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  1. FFT170

    Simaddon Spring sale

    Why no FSX ?
  2. FFT170

    Boise Airport Poll

    I would be interested ! KBOI KSUN
  3. That's right Gartro, the Q300 is for both Fs9 and FSX . The training Edition is available but it would be paying for features a non commercial simmer does not use. I contacted Majestic, they do not sell the Pilot nor the Pro editions anymore.... The Q400 is very nice but does not do well on short runways, the Q400 is more a commuter than a work horse of the back country.
  4. No the Q300, I already have the Q400. The Q300 Training edition is available but multi $$$ looking for used one or a Pilot Edition new or used.
  5. If you have a Majestic Q300 ?... I'm interested
  6. Looking for a Majestic Q300 PILOT edition.... please PM me with the price if you want to sell your copy Thank you Luc Vanasse
  7. FFT170


    Problem solved... I re-downloaded the navdata using the base installer from my PSS Airbus pro (Airac 0708), all worked fine at that point.I then re-downloaded the Navigraph Airac 0709 and installed it, the problem did not reappear so the coclusion is that the initial Airac 0709 from Navigraph was corrupted.Thank youLuc Vanasse
  8. FFT170


    thank you for the quick reply, yes I have the latest Navigraph download 0709 dated 27/08/07.
  9. FFT170


    I need help! today I started getting a NOT IN DATABASE message when inserting vor points in my routing and also when going to DATA/NAVAID section of the FMC. I have gone over the forum with the serach option and tried different solutions without success ( reloading navdata, starting in default flight, deleting the navdata folder in FS9 and recreating it0 . I get the same messages using my Boeing 777 and all my Airbus.Any ideas?ThanksLuc Vanasse
  10. FFT170

    Liveries for A340/A330

    can we purchase individual liveries for these aircrats looking for Air France only
  11. FFT170

    When reaching 30 West

    Every time I attempt to cross the ocean with FS9 real weather ON as I get to 30 West the weather updates to North America or Europe , I guess, and the aircraft goes into a steep climb or dive depending on weather update difference and falls out of the sky !!! anybody have a solution besides flying with weather turned off ?
  12. FFT170


    Thanks a million, this aircraft requires real cockpit management. Makes it the closest to reality I have seen upto date. Congratulations again!!!
  13. FFT170


    Great airplane !!! anybody been able to incorporate the ServInfo gauge?