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  1. rparson99

    Are you still with us, Maarten?

    Wondering the same....
  2. rparson99

    11.05 Released!

    No multimonitor fix yet for the roll issue it seems...
  3. Having invested many $$$ over the years in P3d only to be OOMed to Xplane, lol, I have to appreciate P3d for finally going 64bit to resolve that issue, but also to thank them for introducing me to Xplane! These are 2 really great products and have their own merits. They both will live on my harddrive. Xplane has a longer road to go in terms of 3rd party dev, but it has the advantage of also starting from a clean state....no legacy code to be an obstacle. Xplane should be bold and push the edge and continue as to what is possible and practical based on current state of art (where's that 3d water yo!?!) :-) There is room in the market for at least two great platforms especially when they compete!
  4. rparson99

    X-Plane 11 it's out!!!

    Bring on the add-ons! Fun times ahead!
  5. I don't know for anyone else, but my frame rates have gone up since downloading the texture content. I had the whole world already installed. The updater found some 3gb more content. Now in some places my FPS have increased from 5 to 15 Frames. I am still trying to understand why...
  6. rparson99

    XP pb12 is out

    So good to have more than one great sim to choose from...he he...
  7. rparson99

    On The Fence... STILL

    Well..I can see his side... $60 bucks is just the entrance fee when you realize the effort to come of all the potential new add ons and spending.. And then after you spend 3-4k you walk away to build again afresh.... This hobby isn't cheap and at the end of the day there are many broken promises. But its great that X-Plane offers so much with that initial $60 investment....its gotta be the best deal in the sim biz right now.
  8. Thank you for the reference Sesquashtoo!
  9. rparson99

    Is REX coming to XP 11?

    Roger that. If they come, I know they can help X-Plane become better...but as it is, X-plane is already better without them.
  10. Very nice...what are your graphic settings..and what processor and card are you running?
  11. Confirmed...thank you! Started with the older plane did the trick (and without engine started), but it revealed the root cause which seemed to be joystick related, as a popup was generated to calibrate or ignore the joystick. The problem though is that the sim continued in some type of load loop where the popup kept generating every second.....I kept pressing ignore until it finally took. Then the sim loaded properly thereafter.
  12. Same here...not ale to mouse click on side windows.only center.
  13. All of this is transitional... Welcome to 2017. Xp11 has strong merits that will attract allot of people... me included. As per orbx supporting XPlane, as a major contributor to fsx/P3D, it would be nice for them to expand into XPlane. But XPlane has its own characteristics and features for which I would expect more from orbx over a simple port of their current products. I think XPlane is raising the bar in their Rendition with xp11....where you really don't miss orbx in the way you do with fsx/P3D. Also, I do recall orbx putting up some resistance to supporting P3D initially as well. So, in time, all of this will change and things will work as developers see opportunity. The base product is the key and Xp11 is looking real good. It will work out I think....or bust.
  14. rparson99

    Making The XP Move

    Loved FSX...Loved P3d....now loving XP11... All these programs are great in their own light, but in my eyes...the one that brings me closest to flight without interruption and bankruptcy wins my attention. So right now that is XP11. Congrads to the team for their continued effort and success thus far... Loving xenviro too.