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  1. I think the problem whith P3d is missing or wrong version of dll visual studio into win 10.(msvcr80.dll).
  2. Sorry, I have tryed the install suggested by Mikelab6 but appear the same error.
  3. Help me guys. I have tried many times to install the coolsky with Migratio tool into P3d V3 but when loading the aircraft appear the error"can't load". Cristiano
  4. I could not resist to show the beauty of my new simulator :wub: P3D V2 Approaching Thessaloniki
  5. Hi PMDG team,is possible to paint the 737-800WL in Neos livery for italian's fans :( ?Congratulation and thanks in advance for offering this aircraft.Cristiano Bonfiglioli
  6. Hello,I have reinstalled the LCF with new installer:The tail operation work fine but the problem with the main landing gear extracted of 747F remains.Thanks for supportCristiano Bonfiglioli
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