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  1. Tower was reporting 3 miles vis with snow. No runway 11 in sight during approach even after reloading and parking aircraft on ramp. Still no runway lights, only some blue taxi lights and building lights visible. Do I need to activate the lights somehow when landing in dark, or is this what is after the airports update? Thanks.
  2. I use the MSFS ATC. Is the SimBrief plan import more aimed at those that fly using online VatSim type ATC? Is there a way to make SimBrief plans loadable into MSFS for IFR ATC? I would like to use the SimBrief plan, and wonder how it is easiest to make MSFS ATC recognize it? Great work on this aircraft! Thanks.
  3. I'm so upset that my in-game weather never is accurate to metar data I view online. Not even 50% of the time does my destination's weather depict IFR conditions as it does in the real world. Will REX give me the soup I'm missing from ActiveSky? Thanks Matt
  4. Can you post comparison pics? I'm wondering if all my prop planes need a prop mod?
  5. I'm guessing you have already tried signing out and back in with the companion app?
  6. So I decided to post this as it took me a while to figure out what was going on with my insider account. My previous xbox user name was showing up on the insider hub; different from the one I use on my PC. I had to launch the xbox console companion, sign out of my xbox user name, and then re-login with my pc's microsoft user name. After doing this and then re opening the insider hub, it displayed the correct pc user name and then I was able to find the alpha. I've never really used these xbox apps on pc before so hope this info may help someone in a similar situation.
  7. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find an answer to my question with several searches. Does this purchase include liveries other than the PMDG house paint? A list would be most appreciated if other paints are now available. Thanks, Matt
  8. I received a tracking number also; scheduled delivery Tuesday. Waiting for throttle to become available to order now.
  9. Hello Sorry if it's already been asked a thousand times. I was quite impressed with the Seattle demo area and airports KSEA, KBFI, and KRNT. Both the detail of the airport areas and the frame rates seemed good to me. I wonder though if this is just a special area, or can the same level of detail be expected at the airports say KBOI or KOTH? I really don't want to buy an airport again as usually fly just GA, and fly only west of the Rocky's CONUS. What would be the best options? I think Active Sky XP and the hot start TBM 900 would be my first purchases after XP 11 (TBM primary reason why I'm considering XP). Is this plane going to be available for P3D one day? But I begin to think that I would need the Ortho4XP stuff to really be happy. Is enough freeware available for the area I intend to fly already available? The last version of X Plane I purchased basically had just landing strips; no taxiways or buildings as I remember (first box version I think that was available to me around the year 1999). If anyone can tell me what the stock airports will look like around this area would be nice. Will nice landclass and textures be included in base product, or does it need to be replaced with payware to get the visuals on par with P3D which I currently use with payware? Thanks. Matt
  10. Thanks for the clarification. It may have sunken in faster for me if you could have just said outright that vertical speed required/vnav utility was not working at this time with the present version. I was only inquiring about a feature missing in the current version that was working in the previous version and trainer. I'm very happy to learn that this feature will be re-introduced in the next update plus new features! As the previous version only had a working vcalc I'm wondering if the next update will include autopilot coupled vnav? That would be a major update! Are you able to give an approximate date of the update so I can check back then? Thanks, Matt
  11. Sorry if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to toggle between the VNAV and VCALC. The VNAV utility looks different after updating the trainer also. Can you confirm that vertical speed required is working on your end? I'm debating reverting back to previous version.
  12. Yes, it may be the old vcalc that I'm missing. How do you disable vnav so vcalc is available?
  13. After updating I can no longer input elevation and way point to get the VS required computed. Has the update changed how it works? Very nice feature for descent planning that I'm missing. Matt
  14. I would like to know this too, and would appreciate some screenshots of the transition from land class to photo real textures at the scenery's boundary's if anyone using base, vector, and openLC has this.
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