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  1. I have suffered complete HD crash. 🤡 I have no set path to PMDG. suppoort as they no longer have access to e-mail support. I have the 736,7,8,9 & 777. I would need login & PW + reg. # as required. Any ideas on how to proceed? Thank you.
  2. Thank you Jim & Frank for the help. That little app. certainly did the job!!
  3. << --------------------------- --------------------------- C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Lear45\aircraft.cfg You do not have permission to open this file. See the owner of the file or an administrator to obtain permission. --------------------------->>OK UAC off and run with account level Administrators. With Win 7 I never got this mess., only Win 10. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Gary
  4. Frank, I'll wait, but thank you for a great response. Have a merry Christmas & New Year!
  5. I have both Little NM and the GTN750. I save my FP to Garmin format but it locks the FP waypoints and strips them all from my FP. I had LNM automatically generate a KSEA to KBOS FP Via Jetways, which had many VOR's and the GTN locked them all. Am I missing something??
  6. As always, you came through again! Deleted kb4041676 and now all is working. Thank you Sir!!
  7. Just got a new computer (I7 7700K & Asus 1080ti) using windows 10 Home. All appeared to install fine. It activated ok, initialized fine. I try to look around or view outside and I get a window that FSX has stopped working. I am not new to PMDG aircraft but I'm not a genius at computers though I kinda know my way around them. I use the latest FSUIPC right now. I do have PMDG a/c on my old PC but I doubt that I will use it again. Can it be some kind of copy right scheme going on. My gut is telling me Win. 10 is the culprit. BTWW I ran repair twice but no help. Do you think one of you fine gents might give me a hand?
  8. Dave, actually I quite enjoy this thread! You're correct about "conditional landing clearances" but I am enjoying how well educated most of our fellow Avsim pilots are. Just remember guys, when controllers are really humpin' they don't want to go back to number two and then clear him to land. Two TX instead of one makes for a really long day. I say you'll probably never get the truth out of the cockpit; they knew it was a SAFE situation and landed anyway. JMTCW! Whats even more fun to watch is when you are landing on intersecting runways instructing one aircraft to land and hold short of the other runway and a third a/c on short final being told to "continue". Now that's FUN!
  9. Actually, I think you did a pretty good job my friend!
  10. How would you take it off again? Or wouuld you just taxi to the junk yard? :smile:
  11. Are you talking about the sound equalizer?
  12. Hey Ryan, Three years and this bug popped up for me. Spent three hours before finding this thread. You should pin it. Thanks
  13. If you have the problem where the ll switch turns off everytime you turn it on you will find the fix over at Shockwave. It worked for me & it includes a panel.cfg addition to VC1. Wish I had kept track of the fix.
  14. Hey Tim,Just remember what Rodney Dangerfield used to say: "Just don't get no respect I tell ya"!
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