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  1. Hi Jim Thank you for commenting. They don't. They merely say to download - open zip folder - drag and drop to Community folder - then start MSFS.. I have tried this several times - but no luck.
  2. Content Manager shows all installations are up-to-date, except: 1) Flyingiron Spitfire 1.2.0 2) JF- Hawk-T1 After purchase, I put their folders into the Community folder, but they are shown as 'not installed'. Why? Clicking onto the info button reveals under More info - "waiting". For what?
  3. Here in UK: Started at midnight. At 05.00 I have about 38GB of 95GB. It looks like I'll be done around 13.00. That will be a 13 hour download. I hope it's worth the wait. Frank
  4. P2A has been working well for me for a long time. Recently it has been closing down after about an hour into a flight. It will pick up from where it left off, when I open it up again. What could be causing this? I have been through the USB power managements, to ensure that they are all set at zero.
  5. I have 4 Cepstral voices. Cepstral provides its own editor, and a useful phonetic guide. Wind has always annoyed me. Without looking it up, I believe the phonetic is 'whind'
  6. Thanks again Andre. With your help, I have mastered the seating position in P3D. The further tips you have given me will be most useful. I will have to figure out the XP11 positioning. Chase Plane seems like a mallet to crack a walnut, but I may give it a go.
  7. Hi Andre Ah! I have it. Head Mounted Display. Sorry to be so dense. This VR stuff is new to me. I thought it was about time I tried it.
  8. Thank you Andre. Please can you translate the acronym - HMD.
  9. I am having difficulty with this. When I start into either P3D or XP11 I find myself too far forward in the seat. This is so whatever aircraft I choose. Is there a setting I am missing?
  10. Thank you Soloraj, Hi Flyer and Andreh I have not yet found where to recalibrate, but I note its importance. Chaseplane is new to me and I will consider getting it.
  11. I am new to VR using Oculus Rift S on P3D4, and cannot figure out how to: 1) Get into the pilot's seat. 2) See my hands in P3D. Grateful for any guidance.
  12. Hi Dave They are alright now. Must have needed rebooting. I have set the strong ones ( the Harpo voices) at 75%, and the others at 100%. I can then control the overall volume on the headset. Sorry to have raised a non-problem. Thanks for your help, as always.
  13. I have moved them down to zero with no effect.
  14. Perhaps I am not loading them correctly. What might I have missed? Having downloaded the software from Harpo, I then start its automatic install. Is there some thing else I should do. The voices work when I am flying, and interact appropriately.
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