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  1. O-kay...Almost ready for upload. Hang in there guys...Changed jobs at the first of the year and my schedule changed drastically... For those that had asked for certain things, hang in there..."40124" does not have stars and bars on the wings...The wing is mirrored (One texture for both side's), and it can't be done.
  2. Matt...Shhhh...I have been working on some things...But you can't tell anyone...
  3. Happy New Year... So what do you do when you catch a really bad cold? You call an Air Ambulance to take you away to a warmer climate... So if it is O-kay as I finish a paint, this is where I will put it. More are coming...3 left in cue for sure. More planned...
  4. Just a quick question... I looked at the tutorial and I am a bit confused about the "Patches Folder". Do I put the FreeMeshX - 1.01 Patch folder in the "Patches Folder", Or do I put just the "Scenery Folder" inside of it into the "Patches Folder?" And so on with all the updates? The reason I ask because as it merges it overwrites...This is what I want correct?
  5. Go big or go home... http://www.embraerexecutivejets.com/en-us/jets/legacy-450/pages/legacy-450-midlight-corporate-jet-pilotreport.aspx
  6. Awash...It is a simple fix. But Carenado does not allow redistribution of certain files....and this one is one of them. Most pic's I found of the didn't have the placard, but to change it is just as easy making it go away.
  7. Looked at this last night...Your right! It appears to be backwards, both inside and out side.
  8. O-kay...Time for another gripe/question. Does anyone else get the snap back to straight ahead in the cockpit when using "Tab and Mouse" to pan around? I have TrackIR but don't always use it and I noticed this happening...I traced it back to "CMeteoXml.dll", If I disable it like "CMeteoXml.dllBAX" it stops snapping, but I lose the weather radar? A friend says his Razbam MetroLiner does the same thing but it is "MM3SM.dll" that does it with him? I can sorta under why they would delete bugs from Facebook...Not really the place for it...IMHO.
  9. Yeah that's what I meant in the "OP". Just thought they would have "Caught" the little things? It ain't like they couldn't get volunteers from here to "Beta Test" these planes? I just wanted to start a thread until the sub forum opens... "TIT lean max is wrong it should be 1650 not 1450" Are you talking about the "Placard on the panel?"
  10. No sub forum yet, so here goes....I usually don't say much about their planes, but I will this time around. Right out of the gate...How did they miss this? Then moving on....Texture issues? My next question is...How can you get the "Message (Airspace Ahead)" to stop flashing? FSX has been around a while, right? and they had to program the "G600", so why not allow the "Message" prompt to be disabled? Yes it looks good...and I only spent about an hour with it...So far there is some annoying stuff going on.
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