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  1. ShabbyLeo

    VNAV Utility

    Thanks for the clarification. It may have sunken in faster for me if you could have just said outright that vertical speed required/vnav utility was not working at this time with the present version. I was only inquiring about a feature missing in the current version that was working in the previous version and trainer. I'm very happy to learn that this feature will be re-introduced in the next update plus new features! As the previous version only had a working vcalc I'm wondering if the next update will include autopilot coupled vnav? That would be a major update! Are you able to give an approximate date of the update so I can check back then? Thanks, Matt
  2. ShabbyLeo

    VNAV Utility

    Sorry if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to toggle between the VNAV and VCALC. The VNAV utility looks different after updating the trainer also. Can you confirm that vertical speed required is working on your end? I'm debating reverting back to previous version.
  3. ShabbyLeo

    VNAV Utility

    Yes, it may be the old vcalc that I'm missing. How do you disable vnav so vcalc is available?
  4. ShabbyLeo

    VNAV Utility

    After updating I can no longer input elevation and way point to get the VS required computed. Has the update changed how it works? Very nice feature for descent planning that I'm missing. Matt
  5. ShabbyLeo

    PacSim just released Reno-Tahoe for P3Dv4

    I would like to know this too, and would appreciate some screenshots of the transition from land class to photo real textures at the scenery's boundary's if anyone using base, vector, and openLC has this.
  6. ShabbyLeo

    GTN 750 Flight Plans questions

    Thank you for the confirmations and extra info. I'll be checking out LNM also. Expect an order after Christmas when I have time to install. Happy Holidays
  7. Hello; I'm very interested in using this product in P3Dv4.1 I understand it is capable of saving created flight plans for future use? Also I read that this has the capability to accept flight plans created in garmin format from flight planning software? And ability to convert flight plans to import into simulator for atc? Thanks Matt
  8. If it is not the crab angle from wind it may be the arrow is pointing to the point at the end of the great circle route. How far away is your waypoint? This was the explanation given for another payware aircraft I own; I kinda think it may be un-optimized gauge coding or such since not all aircraft do this. Are you using P3Dv4 as I am? Does your aircraft track the nav line good? Matt
  9. Hi; I'm thinking about the Reality XP unit since its price is cheaper. My questions; does it install cleanly, or do the knobs from the prodigy still exist on the panel? I'm only interested in the 750; any features the F1 has the RXP doesn't? Any screen shots or install guidance is welcome. Thanks Matt
  10. ShabbyLeo

    Have you returned to 4.0 from 4.1?

    Oh, power saving; maybe. Processor power management? With the new OS install min is 5%, max is 100%. Should the 5% be changed? Well, anyway it seems my previous uninstall of p3d didn't go to well so awaiting reactivation.
  11. ShabbyLeo

    Have you returned to 4.0 from 4.1?

    I'm running most FTX NA stuff. Maybe the update to 4.1 didn't agree with all my add-ons is the only thing I can think of. I will try a fresh install of 4.1 and then install add ons on top to see if that helps. Fresh install of win 10 done since comp is used mainly for sim. In 4.0 I could run most settings near max; will try 4.1 fresh. Thanks
  12. Hi all; I'm currently doing a fresh install of 4.0 after experiencing significant drops in frames and sliders with 4.1. Just wondering if anyone else has gone back to 4.0? I just can't get to where the sim was in 4.0 with 4.1. Just need to make sure I wasn't dreaming with 4.0. Matt
  13. ShabbyLeo

    Stop P3D v3 launching VR Apps

    Recently I removed the VirtualReality.dll that is found in the main P3D folder and it works a charm. I'm using V4, and I learned this and it no longer fires up the rift. If I want to use vr I just insert the file back were it belongs. I imagine v3 is similar.
  14. ShabbyLeo

    Missing default aircraft

    As far as I know they haven't been added to P3DV4. I don't have those planes, and they aren't listed as included on the website.