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  1. For me at least, with a 2080 Super and i7 at 5Ghz, performance in VR now is much better than when the VR beta started. I even turned a few VR graphics settings up the other day and it handled it fine. Asobo are definitely making improvements there. I'm excited to see what a 3090 can do when they become more available and drop in price. I totally respect people's different experiences, but I can't imagine going back to monitors now. I've always found comfort in the Reverb G2 to be excellent and I often do 2 hour flights with any issues. With that said, I mainly fly smaller GA where having the situational awareness that VR gives you really helps. (Plus there's fewer gauges, knobs and dials to see). If I was flying airliners I probably wouldn't get as much out of VR vs a 4k monitor.
  2. Who are shipping it straight on to end users. Some units should be in the hands of end users first couple of weeks of November.
  3. The HP Reverb G2 started shipping today and I definitely remember Asobo saying that they'd have VR ready in time for G2 release. As far as I know, no one has even started closed beta testing of VR. I guess they're running behind, which is understandable, but they maybe shouldn't have claimed that the G2 shipping (which was delayed anyway) was their hard date to deliver VR. I'm now wondering if we'll see a public VR release at all this year.
  4. Thanks. Switching to the Steam version plus logging out of the XBox app and logging back in seems to have done the trick and I can now download and run. I think Asobo have issues with XBox authentication failing and then no errors being shown plus file permission problems with Microsoft Store purchases.
  5. Yep, they've improved things massively for VR with Vulkan. X-Plane VR was near unusable for me in OpenGL. It's not Aerofly 90fps smoothness now, but it's perfectly acceptable.
  6. Thanks. I did try signing out of XBox Live, but I'll try those exact steps once they refund me and I give the Steam version a shot.
  7. Although the glacial pace of Aerofly development is frustrating, I must give them credit that it always just works and performs well. I agree though that I don't think 90fps is going to be realistic on MSFS VR with a Reverb, or maybe just with a 3080. We'll likely be at 45 with sliders down a little. I'm expecting X-Plane quality VR but nicer visuals overall.
  8. I guess it's down to game state permutations rather than computer configuration. For instance, in many games if you're at a certain point in the game, then number of variables are somewhat limited. If there's a bug a significant proportion of users will see it. With a flight simulator, if there's a bug report that auto pilot is erratic on aircraft x, you quite literally have thousands of other factors at play: airspeed, altitude, location, scenery streaming, weather, wind, flight model, control input, state of other aircraft controls. What I would say is that people are reporting very specific bugs and CTD scenarios, not "flight model feels off" stuff. In their Q&A, Asobo & MS even acknowledged that there was "regression" in stability and many users were frustrated. Of course, all totally expected for a product that was rushed to market, but man, they need to fix their installer and updater. If you can't even get updates to users reliably you really have a problem.
  9. Well, given that I couldn't even get the thing installed, gave up and now have a refund request pending I'm inclined to agree with the forum 😀 Seems like a lot of stuff is broken for a lot of people, including me. As I said on here a while ago (and got panned for it 😏), they bit off too much in one go. They should have released a slice of the game as an open beta, maybe just VFR / steam gauge planes and built on it.
  10. Thanks, I submitted a refund for the MS app store version. Will see if Steam works any better. The current patch version of MSFS seems like an unmitigated disaster from what I've read on the forums. We picked a great time to buy!
  11. Thanks, yep, I'll throw another few hours at it tonight and try a refund and Steam version as a plan B. Crazy that they've invested several million dollars into developing this and the installer doesn't work properly.
  12. I held off buying MSFS until there was more on VR. After testing the alpha for a while I realised that my interest in 2D gaming is zero. After seeing the VR beta signup I bought it and it wont even install. Spent several hours trying to get the thing to install with no luck. I get why people are so frustrated, I'm now in the same boat. Annoyingly I pre-ordered a Reverb G2 mainly for MSFS. Hopefully I'll catch you folks in the VR MSFS skies one day. It's not looking good until they fix the installer though.
  13. The costs and logistics of creating a photogrammetry model of a city are huge. You need a light aircraft with a super expensive, custom, camera and lidar rig mounted in it. You then need permission from the city / airspace operator to fly multiple times over the city. After that a farm of computers does its photogrammetry generation work on the terabytes of data captured, then a whole team does manual cleanup. It's a different ballgame to sending some streetview cars out. Given 5 or 10 years, no doubt MS will improve their European coverage, but there are no quick fixes so I'm sure we'll see lots of unofficial Google Earth ported stuff for MSFS.
  14. My 2080 super with 8GB has run everything I've tried really well on a HP Reverb G1. That includes X-Plane (Vulkan) which is certainly not as well optimised as MSFS is. So yes, a 3080 with 10GB will be more than good enough.
  15. I do think Oculus has the edge when it comes to motion smoothing / ASW, if I'm being honest. That said, the movement in civilian flight sims isn't nearly as fast paced as in other games so running X-Plane at 45fps on the Reverb is a good experience.
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