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  1. Heavy Metal

    Blurries out of nowhere

    Thanks for this thread. Now I am glad that I did not have the time to buy it yet. Until the reason for these issues has been identified, I will stay away from GSX updates for now. I am quite happy with my current sim setup right now and will not risk it for some nice jetways and moving Pax as cool as it it. And I surely will not wipe my system... and still might have issues when reinstalling GSX. I will keep an eye on this and once this has been resolved, or it is save to say that GSX is not the reason for this, I will buy it asap.
  2. Heavy Metal

    Texture Issues (Black and Incomplete Loading)

    ok, I see, your issue appears not to be limited to water textures, but also landclass textures are affected...
  3. Heavy Metal

    Texture Issues (Black and Incomplete Loading)

    Hi, what detail setting do you have set for water in Prepar3d? If it is set to High, please try setting it to any other value and check what´s happening. Might be a long shot, but I had issues with black textures on water for quite some time, and setting the details to anything other than High eliminated them all. Low, medium and ultra all work fine. When setting details back to high, it only takes a few minutes or very often happens instantly that water texture loading shows squares and triangles in the water and at some point, when reloading the scenery they remain black. Not sure, if this is an issue with P3D or Orbx or my video card (1080TI), but it happens all around the globe. So let me know if this helps you as it did for me.
  4. Heavy Metal

    Water Texture Issue

    I managed to resolve the issue now. I had read somewhere there might be issues/crashes with P3d and ORBX scenery when water details are set to Ultra and it was recommended to set them to high. It appears, that High setting caused the texture problems on my side. After I changed the details back to Ultra a few days ago, all textures have loaded correctly ever since. Something, that deleting shaders or changing the FTX Global setting for iced lakes could not repair. So at least for me it was not directly caused by ORBX, but due to water details changed at the same time. I could not find the topic regarding ultra details causing issues and I am not sure, if this was an issue with v3 or v4... but so far, I have not encountered any strange behaviour again. Maybe this could help...?
  5. Heavy Metal

    Water Texture Issue

    I have the same issue for some time now and sort of gave up on this. Frozen surfaces is not ticked, and it does not happen randomly, but always in the same places. I am sure it´s related to ORBX sceneries in some way, but I will not fly without. If anyone has found a solution here, I would be happy, too. Regards, Heavy
  6. Heavy Metal

    Ground Handling

    Hi, you are probably aware, but just to be sure, in the FSLabs A320, it is not enough to apply the rudder. You also need to press the relevant button to activate nosewheel steering. For me, that´s "," which should be the default setting for the A320 (not sure, though). Regards, Heavy
  7. Yes, autumn textures and the seasonal trees would interest me, as well. They did not mention spring, however. So I assume they might consider XP default as spring and instead use more saturation for summer texturing...? Happy to hear what you think of the package.
  8. Also waiting for some reviews and impressions first. While I think it is great to have this option available, I would like to see some more screenshots and video reviews to compare it with the freeware solution I have been using so far. For the couple of times of snow we have around here, I can live a little bit longer with this static approach. Or - like today - just fly the FSL320 on P3D on a short haul from EDDK to EDDM to see some snow and winter landscapes.
  9. I really like this add-on and the save functionality is my personal favorite as it seems to work quite well and I do not need to be that afraid anymore that x-plane or any plug-in crashes the sim in flight and all progress might be lost. I also love the feeling this plane is providing. It just feels right somehow and has a very good fluid performance. Downsides? Well, some system features are missing like the PROGRESS page Report for now. The most bizarre thing I encountered so far was that I was already mid flight when I noticed that I actually had forgotten to turn on the fuel pumps... well, I am not a real pilot, but taking off an airbus and being able to start APU and engines without fuel pumps running sounds not that correct to me. I retried this to see if I missed any error messages flashing, but no. In the FSLabs A320, it let me start the APU (not sure if that is working in RL) but it severely warned me about the pumps when starting up the engines... Well, I think this is part of the stuff, they are still looking into. So still some things to do for FF guys, but anyways, this plane is a really great product and feels very polished already now. And it is the main reason I am back in X-Plane now more often.
  10. Happy flying with this hopefully great addition to the XP world. If I had more time at the moment, I would have tried to buy one myself. However, as I could not really support the team with testing or good feedback, I will wait a few more weeks. The thing that interests me the most is probably something most users would not really consider that important, but I think to remember having read that the FF320 will have a save flight functionality including flight plan, panel state etc. This is the one thing that really bothers me with XP11 (and its plug-in approach): If the sim crashes (and it does that not THAT often but unfortunately still quite frequently for me) then my flight progress in most cases is completely gone. In P3D V4 (which until now only crashed 3 times on me since installation, all caused by one add-on) I could simply reload a saved flight and continue with a loss of maybe 15 minutes (also for third party aircraft like FSLabs or PMDG - no issue so far). For someone like me who only has limited time reserves and can´t do a long haul in one session anymore, this is really bugging me enormously and kills all my joy I might otherwise have with XP. So if the A320 has this feature working, then I will not only have a great aircraft but also a very good reason to return to XP again ... else I will have to wait until LM might have some way of a reliable "continue flight" option. Can anyone confirm that there is a reliable save option included?
  11. Actually I was flying with one static RSF set since its release (Denizen) and never missed any variety. My skies have a really immersive look to me and the repetition of clouds have been reduced drastically. While I found ASCA very good, RSF clouds just look better to my personal taste. What I tried now, was to change the ASCA themes directly involving different cloud textures (Fusion, Silk and Stratify). AS16 reloaded the themes each time shortly afterwards. The structure remained exactly the same (as expected); sky color changed each time (as expected), the cloud textures however look EXACTLY the same (not expected). So either, ASCA could not inject different textures for whatever reason during this test (surely possible), there is no difference between ASCA sets (very unlikely), or I still have REX textures overruling ASCA (I thought I could clearly tell by now, but who knows...). Guess, this would require some more testing including shutting down P3D after each change and see afterwards how/if the weather depiction changes. No time for that now, but maybe I will continue some testing later as this got me interested now. Nevertheless, I think I will stick with both RSF textures and structures for flying in general, while using ASCA sky colors in parallel. But it is of course great to have some more options to choose from, if I ever should get tired from using same sets over and over again.
  12. Maybe, to better explain what I tried. This picture was taken during my test. It shows an anvil towering cloud which I would expect to be REX work. At the same time the textures look (at least to me) like ASCA. Or am I on a wrong track? If picture does not show up, sorry, my first try.
  13. Hmm, I am currently trying to use ASCA also for cloud texturing, meaning I turn on all options except structures, as I want this to be handled by RSF. As we know, RSF does not inject textures dynamically but only when the user installs a new theme. So in theory, we should be able to use REX new structure sync in combination with ASCA´s dynamic texture sync. Of course we would probably lose some variety of textures as one ASCA set contains less textures than one REX set, however as ASCA can change texture sets what REX can´t, this should be a fair trade-off. My first but very short test flights showed huge hovering thunderstorm clouds while textures looked more like ASCA; but I am not absolutely sure this works as in theory. Did anyone else maybe try this? Now people could of course ask, why do you want ASCA textures with RSF, and thus, degrading Rex product even more by using it just for structures and dismiss both wx engine AND texturing. Well, I actually don´t want to do this as I am very happy with the RSF texturing/structuring combination results, but there are some users around this forum who do not wish to pick a cloud set but want the add-on to choose for them depending on the real weather conditions. So I wonder, if this might be a way to achieve the best of both worlds?
  14. Heavy Metal

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    Done my first test flight from EDDM to EDDF and I really liked what I have seen so far for a first impression!! The clouds look much better than ASCA or the combination with Soft Clouds in my opinion. However, it was just one flight so not enough to give any final verdict. The weather transitions were not as bad as expected or at least they did not disturb me that much. At half of the flight, I switched off the REX engine (I think you need to close and restart the program to take effect) and instead started AS16 without ASCA using SF3D. And the results looked almost as great and from a first perspective better than my previous setup. I have kept the simulator running in the background and kept watching AS16/SF3D for a while and it still looks fascinating. So far, I think it is an improvement for my needs but I would not (yet?) call it revolutionary. It is a nice addition and for approx. 35 EUR (AUD 50 after 15% at Flightsimstore) I do not regret the purchase. I will do more flights under different conditions next days and let you know my thoughts. Oh, one more thing: AS16 GUI and customization options within the weather engine clearly win for me at the moment. But maybe I just need to toy around a bit more with REX options...
  15. Heavy Metal

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    Currently downloading... like to try it myself and with the discount it should be acceptable from what I have seen/heard so far. at the very least, it will give another variety to choose from. unfortunately, not so much time today, but I will check the AS16/SF combination as I think this will be the main one for me to use. Hmm, when checking the live stream in the other thread, the clouds do not yet look that convincing.... but let´s see.