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  1. cleonpack93

    Preflight seems slow

    Yep, I have had this same issue. It seems to run slow in the VC view and seems to run more normally in external views.
  2. Cleaning out my screenshot file today, here are some various shots while flying for SWA virtual over the past year.
  3. Oooh, hey if this isn't really the thing, somebody get on it!
  4. I'll admit that one of the first things that went through my head when DTG made their announcement, was a lawsuit. Especially since DTG made such a point about the entertainment license. And since I'm a college student, I am one of the academic license owners (with plans to upgrade to a pro license when I graduate) of course I spent some time worrying. But I think we'll be OK. As has been said, I think DTG would be crushed by LM in court. They have nothing to gain except to cut their losses now by pulling the product.
  5. I have never been more happy to hear you say that 🤣
  6. Nobody else had said this but I have been thinking this too. Actually it's one of the first things that came to mind when DTG made their announcement. But, it can also be argued that we're not an entertainment market, we are actually looking for a professional product because we want a professional experience.
  7. RSR/PMDG Crew, couldn't agree with you guys more. I already detailed this in another thread, but the basics of FSW's demise in my mind were 1) a failure to understand both the strength and demands of their target audience, and 2) too much of an effort to try and make flight sim appealing to the "gamer" market. They went halvsies between game and simulator and thusly failed to appeal to either market. Plus, as has been noted by you and others in the community, a complete disregard for the established developers and community structure. I already was wary of DTG because of what they did to train simulator, which was my first love many years ago. MSTS was probably the only truly great train simulator made (TRAINZ was a close second), and what DTG has created in TSW is just nowhere near as enjoyable or easily buildable as that platform was. Tried it for about a month and deleted it off my computer. But as was also discussed in another thread, I think the future of flight sim is in good hands. Thank you guys for being you. Keep doing your thing.
  8. If it is, in fact, a new simulator, I will be super excited because you guys do fantastic work. But I will also cry a bit, because I JUST finished upgrading from FSX to P3D over the course of the last year and I will definitely not have the money to do it all again for a while yet 😭
  9. cleonpack93

    FSX or Prepar3D?

    Oh please no. I JUST finished making the switch from FSX to P3D over this past year and my wallet is still recovering.
  10. cleonpack93

    Forgive me for raising a stink.

    I think this is false actually. Seems like most people are happy to cough up for airports, planes, and sceneries that they use regularly. I know I am when I can afford it every once in a while. That's why people have started businesses purely around developing for flight sim.
  11. cleonpack93

    Forgive me for raising a stink.

    Basic economics. If you're good at something, never do it for free. There are still some decent freeware airports out there, but with the flight sim community growing and evolving, most of the people who are designing planes and scenery are doing it as a full-time job and need to be compensated for their work. Think about how many hundreds of hours goes into making an aircraft that flies and functions well. Or an airport. Or a scenery region. If you're not going to put in the work yourself, it is unrealistic to expect someone else to not ask for compensation for their work. And as simulators become more capable, it takes even more time to create things that take advantage of all that capability. I'm sure there are probably a few people out there willing to create scenery in their free time and offer it for free. But to many it's a job, and they gotta put food on the table.
  12. cleonpack93

    The State of Flight Simming

    Please take the intention of my post very clearly. At no time did I say that people who aren’t here for extreme realism are any less welcome. All I’m saying is that the vast majority of us do seem to be that way. And therefore, when DTG tried to create a program that didn’t allow for that, they lost out on a very large number of customers. Failing to understand their target audience was their downfall.
  13. cleonpack93

    The State of Flight Simming

    Also, to address why I think the demise of FSW is not at all a harbinger of doom. The problem with DTG in my opinion is that they don't really seem to understand the concept of a simulator. You'll remember they made such a big deal about the fact that they own the rights to the entertainment market of the MSFS core platform. They are in it to develop games, not simulators. Their product was marketed towards gamers. The problem is that trying to create a half simulator, half game hybrid is not enough to satisfy either market. If you want to make a game, don't try to make it a simulator, make it exciting and fast-paced or strategy based. If you want to make a simulator, go all-in on immersion and realism and make it add-on compatible. They did the same thing to Train Simulator. I owned Microsoft Train Simulator back in the day and it was amazing. The only really great train simulator ever made. DTG's newer versions have the same issues as FSW: they are trying too hard to reach the gamer market and as such are losing the simulator community. It seems that the majority of us are not here for a game. We're hobbyists. We're here for realistic simulation, and just like how I once spent several years building a model train layout with my grandpa, we would rather spend the time and money on a professional simulator that allows us the freedom and ability and detail to make it as realistic as we can try to get it, than a watered-down game. They failed to understand that from the community, and failed to understand the desire of the community for them to be open to the already existing infrastructure, and that is why they failed. Not because there are not enough new simmers.