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  1. FSFX vs ENVDIR: Which has better special effects for the PMDG 737 and 747? I have both currently with the special effects setting on ENVDIR turned off, but I'm wondering if I should uninstall the FSFX packages in favor of just running ENVDIR, or if the FSFX immersion packages really are better.
  2. In real life (depending on the airline, and according to a few pilots I’ve spoken with), that is what is supposed to happen. The dome light is turne off to reduce glare during ground operations and is then turned on after takeoff at the pilot’s discretion. What I usually do is make sure that I have turned on all the panel backlighting and flood lighting during my preflight flow. That way when the dome is off, I can still see everything, and then I reactivate the dome light sometime after 10,000 feet.
  3. Has a resolution been found for this issue? I am having the same problem, and I do not have the "Render displays and annunciators with the graphics card" box checked in the add-on manager.
  4. So, how does the implementation of PBR affect add-ons? I use third-party add-ons for pretty much everything (PMDG, FlyTampa/Flightbeam, GSX, etc) do I need to wait for them to push PBR-compliant updates before I install 4.4, or will they just operate normally?
  5. Hey all, If you haven't heard the news yet, LM just announced (via FSElite) that Prepar3d v4.4 is scheduled to release this Wednesday, November 28th. There is a loooooong change log, most noticeably the official implementation of PBR rendering in the P3D client. This is a big change to the way the sim renders, so I have to ask: will addons like PMDG aircraft and developer airports be affected? Do we need to wait for an update before we install the new P3D client? Thanks!
  6. Heard on NPR this morning that they moved all the active aircraft and flight crews to another base (Ohio I think?) before the storm landed, so no equipment was lost. But yeah, going to be a bit before they can return to operations there. I saw at the end of the video there was some red-tipped f-16's in the one hangar, maybe they were just training aircraft of some kind?
  7. Singapore Airlines is launching the world's new longest flight: WSSS-KEWR direct, over 9,500 miles and 19 hours of flight time. And, here's the real kicker: there's no economy class. In order to help save fuel and cover fuel costs, the A350-900 ULR aircraft used on the route will be configured only with Premium and Business class seating, for a total of 161 seats. Here's a seat map of the plane: More info here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/advice/new-worlds-longest-flight-singapore-new-york-newark/
  8. If you've never heard the conspiracy theories surrounding Denver International Airport, do yourself a big favor and go google it...and have a good laugh. The maintenance crew at KDEN decided to finally own up to said theories with these awesome new construction signs as the main terminal undergoes renovations:
  9. I promise you that I was using v4.3 before reinstalling it. I checked the program version, twice, after reading the comments in this thread. Something was wrong and the reinstall fixed it. I did not touch or modify P3D in any way during this, only GSX.
  10. I checked, it says P3Dv4.3. I went ahead and reinstalled GSX and that seems to have fixed it. Thanks!
  11. No this has actually only started happening since I installed 4.3
  12. Hi all, I'm experiencing an issue with GSX recently where anytime I try to access th GSX menu more than once, it will automatically select the refuling option without any input from myself. For example, if Irequest catering, but then go back later to request boarding, it will select refuelling instead before I can do anything and then I have to reset the position. Same with trying to go from boarding to pushback and parking to deboarding. It happens both when pressing ctrl+f12 and when going through the add-on's menu. Anyone experienced this before and know how to resolve? Thank you.
  13. cleonpack93

    P3D V5

    I for one would be perfectly fine with v5 being several years off. I've overspent this year getting everything upgraded to v4 and would rather not tick off my wife for another few years 😂 plus v4 runs wonderfully on my computer, but I don't think it could handle anything more advanced.
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