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  1. I have a question. I have Rex Textures + Soft Clouds + ASCA. So Envshade will still work fine? I don’t want to add in Envtex. Is there anything special to be done in settings? @kmax59
  2. As a first step, turn all traffic settings to zero on the Options-Traffic page. Any changes? Second, lock frames to 30 and use 0.1 as FFTF. Any changes?
  3. I see that with the optimize parts fix, the xtreme Learjet’s VC renders properly. Which (kind of) addons need to be re-installed if we update content?
  4. Yep working now! Thanks and hoping for a offline mode sooner than later.
  5. Same Trust Failure issue here. Its strange that there is no response from the Developer.
  6. I see. My G13 is in drawer, so going by memory. The G13 does not work like a traditional joystick. Without assigning any keys its like a blank keyboard. And because its like a blank keyboard, ChasePlane cannot recognize any key-presses on it. If fact no program would be able to recognize it. What you have to do is, first program/assign "some" key-presses to keys on the G13 using Logitech Gaming Software LGS (create a new profile for P3D or use Default profile, as you want). Now what would "some" keys be? Well choose any key combos not being used by P3D or Windows. Example, use Ctrl-Shift-1, Ctrl-Shift-2 Ctrl-Shift-3 etc. So in LGS, assign Ctrl-Shift-1 to G1, Ctrl-Shift-2 to G2 etc. And now in ChasePlane, use the Keys Column (and *NOT* Buttons/Axis column) to assign Ctrl-Shift-1, Ctrl-Shift-2 to various controls. Now when you press G1 on G13, it will send Ctrl-Shift-1 to ChasePlane, and it will act on the control assigned to Ctrl-Shift-1. (Side Note: You can configure the small stick on the G13 to work as either a Joystick or Keys, but that affects only the stick. If you do configure it as Joystick, then ChasePlane should recognize the stick movements at least directly. But the main keypad buttons will still not work). Hope this works. Edit: Also don't assign the profile to ChasePlane in LGS, just set the profile as right-click default/persistent.
  7. Have you assigned keys on G13 first? Like Ctrl-F1 to G1? Then it should work.
  8. Its actually in the manual: "“I’m using P3Dv4. Nothing changes after I install TerraFlora.” Check that you don’t have ‘Dynamic Vegetation Autogen’ enabled. This is enabled by default and replaces all autogen with dynamic speedtree models. Disabling will both allow TerraFlora to show through plus it will help your performance dramatically. " But don't forget to re-start.
  9. Loving the trees! Though had a hard time figuring out why I was not seeing them at first. It appears that the dynamic 3D vegetation setting, which needs to be off for these trees, requires the sim to be re-started. Also the Turbulent manger could indicate that the trees are active in which sims. I have P3D 3.x, 4.0 and FSX-SE, and it was not possible to figure out if they were active or not.
  10. I am not sure about OBS, but it seems terribly un-optimized. For reference I play BF1 in 7680x2160 resolution and use Bandicam to record, my CPU usage is hardly 40%. (7900X with 2x1080Ti SLI). So thats at 8x pixel count compared to the test in the video. BTW, good choice to land up with 7900x.
  11. Nothing near 80%, but I also did not do any objective tests, was between upgrading to P3D V4 and addons were all over the place. Sometimes I feel its the same, LOL.
  12. Just for P3D, the 1950X is about 20% slower than 4790K in single core performance, so expect a similar drop in raw FPS. IMHO, you will be downgrading. (I went from 4790K to 7900X).
  13. I have installed this in v4 and now my Scenery editor dialog on P3D does not open. Just blank screen. How do you un-install these Airports?
  14. Please see the P3D forum thread for v4 update.
  15. Seems like LM broke the SP1 SimConnect interface in v4. They hope to fix it in next release. Anyway because of it Traffic Optimizer (v1914) does not work with P3D v4. Until LM fixes it, here's a new version (v1915) which use SP2 SimConnect and works fine: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2kd5an6o448qi3d/AirTrafficManagerFSX-P3D_Radar_v1915.zip Don't forget to install SP2 SimConnect from: <P3D Install Dir>\\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi http://thingsrandom2014.blogspot.com/2017/06/traffic-optimizer-for-p3d-v4.html
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