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  1. Just remember that it is not a Boeing or an Airbus
  2. Thanks Kyprianos, works perfectly - I wonder why the developer doesn't fix it - it has been reported many times on their forums.
  3. Has anyone had a problem with the aviaserver connection to P3D? I completed a flight this morning, restarted the computer and went to start another flight and now the status is Waiting for FSX or Prepar3D - see below I have sent an email to support with a copy of the logfile but thought I'd see if anyone else had experienced the same problem Scott
  4. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that this is still a beta, and only just. Thankfully I used a gamepass to test it out so I have lost only $1 - I'll come back in 12 months or so and see how it has matured. Meanwhile I'll go back to my P3D and X-plane with ortho for when I need bing scenery
  5. I must admit I tend to agree with most of what he said. This product has been rushed to market, it is effectively still a beta; thankfully I used a Microsoft Gamepass to test it out before buying. I'm going to put it back on the shelf and wait 12 months before having another look to see if it has matured.
  6. PSS or Phoenix Simulation Software was a "developer" during the FS9 days. They used a licensing method that required their product "phone home " regularly to activate and also charged for liveries. The principal, Graham Waterfield, did a runner to Malta and PSS collapsed leaving paying customers without access to their products. Fast forward to around 2013 and BBS, or Blackbox Simulation Software, "rose from the ashes" with a prologue - mention the word beta in any of their support avenues and you were sure to attract the ire of the developer, in fact any sort of criticism of any their products resulted in tantrums.
  7. It seems strange that they can post on facebook but not on their official support support forum...
  8. Check their “client center” plenty of users are asking for support with no response.
  9. Support queries unanswered, customers unable to activate purchased aircraft.
  10. stop trying to make it like FSX, it isn't. Once you let go then it will be easier, I know I tried the same. keys 1 and 2 control flaps, 3 and 4 control spoilers. Shift / activates reverse thrust, don't forget to increase the throttle.
  11. That's the answer I was looking for! Off to purchase now :)
  12. hmmmm, what does this button do :P
  13. Hi, firstly thanks for a wonderful product. Now for my question If I select Load Scenery Library from the Scenery Library Menu there is no P3D option in the Simulator path, just FSX and Xplane - I have had a look, albeit a quick look, at the manual and it shows an option for P3D - what have I missed? thanks Scott
  14. Allez à http://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/ et connectez-vous (créez un nouvel utilisateur si nécessaire). Lancez maintenant un ticket de soutien excuse my google translate!
  15. Thanks Chris, I'm just going off the information received from PMDG via the Operations Center - there doesn't appear to have been any revised date issued, and yes I am expecting that PMDG would be the one to answer this definitively and hoping that they may respond.
  16. Does anyone know when they are going to be given to Aerosoft - the message in the Operations Center states that "We anticipate having all the pieces to Aerosoft for their distribution on 03JUL17" It's a little frustrating not being able to access an update.
  17. Thanks, that's the post I was looking for - couldn't see the forest for the trees 😀
  18. Aerosoft are claiming that they haven't received the recently updated installer for the 772 or for the 773 expansion. Is this correct and if so when will they be supplied to them?
  19. Looks like I'll have to wait for Aerosoft until I purchase. For some reason exchange rate variations mean that buying from Aerosoft is AUD30 cheaper
  20. Don't worry Dan, I had to read it twice too - love the PNG flag in your avatar
  21. In the words of the immortal, bugger! Good luck finding those last elusive bugs
  22. Anyone having CTD's with the updated 767? All are ntdll.dll errors with an exception code of 0xC0000374 and a Stackhash_0392. Usually happens about 5 minutes after loading the aircraft, not happening with other aircraft. Win 10 x64 i7 4790k with GTX 970, latest drivers, 16 GB RAM, plenty of hard drive space P3D 3.4, latest version Zinertek VC upgrade
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