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  1. Thx Emile, what is your VRAM usage and diponibility in P3D V5 ? Did you notice a combination of vram with P3D V5 ? Thx Rob, DX12 allows softwares to combine the power of several GPU, DX 12 compliants, including AMD and Nvidia video Card for instance. You're right the question is P3D V5 does and if yes does it increase vram & performances ?
  2. Hi guys did any one test P3D V5 with two video cards ? With DX12, I guess P3D V5 can handle 2 videos cards and double vram 😉 Hope one of you can test this.
  3. For those who experiencing no clouds with ASP3D, you can try to set your maximum cloud layers to 3.
  4. A little comparison for what it's worth...
  5. Hi guys ! I test the the Beaufort wind force scale within Prepar3D V5 HF1 Enhanced Atmospherics ON - Dynamic ocean with NVIDIA WaveWorks 2.0 - That's what we do with a drunken sailor 😉
  6. I migrate to Orbx and install chaseplane for P3D V5. Download last update In app (Chaseplane) and retart the program. At restart it scraps several .exe files on my PC (files still there but I'm unable to run program like Word for instance). Any clue???
  7. Where to set Tesselation Factor with high end sceneries. I test Tesselation factor from low to ultra with UHD Mesh and...
  8. Thanks @pmb, I'm using Afterburner and get crash time to time on change, for instance when I replace plane, but it's a very usefull peace of software to optimize and monitor Prepar3D. Hope it helps 😉
  9. Prepar3D V5 Enhanced Atmospheric ON and Dynamic ocean with NVIDIA WaveWorks 2.0
  10. I'm working on settings but this V5 is really good. Flight with mountains, sea, cities and sunset, to test with long shadows... UHD-4K - Steady 30 FPS - Enhanced Atmopheric feature ON and fun to fly 😉 Enjoy !
  11. The scenery is the France VFR PACA 1 - 3DA standing for Photo + 3D Autogen as @GSalden said it's incorporated in the payware.
  12. I test Prepar3D V5 with Enhanced Atmospheric ON at 4K and photoscenery. You know what ? It's perfectible but frankely there's potential at the price of a great graphic card 😉
  13. I guess simmers search for it. Found it in the folder \Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\JustFlight\PA-28R Arrow III
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