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  1. FIPs and Multi-Panel work fine with Spad. Haven't tried the Radio yet. For support, try their Discord. Pretty responsive.
  2. One thing MSFS will do (or is doing) is that it will draw out quite a few simmers from P3D/XP into MSFS. This crowd will be a lost market to addon devs. And given that not many in MSFS will pay $15 for an airport, including the folks who moved over, will in net mean that the market has actually shrunk for scenery/airport addons.
  3. Undo the glass cockpit FPS mod and then try the auto-pilot. It breaks the AP.
  4. Also note that the gauge fix kills the AP.
  5. Spot on, IMO. P3D/XP are only going to lose customers from here on.
  6. Pricing is one issue. I own all FB’s airports in P3D. But I would not pay that much in MSFS. Especially when installing any of these would hurt performance, as it appears to be the case. $5 per airport or $25 for pack of 5 is what I would consider. If at all.
  7. Surprisingly CptCanada has only 60k odd subscribers.
  8. Ha, did not know that. But aside, there are so many creators on MSFS now. Even few with no real flying experience, not that I have any, but still giving tutorials on IFR/ILS, getting somethings comically wrong, lol!
  9. So many videos! This guy did a 8hr live stream, London to NY flight. Got hundreds of dollars as donation during the stream. Just WOW! MSFS is truly a revolution!!
  10. 100% this. Having spent quite a lot on scenery/weather/camera/airport services addons in P3D, I don't feel any need to upgrade the experience in MSFS 2020.
  11. So this mod breaks the AP. Had altitude set for 6000ft on TBM 930, and selected VS as 1200fpm. The plane was over the place with VS, exceeding 2000 sometimes and never at 1200. And finally over shot 6000ft. And also would never descend if set in negative VS. Tried this both with 2 and 4 values in js. Went back to original file and AP is perfectly fine. So be careful...
  12. Well know you know why so many bugs fell through beta testing - the beta testers were busy admiring the scenery!!
  13. I must have quite a lot of addons in P3D, and have zero interest in spending anything on MSFS, except for aircraft. And that's my next year 🙂
  14. Sure, there are people not happy with what is in there. There is a threshold of features/quality beyond which its appealing to buy an addon. IMO in FSFS case, that threshold is very very high for a vast majority of the audience.
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