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  1. Haha, same here, i was very surprised by the cockpit's look until i decided to look back at the trailer. As for the easy mode, a while back they said something about you can select what level of realism you want, similar to FSX, is the one i was referring to
  2. Take a look at the original trailer from E3 of the A320 pushing back, the PDF markings, ND and ECAM page and colours are totally different. Im fairly certain this video that they shot is in the "easy" mode they were referring to for newcomers etc. The ND looks similar to the default FSX basic ND, not the mention the simple big airspeed markings on the airspeed indicator. Im very sure someone new to aviation would be overwhelmed with all the different indicators on the speed-tape etc. Anyway its still alpha we will see next week from the cockpit episode.
  3. 1) Wet Runways / Puddles on the ground 2) Wet aircraft if in rain on the ground / Snow accumulation on aircraft on the ground 3)I have always thought aircraft seemed to look a bit stiff on landing, so compression / decompression effects of the landing gear shock absorbers and general "bounciness" of aircraft will be pretty cool to see
  4. I have a GTX 1080 and an i7 7700k with an Evga G3 550w and it runs with no problems. If stress testing both together it only comes up to about 330W, it can run it just fine.
  5. Hello guys, Im posting a message on behalf of a friend that is in the process of acquiring a new PC. Its solely for Prepar3d and maybe Xplane 11. Based on his budget, he has a choice between: Intel i7 6700k, 16GB DDR4 Ram, GTX 1070 and a 1440p monitor Intel i7 7700k, 16GB DDR4 Ram, GTX 1070 and a 1080p monitor Intel i5 7600k 16GB DDR4 Ram, GTX 1070 and a 1440p monitor His reasoning for the 1080p monitor is that he will have alot more headroom over the 1440p that may allow a smoother running sim/ slightly higher graphics settings, with ofcourse more savings as well. He will also like to know if he should just forgo the 1070 and get a 1060 instead @ 1080p as he knows how CPU dependent P3D is. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Try searching in windows for updates-check for updates-and you should see saitek yoke and update it. Happens to me off and on.
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