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  1. Cheers for the reply Dan. Yeah I think I'll just go ahead and bite the bullet, and redownload my products and install them, then if the outcome is for the worse, I'll submit a ticket. Thank you..
  2. Hello all, I'd like to chime in since this topic has a link with my concern. Just last month my main FSX hdd had the dreaded "click" noise, which then lead to my hdd dying out. Of course I wasn't able to gain access into FSX and deregister my copy of the NGX and 777. Since then I have installed a new HDD replacement, and also reinstalled FSX, but haven't got round to installing all of my addons yet. Would I run into any issues with my licence down the line when I eventually reinstall my pmdg products? Or will it still be ok as I've still got the same system i.e motherboard, cpu etc? Many thanks, Mykel Talab
  3. Hello Geoff, Yes came across that before and went through that procedure as stated by Pmdg when I had some issues with the operations centre not recognising my products after a windows update the other year. Since then I've booked marked that page . I have my Flytampa addons all backed up on an external hard drive, but all my oother addons I'll just need to redone load them again, which I am not too bothered about just the thought of getting everything all in order again is mind boggling. I have managed to bag myself a deal in a WD Caviar Black 1tb hdd which is due to arrive around the 29th. Just shows how vulnerable pc's can be but on the plus side we take a lot of enjoyment out of them which is pretty much an additional hobbie. Cheers for the heads up Geoff. Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays to all
  4. Cheers for the heads up wedgantilles. Keeping fingers crossed it should be a fairly smooth procedure getting into reinstalling everything once I install my new HDD. Many thanks
  5. Hello, The other day was quite unfortunate as I was looking forward to getting some pmdg NGX action. To my surprise once I fired up my PC, I heard the dreaded "click, click, click" coming from my HDD. My HDD has only several games on it, and mainly for running FSX and all it's addons that make the FSX world more enjoyable. Now in the bios it doesn't recognise the HDD anymore and since I cannot access any of the data from my dead HDD would there be an issue when I reinstall FSX along with my PMDG products being the NGX and 777s? I remember going through the introduction manual where it mentions that to deactivate a pmdg addon it is normally done through the FMC, but since I can't access FSX and any of the addons anymore would this have an adverse effect when I get round to reinstalling them again? I have already taken off the program installation in the windows control panel section along with the liveries etc. Some addon sceneries came up with "Invalid F:drive". If there's anyone who has come across this unfortunate issue (dead HDD) where they weren't able to access any of the data and went ahead with installing all their addons again without a hitch, it would be nice to have some pointers. Many thanks, Mykel Talab
  6. For me it was the original pmdg 747-400 queen of the skies and Level-D 767-300ER back around 2007. To be fair I quite miss a good immersive 767 for todays standards, but I haven't fired up the level-d 767 since around 2012. The good old pmdg 747-400 queen hasn't been airborne for me since November 2012 as well. Quite miss them both, but I guess the newer version of the queen is round the corner at some point
  7. Cheers for the info. A more updated version of Sochi I think is lacking.
  8. Hi there jetsmell. Hopefully the link I attach will guide you in the right direction . When you download, it should appear in your download folder. When you execute the setup (can't remember if it was in the Flight1 wrapper) point it to where your fsx/fsx-se root folder is. Hope this helps. http://www.simforums.com/Forums/ezca-v1187-p3d-v3-available-for-download_topic53929_page1.html
  9. KPAE would be amazing to have. The guys at IDS are doing KBFI so that's another option on the horizon.
  10. @captain420 VTBS is already done by aa sceneries.... the same guys who did Kuala Lumpur @Anders Gron Taxi2gate are apparently got Charles Gaulle in the pipeline, so expect unnecessary HD textures and a fairly buggy scenery :(
  11. When fsx was first shipped out back in 2006, dx10 was incomplete hence the "dx10 preview". So there will be a number of bugs and anomalies that you will come across. On the other hand, if you use steve's dx10 fixer it will fix pretty much 99.9% of the issues making dx10 usable. Link below is where you'd be able to find it. https://stevesfsxanalysis.wordpress.com/how-to-purchase/
  12. Very nice shots! Thank you for sharing! The Caucuses looks quite different compared with the Caucuses in DCS world. What addon sceneries were you running may I ask? Because by the looks of it could this be FS9? As I remember there was a great freeware Sochi scenery back around 2009 with AES compatibility but I don't think this is available for FSX/p3d these days :(
  13. Damn you beat me to it @PaulGR ! They make some gorgeous liveries but some are also fictional. Another good one that I'd like to share is hangar226. Quite a majority of their liveries are already in the avsim library, but there are some in there that might not be in the library, another good place for liveries. http://elmikey.wixsite.com/hangar226
  14. As some have stated, in the continent of Africa, would love Joburg, Cape Town, Windhoek some nice high altitude action around 5,600ft and Dakar in Senegal not too far for a short flight up to the Canaries. There's still a void in the Japanese region, but I heard wingcreation are updating a newer version of Narita, then Haneda might be on the horizon? It was welcome news that flightbeam studios have NZAA Auckland in their sights, so I am still crossing my fingers that will get a greenlight
  15. It was back around late 1996 early 1997 I got introduced to Jane's combat simulations ATF on msdos by a friend. Since then I was hooked and look back with very fond memories. Then eventually I saved up all my pocket money and got Fighters Anthology on Windows 95 when my dad got my first pc. For MS Flight simulator I also remember fondly of a mathematics tutor at the time was quite an avid flight simulator enthusiast, as he would let me try out his FS 95 after tuition, through FS95 I remember he would setup a scenario where we'd work out time and distance using long multiplication and division to make it more interesting. Since then I have just embraced everything related to aviation.
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