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  1. I have to say Kudos to Airfoillabs, this is a great achievement in modeling and details. I am impressed and enjoying it immensely. The modeling detail is second to none and is ground breaking. At the price of 50 dollars...it's a must have. Good job. Beauty may be skin deep but not if it's done tight. And this was done right. Cheers.
  2. No multimonitor fix yet for the roll issue it seems...
  3. Having invested many $$$ over the years in P3d only to be OOMed to Xplane, lol, I have to appreciate P3d for finally going 64bit to resolve that issue, but also to thank them for introducing me to Xplane! These are 2 really great products and have their own merits. They both will live on my harddrive. Xplane has a longer road to go in terms of 3rd party dev, but it has the advantage of also starting from a clean state....no legacy code to be an obstacle. Xplane should be bold and push the edge and continue as to what is possible and practical based on current state of art (where's that 3d water yo!?!) :-) There is room in the market for at least two great platforms especially when they compete!
  4. I don't know for anyone else, but my frame rates have gone up since downloading the texture content. I had the whole world already installed. The updater found some 3gb more content. Now in some places my FPS have increased from 5 to 15 Frames. I am still trying to understand why...
  5. So good to have more than one great sim to choose from...he he...
  6. Well..I can see his side... $60 bucks is just the entrance fee when you realize the effort to come of all the potential new add ons and spending.. And then after you spend 3-4k you walk away to build again afresh.... This hobby isn't cheap and at the end of the day there are many broken promises. But its great that X-Plane offers so much with that initial $60 investment....its gotta be the best deal in the sim biz right now.
  7. Roger that. If they come, I know they can help X-Plane become better...but as it is, X-plane is already better without them.
  8. Very nice...what are your graphic settings..and what processor and card are you running?
  9. Confirmed...thank you! Started with the older plane did the trick (and without engine started), but it revealed the root cause which seemed to be joystick related, as a popup was generated to calibrate or ignore the joystick. The problem though is that the sim continued in some type of load loop where the popup kept generating every second.....I kept pressing ignore until it finally took. Then the sim loaded properly thereafter.
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