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  1. I have the same issue as well as blurry textures with my 1080ti. Don't think it's gpu related.
  2. I agree and it would be awesome to have something like this in P3D.
  3. This might be a stupid question, but what about the databases? Are these (GTN and GNS) based on the Garmin Trainer databases? If so, does this mean the GNS will come with a 2015 (I think this was the last update) database? Thanks
  4. @tobus I believe you need to go into your ORBX control panel (FTX Central) and select the force migration option. That should do it.
  5. ORBX airports GPS - Mindstar, Realityxp, or Flight1 A nice biz jet
  6. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work! Can't wait for L52 as well as I'm a PE user, but I think your forest mod(s) are going to be a game changer with ortho4xp.
  7. That looks amazing! Did you ever release the CA forest mod for ortho? I've really been looking forward to that.
  8. I went in and unchecked all of the options in the lvr CP and it loaded.
  9. I've got the same problem and I believe it occurred after I installed the hotfix for V4.
  10. Concept can be seen here: https://sites.google.com/view/fscareermod/home
  11. I'm trying to create a "career mode" for flightsim that would eventually incorporate several VA's. I am needing a few pilots that enjoy this sort of thing to provide feedback and help me test my simple system/setup. I've asked around a couple of places and haven't gotten a response so far. Here's who I'm looking for: both xp and p3d/fsx users active pilotedge subscribers or people willing to start the free two week trial and fly on the network (this is a requirement for the system) people who enjoy the career/story mode and will provide constructive criticism and feedback Send me a pm if you'd like to help out and I'll send you the appropriate links and information. Thanks!
  12. Nice! Which Piper is in the 5th pic?
  13. Amazing shots, but it can get better... XP11 + Pilotedge.
  14. You want as much VRAM as possible - so the 1080ti at the moment. I just upgraded from a 4gb 960 to the 1080ti and the difference is amazing - however, most of my simming has been in XP11. Edit: I bought the 1080ti last week specifically for V4, but now I'm waiting for addons to be released.
  15. First - I am a huge fan of XP11 and ortho4xp (just had to get that out there) Second - I don't like the way XP11 places autogen outside of a major urban area. To me, the autogen is not spread out evenly enough. Some neighborhoods you might get 90% coverage and then the two beside it won't get any, just roads. I have the objects slider one tick from the right, but even full right doesn't help this. For XP - you either have unevenly spread autogen, repeating tree patterns (I hate that tall skinny tree that pops up by itself), and if using ortho4xp trees growing through buildings and on beaches. For FSX/P3D you have roads cutting through neighborhoods, golf courses, etc. Both platforms have issues with autogen.