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  1. The costs and logistics of creating a photogrammetry model of a city are huge. You need a light aircraft with a super expensive, custom, camera and lidar rig mounted in it. You then need permission from the city / airspace operator to fly multiple times over the city. After that a farm of computers does its photogrammetry generation work on the terabytes of data captured, then a whole team does manual cleanup. It's a different ballgame to sending some streetview cars out. Given 5 or 10 years, no doubt MS will improve their European coverage, but there are no quick fixes so I'm sure we'll see lots of unofficial Google Earth ported stuff for MSFS.
  2. My 2080 super with 8GB has run everything I've tried really well on a HP Reverb G1. That includes X-Plane (Vulkan) which is certainly not as well optimised as MSFS is. So yes, a 3080 with 10GB will be more than good enough.
  3. I do think Oculus has the edge when it comes to motion smoothing / ASW, if I'm being honest. That said, the movement in civilian flight sims isn't nearly as fast paced as in other games so running X-Plane at 45fps on the Reverb is a good experience.
  4. Each eye is 2160 on a Reverb, but with modern VR, both eyes are rendered in a single pass. There's maybe some similarity in the GPU work required to render 2D 4k vs two VR 2k images in a single pass, but they're not necessarily the same.
  5. 90fps is desirable but not necessarily a minimum. X-Plane at 45fps on the Reverb is a good experience (with motion reprojection doing its job). It's also not really 4k. It's about 2k x 2k (given super-sampling or high res headsets) and various GPU wizardry is rendering the 'other' eye efficiently. Asobo has said that we should expect the equivalent of 'medium' graphics settings for VR. I'm hopeful that high end systems might reach 'high' graphic settings in VR at 45 fps. Even medium looks great in MSFS though, compared to what we have in X-Plane or any other VR sim currently.
  6. Orbx is using free data sources that contain geo coordinates plotting the outlines of buildings. Mostly OSM data, but also open source US building footprint data. OSM data is patchy though, some buildings are missing, because it's missing from the data source. Asobo is using machine learning to figure out building footprints from satellite imagery. The end result is that almost every building is present in autogen with the correct roof colour. With that said, TrueEarth regions are still very impressive and are probably as good as things will get on X-Plane when it comes to scenery.
  7. Orbx TrueEarth cities blend accurate models of POIs / iconic buildings with autogen. The bigger and more famous the city, the more hand modelled buildings you'll see. All buildings are shaped realistically on X-Plane, but only from vector data sources, I don't think they're doing machine learning to get building footprints like Asobo. Based on public MSFS clips (to not break NDA), MSFS autogen is better. It's has realistic footprints for every building, and matches the roof colour. The autogen models themselves are also more detailed.
  8. There are going to be winners and losers, inevitably. If you produce weather add-ons, texture enhancement packs or generally anything that "fixes" stuff that just works out of the box with MSFS, things aren't looking good. If you produce aircraft or very high quality regional airports there's the possibility of revived flight sim market, plus an MSFS in-app store, where your products will appear in search results seen by 10s, maybe 100s of thousands of users. If development of MSFS is going to continue after release, the 10-30% commission of the in-game add-on market will be a big part of what pays developer salaries at Asobo. With that in mind it's in their interest not to make 1000 high quality custom airports or 50 GA planes part of the default feature set. If there's no subscription, their business model relies on leaving stuff for 3rd party developers to build.
  9. It's a shame so much software relies on an outdated and mostly undocumented protocol to be honest. I'm sure we wont escape its use with MSFS. If Pete himself doesn't port it to MSFS someone will create something that does the same job, as they did with X-Plane and XUIPC.
  10. I'm currently trying out Pilot2ATC. Good voices and speech recognition, but a steep learning curve. I like it so far, I think we should be able to speak to ATC in 2020. As it's built on FSUIPC there's a reasonable chance that it'll work with MSFS soon after release. It might satisfy anyone looking for more than the default ATC will offer.
  11. I would love for LR or IPACS to support generic ortho and photogrammetry streaming. Not tied to any provider, just a documented way that those can be streamed to the sim. They could do a USGS based example implementation of a streaming ortho server. The community will then do their magic and create all types of proxies and on-the-fly translators to get Google or Bing assets into those sims. Realistically MS / Bing has a long, long way to go to match Google's photogrammetry coverage.
  12. Interesting, thanks. Speaking only about what's in the video for NDA reasons, I was pretty impressed, but I didn't know if it was due to my lack of experience with many other ATC implementations. The voices do suck, but that's pretty easy to fix.
  13. Out of every mainstream online community I'm part of, Reddit is by far the nicest. Twitter is a cesspool. Facebook is for your gran to share conspiracy theories. Instagram is full of poseurs. YouTube is OK, but the comments are awful. Reddit is mostly geeks talking to other geeks about geeky things, and for the most part being pretty pleasant to each other. You should go all in and ask them to add it to the banned words list.
  14. Does anyone have knowledge of some of the most popular ATC plugins, e.g. Pilot2ATC? How does it compare to what was shown in the MSFS video. I really don't know ATC deeply enough to have a frame of reference, but I'm interested to hear from others who have tried a few different 3rd party ATC options.
  15. All I know is that there was lively debate about VR, then it got banned, then the ban was reversed and a sub-forum was opened that no one really used or uses. Whatever the intention, the net result was that VR talk stopped. That's my overall point about this thread, careful what you wish for by stopping people talking about x or y. You end up with no one talking at all.
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