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  1. Skyvector map Google map https://flight.fandom.com/wiki/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_(2020)/Bush_Trip?file=Breckenridge_to_Mariposa-Yosemite.png
  2. No need to keep add-on linker open after you have activated the add-ons you need.
  3. The link https://fsi.microsoftstudios.com/ no longer works. Can a mod please update it to flightsimulator.com? Thanks.
  4. I think they cant simply "port" it because the p3d airport lacks certain advanced rendering techniques found in MSFS so a straight port would not look that great by MSFS' standard. For each airport, they have to spend significant time so they have to be selective.
  5. You have to first put the plane in VS mode. Then you use the Up and Down button on the right of the VS button to adjust vertical speed. A random image i found on the internet
  6. Steam version just means it is distributed by steam store. It is still windows 10 version because this game only works on windows 10. When people says "win10 version", they really mean they bought it from the windows 10 store, which can be accessed by the store app you always see when you install windows 10.
  7. Buy the cheapest one. You can buy from either windows 10 store or steam store. The installer is different but the game will be the same and connect to the same servers.
  8. No. Real time scenery streaming is free.
  9. Yeah I got the same problem. Workaround is to just delete it and redownload the mod.
  10. I mean removing the redundant waypoint from the fly planning before you start your fly. I havent tried doing so in game. Note that this only works for the blue leg (before decent). I fly the DA62 so I can make really sharp turn. A a big airliner wouldnt be able to turn that fast.
  11. I notice for some airports the approach is a triangle like in your screenshot. There is nothing you can do to change that in the sim because those approaches are fixed based on the game's database. However, the plane should still follow the approach fine if your plane can turn fast enough and you could still land using ILS. For the redundant waypoint, you can remove it if it is before the descent leg (before the green color). Just click on the waypoint dot on the map, not the list, and select remove.
  12. Have you tried disconnecting every peripheral except keyboard and mouse to isolate the problem?
  13. For #2, if you use version 0.2, it still use google map but you will have to provide your own api key. The key is free to get if you sign up for a google cloud account and the limit for free usage each month is so generous that you dont have to worry about exceeding it. However, version 0.2 doesnt have all the new features like teleport so that is a trade off.
  14. I got the same error. It seems like this is a protection mechanism to prevent people from pirating but it goes too far. The only way is to use a copy tool that can run as Trusted Installer. For me it is too much so I just delete everything in Community folder and redownload them. PS. Later i used this tool to manage my addons https://github.com/NathanVaughn/msfs-mod-manager and it has no problem moving the files to a temporary storage when I disable an addon.
  15. Since no one seems interested in answering let me give a short answer. VNAV doesnt work. ILS works and can tune in the correct freq for you when you are about to land.
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