I couldn't believe one was actually flying. I turned around and saw this huge thing coming into land right in-front of me. It was the first military/warplane I ever saw in my life and I was truly stunned seeing a military aircraft, far-less this. It was this bird, the CAF Texas Raiders. Turns out they were staying at the airport for a couple days, and you could have gone checked it out. They day after I did, and the captain (Ret Captain of a major US airline) saw me looking at the plane with my pilots license on a lanyard over my neck, took a look at it, and saw where I was from, and was telling me he flew to my country hundreds of times and had a nice chat with him. I was truly shocked and saddened hearing about it this afternoon, and also hearing that this flight was the Captains retirement flight and it turned out like this. I don't know if its the same captain I met, but nonetheless condolences to the family and friends of the crew of a plane that etched a fantastic memory in my aviation career.
  9. See here: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018555179-How-to-install-OpenXR-
  10. Try copying it to the desktop first, then take it from the desktop and put in your community folder.
  11. Glad to year, you're welcome! Good luck with the rest of the project.
  12. Use the console viewer (~) and after building your package see what errors come up. I see u have 2 models, try removing each one, (for eg remove the lgle22bin, 3d object and xml file) and leave the lglebeacon files, build and see if it shows up. If it didn’t, put back the lgle22 files, remove the beacon files , build the package and see . If one model is bad, the rest won’t show up. If that didn’t work, finally ensure all textures in the modellib and materiallib are divisible by 2
  13. No the haven't as they are all leaving the fleet and being replaced by the Max's
  14. I’m guessing you’re rendering your displays on GPU, try CPU, it should go.
  15. @Aamir I use discord, but for others sake, I realize most of the support topics /help topics such as the knowledge base, user start guide, etc is dedicated on discord which i don't think everyone uses/ want to use. I think you should consider at least adding this to your main website as many issues can be resolved by reading them, but I don't believe users must be able to have discord to access it, and I'm sure many others don't even know the knowledge base exists. Congrats on the release and about to start her up now!
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