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  1. I used to live in Papua New Guinea as a missionary kid, only way to travel was MAF Cessna 186 tail trager and 206's. Fun times way way way back in the 70's. Wish I could get more scenery. I bought P3D just for the Orbx scenery, very disappointed. Not like ortho in X-Plane. But I wish I could get more PNG X-Plane scenery.
  2. Yes Sir, I did read them, it just was not clear to me what you meant when you said "If you have the Prepar3D V3 version installed, uninstall it now. (Yes, you must) I thought you meant to uninstall P3D, so I did read it, I just misunderstood it. A forum member help me. Thanks.
  3. So just uninstall the 747 for V3 not P3D v3? OK, that wan't to clear to me. Thanks A lot that did help
  4. The install notes say " When I tried to install the only options were to repair or uninstall (I still have it in V3 so I guess it meant that one) but the notes say it will offer the option to choose the version. I did not get this
  5. I have a question about the Unregister option in the FMC, I have to re-install P3D thus the addon's. But I can't get into P3D (something hosed it) to unregister the 747 and 737 NGX. Will I be able to reinstall the PMDG planes after I re-install P3D?
  6. I don't under stand the logic here. Making the 747 for X-Plane would make everyone move over to X-Plane and kill 50% of current bussiness for other developers? No, Why?, we would just have the PMDG 747 in X-Plane and the current users of P3D and FSX would stay with their platform after investing a lot of money into it. I have all 3 major sims and spend money in all of them. Why limit yourself to one Flight Simulator. (unless for financial reasons...I understand.) BTW: I have the PMDG DC-6 in X-Plane and I love it.
  7. When is this plane coming to X-Plane, in the mean while, I am enjoying it in P3D.
  8. Good Idea, or else carry a thumb drive around with you
  9. Alright, I've got 2 weeks to save $150.00. I think my wife will let me.
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