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  1. Aha, the biggest metal (cargo version at least) I've yet had the pleasure of piloting, well, sat in the left seat with any antiquated automation it didn't really have turned off, descending through 10,000ft over a small island to line up for a runway that will remain nameless. I forget how many aviation rules might have been bent just a little for me to be in that position and am pretty sure that similar circumstances are very unlikely to arise ever again.
  2. I love the use of the word "classic". It means different things to different people. You could argue that the 747-400 is a classic. Already a rare sighting at some locations and soon to be at most. Concorde was in so many ways. The Mad Dogs (DC9 series, not the 717 puurrleeease!) definitely fall into the category for me. 707 most definitely. 727, any variant. 737 classic (3/4/500). Not the Jurassic 1/200. L1011 Tristar for sure. Even the 757 will be a classic for many soon. No piston or turbo props really cut it for me, sorry. Many commercial pilots I know list the 727 and 757 as their favourites. The latter on a ferry flight is something to behold. Overpowered... just slightly.
  3. Any good lawyer can draw up a paragraph in your will to make sure you're buried with a hard copy of the sim. I'd do it for a fiver, but would probably call it MSFS2020 and some numpty will say "there is no such product", in which case all your worst fears will be realised. I think you're screwed.
  4. Debbie Does Dallas? Perhaps I'm confusing one organic/biological being with another though.
  5. I only "played" the franchise once and didn't much care for it, and I was in a car. You keep relying on headcount as being the only measure of complexity and I really should have heeded my own words when I wrote it's pointless to discuss it with you. For that reason... I'm out.
  6. Simulating quite a number of autopilot systems that all control an object in fluid 3D space is itself quite a task. If making planes is as easy as making cars then I'm off to buy a Chevy Turboprop IROC-Z, with alloy wheels too.
  7. I think I fell from the same branch. First wife 10 years younger, current wife 26 years younger. Third wife not born yet. Will update when data available (and homework done).
  8. Then there is no point discussing. Your mind is made up.
  9. I would probably have preferred that too, but just imagine what the response would have been from those that can't or wont pay for a higher end system. There have already been posts by a number of people expecting to get next gen graphics on a system that was only mid range at best when they bought it 5 years ago. Forgot to mention - the number of things that need testing in a sim like this is far far far far (did I make the point yet?) greater than for a more traditional game. It was only when I started with the Alpha that I realised just how detailed my own test plan needed to be, let alone Asobo's own which also needs to take into account everyone else's hardware / controllers, way of flying etc.
  10. I think you answered your own question. In all the examples you gave, you spent more cash than those that didn't get the extra. So far, those with better systems, which cost more cash, seem to have been more likely to get access. How would that be better for anyone, let alone everyone? On the plus, nobody could say they received preferential treatment, but on the other hand everyone might be hit with a sim that didn't take much user feedback. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  11. Apparently the instructions to get Rod Machado involved got lost in translation and it went to Ralf Macchio instead. Wx on. Wx Off.
  12. Well if those catering trucks don't have a vegan option I'm not buying it!
  13. Oh for Pete's sake, Lexussoft have already said that you can buy a Lexus without having to buy a subscription! Whether the satnav will continue to update remains to be seen.
  14. I would agree. I find it frustrating (from the other side of the in/out of Alpha test side) for a couple of reasons: 1.) A couple of times I've hinted about something in the sim that I cannot and would not confirm because of the NDA, only to be told by someone who is not in the Alpha and is only guessing that it is not true. If they don't want to take the hint then why should I care? 2.) Conversations here sometimes go along the lines of: ************** UserA: Penelope Pitstop will die before she is 150 years old because she drives a Lexus. UserB: The fact that Penelope Pitstop drives a Lexus has very little impact on the age she will die. Your logic is flawed. UserA: Haha you are stupid, of course she will die before she is 150. I bet you any money you want, and I'll be the first to say I told you so. UserC: To say that Penelope Pitstop wont die before she is 150 is stupid. No-one has ever lived that long and that wont change because of Burger King, so what the hell are you talking about UserB? UserB: I give up. ************** UserB never once said Penelope Pitstop wouldn't die before she is 150. UserB didn't give any opinion other than the fact that driving a Lexus has very little impact on it. For the next 3 days Users A & C upvote eachother's posts. ...and for that reason... I'm bored.
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