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  1. O-kay...Almost ready for upload. Hang in there guys...Changed jobs at the first of the year and my schedule changed drastically... For those that had asked for certain things, hang in there..."40124" does not have stars and bars on the wings...The wing is mirrored (One texture for both side's), and it can't be done.
  2. Matt...Shhhh...I have been working on some things...But you can't tell anyone...
  3. Happy New Year... So what do you do when you catch a really bad cold? You call an Air Ambulance to take you away to a warmer climate... So if it is O-kay as I finish a paint, this is where I will put it. More are coming...3 left in cue for sure. More planned...
  4. CODY614


    Sorry guys got busy away from the Sim... Sorry about the issues with "N354CL" that paint was giving me problems for awhile. Just couldn't get certain things done to my liking...And I got frustrated!...And uploaded in a hurry with out triple checking it. Won't happen again. Thanks everybody for the thanks...
  5. Yup...See the this... http://www.avsim.com/topic/480174-n354cl/page-2
  6. CODY614


    Thank you sir... :wink:
  7. CODY614


    ??? Did you get it from Avsim or Flysimware??? I just checked...The one on Avsim is correct...The one on Flysimware is wrong. I let Mark know. Thanks for the heads Raphael. If you are going to use the GTN750 here is the problem. //--------------------------GNS 530------------------------------ [fltsim.XX] title=Learjet 35A N124ZT GNS sim=Learjet35A model=GNS panel=GNS sound= texture=124ZT kb_checklists=Learjet35A_check kb_reference=Learjet35A_ref atc_id=N124ZT atc_airline=Bombardier ui_manufacturer="Gates Learjet" ui_type="Learjet 35A RDR/GNS" ui_variation="N124ZT" ui_typerole="Twin Engine Jet" ui_createdby="Flysimware" description="Learjet 35A" //--------------------------GTN 750------------------------------ [fltsim.XX] title=Learjet 35A N124ZT GTN sim=Learjet35A model=MAIN panel=MAIN sound= texture=N124ZT kb_checklists=Learjet35A_check kb_reference=Learjet35A_ref atc_id=N124ZT atc_airline=Lear ui_manufacturer="Gates Learjet" ui_type="Learjet 35A RDR/GTN" ui_variation="N124ZT" ui_typerole="Twin Engine Jet" ui_createdby="Flysimware" description="Learjet 35A" texture=124ZT instead of "texture=N124ZT" Sorry...
  8. CODY614


    Also here at Avsim... Thanks Martin... :wink:
  9. CODY614


    354CL is done...Yes it is not picture perfect...It almost didn't get finished... Both of the paint's you see hear have gone to Flysimware website for now. Have fun and post some screen shot's!
  10. CODY614


    Not yet..I'm sure it won't get posted until Monday?... Martin and Raymie. PM I need some one to make sure everything is O.K......And I'll send it to you guys....
  11. CODY614


    Well N354Cl is on hold...But I'm gonna call this one done done...
  12. Just a quick question... I looked at the tutorial and I am a bit confused about the "Patches Folder". Do I put the FreeMeshX - 1.01 Patch folder in the "Patches Folder", Or do I put just the "Scenery Folder" inside of it into the "Patches Folder?" And so on with all the updates? The reason I ask because as it merges it overwrites...This is what I want correct?
  13. CODY614


    Anyone interested? Almost done...
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