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  1. Go to your "C" Drive, then, Windows -> System32 -> drivers -> etc, then using notepad open the hosts file. Delete these two lines: " kh.ssl.ak.tiles.virtualearth.net 5" " khstorelive.azureedge.net 4", Then save and close, and you should be up and running again.
  2. You must be mistaken, no idea what you’re talking about, this is my first comment on Avsim in months
  3. You told me? Did you make this thread? Did I reply to you? My message is posted before yours, the nerve of some people…..
  4. You probably tried the Google maps replacement Mod for MSFS and it’s causing that issue. If so, you have to delete from your hosts file these two lines and it will solve the issue: kh.ssl.ak.tiles.virtualearth.net 5 khstorelive.azureedge.net 4
  5. I saw your comment about the wheels, and agreed with it, however to be honest, I think you overanalyzed took their reply way too personally mate. But ofc we are all different and take things differently
  6. As others echoed, the readability seems to be worst in MSFS than in XPlane 11. If you also give Xplane a go, I think you will also enjoy using the hand controllers as your own hands. You can reach up and flick any switches as you do in the real cockpit, twist speed/altitude knobs with your hands and feel the tactile feedback vibration from each click, instead of using a mouse and keyboard, and also walk around inside the aircraft and the outside of an aircraft / walk on the airport apron or anywhere in the world. Cant wait till MSFS supports hand controllers as well later in the year, great time to be a simmer, we really have two fantastic sims in our hands.
  7. Without going into it too much due to NDA, been happening since Beta, it was supposed to be fixed after most people complained, and it did tbf, to many users, but im still having this issue despite stable connection, so i giving the sim a little rest until things are working again.
  8. Prosim is a company that makes software for the systems of the A320 and 737. It’s the systems and no visual model.They have commercial clients that use their software for their own company’s pilot training. Homecockpit builders also purchase. Fenix, has licensed the software code from them, and is adding a visual model + adding more features to the base ProSim for desktop users in MSFS. In a nutshell, Prosim is as top tier as it gets.
  9. Isn't this why Working Title was hired? I'm guessing it will be fixed when they implement the overhauled flight plan manager.
  10. The above answer is false, you’re correct, the lower the resolution more load is shifted to the CPU causing your FPS to be dependent on your CPU horsepower rather than your GPU (called a bottleneck) Upping your resolution will take advantage of the new high end powerful GPUs, reducing ur CPU load and actually make games run smoother.
  11. For whatever reason you only quoted that part of my response, “The patch notes were available 24 hours ago. Manage your expectations, it help with general and understandable frustration” If you re read my post, Im only referring to updates and patch notes, where I even mention “understandable frustration” absolutely nothing about anyone’s general issues or problems with the sim. I myself have many issues with it, but I’m referencing many peoples anger than many issues weren’t fixed, even though it wasn’t included in the patch notes.
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