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  1. This update is one of the best for me with trees drawing distance at 10 miles or even more it would have been perfect...
  2. The simupdate 5 Bring back trees at distance (7 nautical miles) but not as originally planned 10 nautical miles 😞
  3. The SimUpdate IV is coming and no clue of amelioration. Asobo guys ruins this ability to display trees at long distance in one update and we don't know if they will come back with a solution until the end of year... or I should say before the Xbox version...
  4. If you like to fly slow, you can test another kind of Robin the DR400-120 Petit Prince 😉 https://fr.flightsim.to/file/13716/robin-dr400-120
  5. Same issue linked with a bounce of ram usage with versatility on the same scenery...
  6. If you are not flying at 4k you can't undestand 😉
  7. Hope is not the good way... With WU 4 Microsoft has again restricted the display distance. Xbox version is coming and downgrade also...
  8. Once again the new patch reduce tree draw distance even with fix... Ultra setting is like Low
  9. Asobo should fix that with an ultra choice that provides trees to 20, 30... According to your experience/sensation, what is the best distance for an immersive VFR flight within MSFS ?
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