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  1. qnh

    Immersion for 747-8i?

    That's the answer I was looking for! Off to purchase now :)
  2. qnh

    PMDG Forum Section

    hmmmm, what does this button do :P
  3. Hi, firstly thanks for a wonderful product. Now for my question If I select Load Scenery Library from the Scenery Library Menu there is no P3D option in the Simulator path, just FSX and Xplane - I have had a look, albeit a quick look, at the manual and it shows an option for P3D - what have I missed? thanks Scott
  4. qnh

    error de téléchargement

    Allez à http://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/ et connectez-vous (créez un nouvel utilisateur si nécessaire). Lancez maintenant un ticket de soutien excuse my google translate!
  5. Thanks Chris, I'm just going off the information received from PMDG via the Operations Center - there doesn't appear to have been any revised date issued, and yes I am expecting that PMDG would be the one to answer this definitively and hoping that they may respond.
  6. Does anyone know when they are going to be given to Aerosoft - the message in the Operations Center states that "We anticipate having all the pieces to Aerosoft for their distribution on 03JUL17" It's a little frustrating not being able to access an update.
  7. Thanks, that's the post I was looking for - couldn't see the forest for the trees 😀
  8. Aerosoft are claiming that they haven't received the recently updated installer for the 772 or for the 773 expansion. Is this correct and if so when will they be supplied to them?
  9. Looks like I'll have to wait for Aerosoft until I purchase. For some reason exchange rate variations mean that buying from Aerosoft is AUD30 cheaper
  10. Don't worry Dan, I had to read it twice too - love the PNG flag in your avatar
  11. In the words of the immortal, bugger! Good luck finding those last elusive bugs
  12. Anyone having CTD's with the updated 767? All are ntdll.dll errors with an exception code of 0xC0000374 and a Stackhash_0392. Usually happens about 5 minutes after loading the aircraft, not happening with other aircraft. Win 10 x64 i7 4790k with GTX 970, latest drivers, 16 GB RAM, plenty of hard drive space P3D 3.4, latest version Zinertek VC upgrade
  13. qnh

    Cool Features / Easter Eggs

    Now that certainly was a good idea.
  14. Flying KSFO to VHHH, was at FL380 at N33 28'40" E135 51' 27", so a couple of hours out of VHHH and had a CTD, no error window, checked the event log, nothing. Sim paused for Tank to Engine in the last 10 minutes, set and continued, autostep climb and auto acceleration active. Looking for any log files that may have been updated immediately prior to the CTD I found 747QOTSII_debug_log.txt - last four lines read readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. readPrecipData: Previous cycle not finished. Livery is UAL N127UA, system is i4790K, 16 GB, Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, version 10.0.14393, p3dv3.4.14.18870, SimConnect version running off D: drive, an SSD with over 150 GB free drive space. No anti virus, no firewall, Windows Defender and updates disabled using group policy. Using ActiveSkyNext, updated today, running on a networked computer, VAS monitor showed 1046 MB available at time of CTD. All 3rd party scenery disabled except for KSFO and VHHH, FlightBeam and FlyTampa. Any other logging that I can enable before I try this flight again?
  15. qnh

    Ship happens!

    Nah, it'll buff right out! :smile: