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    FAA Licensed Pilot.

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    ACM Training Officer 58TFS(Jan-Mar '96)
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    CO 366TFW (Apr '96-Jan '98) Ret.
    CO 12TFS (Jan '98-Jun '98) Ret.

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    My current interest is flying my Cessna 421C (both X-Plane and FSX variants) on VATSIM).

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  1. Back in 2011 I built a PC to be primarily used for FSX acceleration (and flying on VATSIM), and it's still serving me pretty well today as my all around desktop. The specs are: ASUS F1A75-M MB. AMD A8 3870K Black 3.0 Ghz processor. 8GB (3.48 usable) of RAM memory (on 2-boards). A friend gave me a VISIONTEK 77701GHK Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card a few years ago. I have a WD 2TB HD installed. Is this system worth upgrading or should I build a new one? FSX always ran pretty good on it, though I'm thinking that I might be better served upgrading/replacing to be able able to run P3D in 64-bit? Thank you for your input/suggestions, if you need any additional system info please ask me. BP
  2. I sent you a PM Blaze, I had a HD fail about a year or two ago and lost all of my custom liveries and a very nice Riley Turbine Eagle (Cessna 421C with P&W PT6A engines) that I spent literally years creating with XP Plane Maker (that was painful loss). Thanks again for interest in helping me! Chad PS With this C19 thing going around BE SAFE!
  3. Thanks Blaze! I'm sorry, for some reason I'm not getting AVSIM alerts to my email. I'll find the tail/registration tomorrow and send it to you. Thank you so much for your interest in helping me. Chad
  4. You would think so.. How many RW pilots these days got their start w/ flight simulator.. I did. At this point I would be happy with having a decent "generic" GA/Corporate ramp area at the larger airports. Though it's been several years since I dabbled in FSX airport design; The challenges will be the accuracy in RW vs FSX positioning and a quality design/build of the actual building itself.
  5. Howdy all! I'm curious as to the feasibility of creating stand-alone FBO's for GA/Corporate Aircraft for "specific" airports in FSX/P3D. Having flown MSFS since the Sub-logic days on a Commodore 64 and just about every version since; I doubt that I've spent more than 1-hr flying aircraft over over 15,000lbs MTOW. 'cutting to the chase; It seems that GA/Corporate ramp (Fixed Base Operators (Signature Flight, Atlantic, and so on) areas are often overlooked by the commercial/payware developers in their offerings, 'take KLAS for example; one of the most flown to FSX destinations in the U.S.(I fly on VATSIM too) and the flight support/FBO scenery for anything considered GA/Corporate Aircraft is non-existent, even in high-quality payware. My rudimentary knowledge of FSX scenery/airport design; Any location is based on geographical lat/lon coordinates (Please correct me if I'm wrong). So I create an airport/scenery (a FBO) and call it "AVSIM Aviation" about the size of say an acre or two, and position it where the real world FBO would be on the airport, and give it priority over ALL other scenery, When I load say FlyTampa KLAS would the AVSIM Aviation FBO be visible when taxing at KLAS? How nice would it be to taxi to a GA FBO and have a carpet laid out for as you taxi up and shut down, and maybe a crew lounge too. 'just a thought
  6. Thanks for ALL of the responses! (I didn't have Notify me of replies checked therefore I missed them. Thank you everyone! We rolled into San Antonio on July 1st and signed our 1-year lease for a nice home.. Having been stationed in Connecticut while in the USN; I'm MORE than familiar with "wind chill", "heat index" was a new one on me!!! One of the things that I find interesting and disappointing about SA is a lack of GA traffic in the air at any given time. I see a fair amount of military aircraft C something, T-6 II's, and Talons, and on occasission an F-16 or F-15 "goofing off" with their afterburner.. 5-months to go on our lease, and our company has already cleared us to relocate to Las Vegas.. VIVA KLAS! 😉
  7. I was going to attempt to do a repaint myself and unfortunately I've lost (forgotten) the limited knowledge that I once had repainting with Gimp. I'm hoping that someone will do a repaint of my Learjet24B by Lionheart Creations. Photos of what I'm after: I would like to have reg/tail number N2RK on the vertical stabilizer and a U.S. flag above it. In appreciation for your work I'm more than happy to make a $25.00 donation to AVSIM on your behalf. The paint kit can found at http://www.lionheartcreations.com/LJ24B.html Thank you for your consideration, and CAVU (Clear Air Visibility Unlimited) to You! Chad
  8. Decided to try my luck using GIMP.. Mods please delete.
  9. I purchased a Carenado product a few weeks ago and paid via Paypal, The Serial# key returned a 404 error. After spending several hours of doing the "Carenado 404 error dance" I contacted Carenado customer support.. that was last week.. As of today no response. I paid $49.95 for the aircraft and the Navigraph expansion package. They appear to be great products, though Carenados customer support is 3rd world at best. I filed a dispute with Paypal.
  10. Having owned Flight1's Cessna 421C Golden Eagle and their 441 Conquest II for at least 10-years; What's the deal on the Alabeo version of these planes? Aside from the great textures on the Alabeo's; Is there any compelling reason to purchase them to replace the Flight1 versions? After watching a couple of YT videos I noticed that the Alabeo's seem to have the same inaccurate idiosyncrasies as the Flight1's. TIA
  11. Thanks Frank! SXAirportDesign's KSAT appears to be just the ticket I'm looking for, now I get to wait for the release (I'm still waiting MILVIZ's MU-2 😉 ). Thanks again!
  12. Hello Everyone, I'm currently in the process of relocating from San Diego, CA to San Antonio, TX, and have for the most part had always based my FSX aircraft out of Palomar (KCRQ) located in San Diego County. Does anyone know of, or have good quality scenery for KSAT? As I typically flew corporate class turbo-props and business jets (LJ23 and a new Phenom 100) on VATSIM; I'm specifically looking for freeware or payware KSAT scenery with a nicely detailed GA FBO (Signature Flight, Millionaire, etc.) ramp. King Sceneries KSAT seems to be the best thing going at this time; though the reviews on it are a bit "spotty". Thanks in Advance, BP Update: I purchased the King Sceneries KSAT and it's pretty nasty (what would one expect for $12.00).. I did install Ray Smith's KSAT and it is a step up from default FSX.
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