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  1. Can someone tell me if this monitor can do 30Hz or how to do it. I checked the website but they only advertise 60Hz. LG 27UK600-W HDR IPS LED 4K edit: According to Best Buy the Samsung U28E590D is with a 1.4 connector. I want to confirm that with anyone in the know. Thanks
  2. I personally only ever got GSYNC to work in FSX momentarily back in 2015. I had to turn off all auto gen to do it. The auto gen bug in FSX made me go away from it and ultimately settle on ULMB. However it was never as smooth as I wanted (or the 30Hz smoothness I've seen from others who use it), hence why this topic 🙂 So getting back on subject, it looks like I have to go the TV route with a 1.4 HDMI cable? This new setup I'm building is suppose to be semi mobile. Is there any other options that don't involve 40+ inches of real estate?
  3. I use to use ULMB (technically wasn't the intended use) on my old gysnc monitor instead of GSYNC and I felt it looked way smoother with it on. I have no clue though.
  4. What does that mean? I'm trying to figure out what connection I have to use.
  5. Thanks. Didn't realize the hardware forum for some reason.
  6. Hello, I'm starting a new topic on this because the old one I found was from 2016. Looking for 30Hz capable displays with 4K. I want to invest in a new monitor and I definitely want to try this option finally. Also what would be needed to make it work at 30Hz? Like I want to simply be able to select it and go. I know the connections are specific (HDMI vs. Display Port) and etc etc. CPU-i9-9900k GPU-RTX 2080 Thanks
  7. Just an update from me. The PNY1080 worked well enough. I had it butter smooth at one point. However the sim starting CTDing (non-DXGI errors) and at first I thought I fixed it with an unwanted chaseplane beta update but then it did it again. This time the same ntdll.dll error that drove me out of FSX:SE. It literally crashed on short final for no reason. So I literally deleted P3D on the spot, then deleted the drives/windows, then ripped the computers (2 computers in this work space) apart and listed everything on Ebay. Then I removed the desk and chair and sold them and bought a couch (these computers where in my living room) the next morning to replace the bear spot. I'm a so tired of trouble shooing this piece of sh*t game and the headaches from this build. I'm going to get a pre-built i9-9900k/2080 rig in a little while and reinstall only P3D (hopefully v4.4 is out by then) and PMDG/Actlve Sky/Rex World Airports HD. Maybe ORBX if it doesn't look as great. The FSLabs A319/320 has caused nothing but problems, I think, over 2 platforms (FSX:SE and P3D) and the constant troubleshooting has made this hobby absolutely painful. I literally rag quit an i7-8700k build and I pray the next time is better. So the 1080 kinda fixed the DXGI error but the game still disappoints.
  8. Settled on a PNY 1080. Just to test. We will see. This hobby is such a money pit.
  9. I have the chance to try a 1080 founders card or an ASUS 1080ti. Based on what others have said, I'm leaning towards the 1080. Thoughts?
  10. Like I meant build version. I was just curious since I have all w10 updates disabled via a few hacks.
  11. For those having these issues, what windows 10 update are you using?
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