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  1. mccurdypm

    xEnviro 1.10 Released!

    Great shots Sethos !! 🙂
  2. Finally :) Anyone tried it yet?
  3. XP 11.31 xEnviro 1.06s reShade 3.4.1 Xvision Ultimate realism preset Extended night lighting
  4. mccurdypm

    Orbx EGHI / TrueEarth GB South

    You're welcome! For weather engine, I switch between custom weather (default), X-Enviro and FS Global Real weather and when I'm using FSGRW or custom weather, I also use Ultra Weather XP (v2.4) for replacement textures, colors, etc Eagerly awaiting Active Sky for XPlane ! 🙂 I haven't used the DataRefEditor, the haze is taken care of by X-Vision, for eg, the preset I'm using (before after pic)
  5. mccurdypm

    Orbx EGHI / TrueEarth GB South

    Thanks guys. I'm using XVISION and reshade for enhanced visuals. Currently using the latest reshade version (3.4.1 Preset Im using for both, XVISION: Ultimate realism preset: reShade: 'bit of brightness' preset: Although it looks like the freeware version of XVISION is no longer available (still trying to dig around), I'm still running 11.25, which was the last XP11 version for freeware XVISION. (
  6. mccurdypm

    Should I get P3D?

    I currently use both XP11 and P3D equally, each has it's pros and cons but you'll be making a good choice with either one. Of course, if you can afford it, go with both IMO 🙂
  7. Random clips showcasing some of the beauty of P3D. Enjoy! 🙂
  8. Mods, - ZIbo 4k textures - Ultra Weather XP 2.4 - FS Global Real Weather - Re-shade v3.4.1 - US Orthophotos 1.1 (forkboy) - w2xp US West - xTreme Trees West - MisterX6 KSFO / KSLC
  9. mccurdypm


    I have all Airbus on all the simming platforms, my favorite, by far, is the FF A320 Ultimate. The Toliss is pretty good esp for the price. The JARs are OK, pretty good graphics esp the A330 but like glenn_c said, the systems are behind FF and Toliss,
  10. Short tour on this cloudy day :)
  11. mccurdypm

    XPlane 10 or 11 poll.

    XP11 !! (80% xp11, 20% p3dv4) :-)
  12. That's correct, I'm using Ortho4XP as well as xEnviro for weather but using higher res clouds, they're avail on
  13. Thanks !! I'm currently using the US West 'Real life' autogen add on, hence the detail around KBUR :) For reshade, I'm using the "Bloom with Medium Ambient light (Another one)" preset (From eddies bloom preset pkg)