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  1. goodperson36

    Banned from simaddons

    The other day I purchased Halifax from sim add-ons. If anyone has bought anything from them you can see that Halifax has a big flickering problem on the apron and when I mean bad it's very bad. I proceeded to send the owner an email asking him what this problem could be and why it can't be fixed according to his posting in his forum room for SIMM add-ons. The email I sent was short and was not bad at all I did not cuss but I did state my frustration to him about this flickering issue. The response I got back from him was I have posted a refund to you. I did not request a refund just wanted to get the issue fixed and tells me there is a fix in the forum Really? basically, you can go back to the default taxiway and runways in FSX why would I go back to the default taxiway and apron when I purchased a scenery that is full of bugs and nonsense that should have been fixed years ago when you made the scenery. I can't believe that someone would actually banned me from buying anything from them when I had just asked them from some support to fix this issue. So i received a refund and a note in their from the developer that told me basically I could not purchase from him and that the support was closed what does that mean? I am not for sure but my conclusion is I am banned for no reason other then this developer is a one man band whos business will drown evantually. This is not a way to treat a customer and if all possible stay away from halifax but thats hard to do because you have to have halifax to buy the other addons. I think in conclusion this was unfair to me. I hope that there is a developer out their who will start doing canadian aiports . If anyone has had the same issues would love to hear from you thanks. :smile:
  2. goodperson36

    FTX vs GEX

    I actually went back to GEX because of the fact that third party airport don't mesh well with FTX global. Plus I have had cental rockies and northern rockies from Orbx for a long time. The problem is why i left orbx is that they have yet to build one damn good airport in the state of Idaho. I have pleaded with them to start putting in more idaho airports but they refuse. You have to understand the central rockies scenry was one the first scenries they put out when they first where incorpated and here is it 7 to 8 years later still no Idaho airports. but if you look at alaska or the new Northern Calorfonia scenry they have 2 or three airports already and that has not been out long. so you see my point. I feel like they do what they want to do so i uninstalled everything orbx and have went back to GEX. Happy flying just my two cents.I just want you to know am not angry at orbx would just not rather not sit here till am a skeleton waiting for a boise Airport. :smile:
  3. goodperson36

    Boise Airport Poll

    I agree with you 777200LRF I thought Orbx would have the sense to do this but thats the reason why we are going to try and get these airports done. I really never understood why Orbx would make NRM or PNW and not make any airports for those areas or at least the ones we want or are asking for as customers, But if you get the AUS or blue scenery Orbx has More then enough airports in those area of course its australia. I will also bring up another point am not bashing Orbx am just saying that Northern California has been put out for a while but why is it that area is getting airports done fast with the Northern california but idaho cant even get Boise done its beyond me. Anyway I will shut up now and keep the feedback coming.
  4. goodperson36

    Boise Airport Poll

    Hi all just wanted to know if Boise Airport were to be done how many of you would be intrested in this this is going to be a payware airport not freeware . There is this new sceenry company that I have been working with who might be intrested in doing that airport since no one else wants to listen to our concerns. Now with that being said I cannot tell you who is doing this scenery yet, but they have ask me to take a poll. So please send your poll ahead would like to here some feedback. Thanks Regards Edwin R