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  1. Einstein once said: "There are two things that are infinite: The universe and human stupidity, But I'm not sure about the universe..." Thanks for Your work Tony, it is highly appreciated!
  2. Hi, next saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm there's the next annual flight simulator conference at the Paderborn Airport / Germany. Organised by Aerosoft. Several companies and organisations related to Flight simulations are showing their products and activities there. The focus has always been on FSX mostly. But: On the conference programme there are two scheduled presentations about X-Plane: 10:15: Introduction to configuration of X-Plane / self-construction cockpits for X-Plane Speaker: Carsten Lynker 15:00 Expanding X-Plane by using world editor. Speakers: Philipp Münzel and Ben Supnik ! FS Conference website in english Just fyi... Cheers!
  3. I tried Pilot2atc and I really like all the features. But I wasn't able to get an acceptable speech recognition, it was always messed up. Probably due to my own fault, having a strong accent and just a cheap headset. But if voice recognition would work fine as intended and if they add text-based /click-input like in FSX ATC as an alternative to voice recognition I think it'll be a very nice programme!
  4. Its very basic and doesn't use correct phraseology because it is text-to-speech and it doesn't offer VFR. BUT its at least something, its freeware and offers basic IFR-ATC bringing You from A to B. So all thanks goes to Helicharly for the initial creation of this plugin and everybody who is now working on it for improvements! Thanks a lot, guys! It's much appreciated!
  5. Probably I have to work on my reading comprehension and You guys are right, it isn't written there that they receive anything YET! But... “It was a huge honour to welcome the Prime Minister to our office,” said Paul Jackson, CEO of Dovetail Games. “Dovetail’s team has grown more than tenfold since we opened our doors in 2009, and is precisely the kind of organisation which will be able to benefit from the new scheme, so we can continue to expand...[...]. I understand this that they have been selected already as some example or pioneer company to promote this new scheme. Or why should the PM visit them if they haven't been selected already as an example of such a business? So to me its obvious that they will partecipate and benefit from it. Ok guys, probably we can agree to this: Dovetail has a very good chance to be chosen into and benefit from that new scheme (PM visit) and IF that happens the british government WILL in a way indirectly support the development of their new flying game. Thank You tttocs!
  6. Dovetail got the license to release FSX on Steam and they already announced that they are working on a new flight simulation or more probably some kind of flying game. So if they as a company receive government support, it will indirectly also support the development of said new flight simulation / flying game... B) Ok? :wink: :smile: (And of course their line-up of other games like Train Sim and Fishing Sim as well...) And why do they want to expand and seek for additional funding? I suppose its because they said they want to branch out into the flight simulation / flying game genre and add that to their portfolio of games. It would be a new segment to their company that so far has been focused on Train Simulations.
  7. Or start streaming on twitch.tv! We need more XP10-Streamers on twitch! FSX is still dominating Flight simulations there... B) A couple of days ago I started to mess around with XP10 and twitch, flying low VFR over photosceneries and world2xplane. A few people were watching and were really impressed! And yes, PAJN is really awesome!
  8. I don't know where to post this so I put it here...) Hi, today I was just looking at the dovetail website. There was a report about the British Prime Minister visiting Dovetail Games. The british government wants to help small businesses to grow into medium size businesses and will support them with better funding. Dovetail Games is working on a new flight simulator. In conclusion: The Brit.government supports the development of a new flight simulator! B)
  9. Thanks for Your replies guys! Yes, I'm aware of Pilotedge and it seems to be a great service. But I'm from Europe and would like to fly online in Europe and my home country. The focus of my question is if there are any technical difficulties connecting to VATSIM or IVAO with X-Plane because most users there are still using FSX. Is one of the X-PLANE CLIENTS and connections better from a technical point of view for a X-Plane user? I know about the general debate and differences between both networks... When clicking on that link for FSCloud my antivirus-guard kicks in with a warning message to open that link...
  10. Hi, several years ago I flew online for some time. Now after having taken a longer break and using X-Plane 10 mostly I would like to fly online again. So my question is: Which Pilot client for X-Plane users is better, the one from IVAO or VATSIM? Which is more stable, reliable and keeps being actively improved? is there any difference? Anything else especially a X-Plane user should know when deciding which network to use? Is one more X-Plane-user-friendly from a technical viewpoint? Thank You!
  11. Kosty

    ATC Hold short

    So what do You guys do then? Fly online or use other programmes like pilot2atc?
  12. I have a GTX-760 with 4 gig VRAM and X-Plane in general runs just fine. Probably not the UHD mesh, but his normal mesh and photosceneries run ok as well. X-Plane 10 needs lots of VRAM on the GPU...
  13. Thanks a lot for creating it and sharing it with us! Much appreciated!
  14. Kosty

    change windows language?

    Hi Dave, thank You for Your reply! I have Win 7 ultimate and changed the language settings and location to US English. Pilot2ATC now works. Now my problem is speech recognition. I played around with the speech test and atc only understands me correctly with short sentences and numbers. But longer phrases like VFR-clearances mostly don't get recognized correctly. Especially the words "uniform" and "whisky" are only recognised correctly on rare occasions. English is not my first language and I'm aware of my german accent but I think I pronounce the words in an understandable way. I tried different pronounciations but atc didn't "get" my "uniform" and "whisky"... I read the pdf-manual and Pilot2atc looks like a neat programme with some cool features. When I tried a different Callsign in the test atc always came up with my previous callsign that I used several times before. Does atc "remember" the callsigns that have been used often and "auto-corrects" them on its own ?
  15. Hello, I just downloaded the demo and updated it to 1.4.10. The demo wants windows to be in US (English). But I'm from europe and have my windows in german language. (Win7 ultimate). So what can I do now to get it to work?