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  1. Jonahbird

    Using more than 1 free Microsoft voice

    Hi Dave P2A is still finding only David, Hazel & Zira in English, but I have installed the French voice, Hortense, and that is seen by P2A. No luck with 8 others that are available in Windows. I cannot figure out why. As I may be purchasing, I am wondering what the difference is between the two Ivona protocols. TTS is about $20 dearer than the 'basic' version. Will the latter do the job?
  2. Jonahbird

    Using more than 1 free Microsoft voice

    Thanks Dave, I will certainly not try to make 32bit voices work. Your warning will be heeded. Windows10 causes enough problems without adding to them. The rest of your advice is just what I have been looking for. I have plenty of time to study it all, and see how I get on. If I make progress with this, I will post my results for others to benefit. I sense that European controllers with regional accents may even be possible.
  3. Barrick62, in another thread, correctly lists 2 English (US) and 4 English (UK) free Microsoft voices. He also mentions 3 European voices that will speak English with an accent. What isn't clear to me is how to use all of these in P2A. It only finds Hazel, David & Zira, so presumably the other three (George, Susan & Mark) are 32 bit. Is there any way to use these 32 bit voices? Ideally, I would like a different voice in each of the 15 ATC areas. I have 4 Cepstral voices making 7 usable in total, so it looks as if purchase is the only way to improve the ATC experience. I see Pete Dowson favours Nuance or Ivona.
  4. Jonahbird

    Config settings have disappeared

    Sorry Dave. I should have remembered that. I've re-read it and followed the instructions, and all is now well. I see there is an update. I must be careful when installing that.
  5. Jonahbird

    Config settings have disappeared

    Hi Dave I did try those things but had no luck. The dropdown for Joystick only shows mouse or keyboard. My Joystick is an Agronn, and is connected to the P3D computer.
  6. Jonahbird

    Config settings have disappeared

    Hi Dave I have hit a snag. Been there before, but my notes are not helping me. When I get to Joystick button set, I find the number -1. Clear, Set and other efforts will not let me change this. I thought I would check in the ASCII codes, but no such numbers exist. Before I had 42 which was for keyboard press #. Can you help, please?
  7. Jonahbird

    Weather not available with SIM Weather

    Patience is a virtue with real weather programs. I use ASP4 networked to P3D4 and it takes up to 2 minutes for the activity to come live.
  8. Jonahbird

    Config settings have disappeared

    Thanks Dave. I now have all dropdowns live again. So all I have to do now is go through the 'config', and reconfigure everything😒 Microsoft's updating is a nuisance. Especially as it hasn't achieved it on the machine which runs P2A, among others serving P3D4. My Jetmax setup has two dedicated computers, and the one running P3D was successfully upgraded by Microsoft some weeks ago.
  9. Jonahbird

    Config settings have disappeared

    Thanks Dave. Since my note, I have been looking around and found my way to the Roaming folder. Also, I re-read your Guide - page 12. I concluded that this was the way to go, but to be sure I waited for your response. I am going to do that next. BTW I noticed that there are 4 folders in the Roaming folder. P2A-200 seems to contain the base data and is therefore important. But I also have folders - Pilot2ATC; Pilot2ATC-200 & Pilot2ATC-2018. All of them contain various empty folders with names relating to previous versions e.g. Can these be deleted?
  10. Without any warning, these settings have disappeared. Apart from a failed Widows 10 update, I cannot think what could have caused this. My efforts to reset are met with nothing being recognised, so the drop downs offer nothing. Oddly, when I set up a flight there is interaction, including my calls and the co-pilots read backs - and on into the flight. This is happening despite there being no voices showing in the config. They are my old settings. It was because I wanted to change some voices that I noticed there were no details in the config. I have version 2503_x64 installed. Should I uninstall and start again?
  11. All is ready in P3D4 on client, and AS16 & P2A are running on server. Jetmax737 has been installed by Sim-Avionics. ATIS information includes QNH. On the PFD, the yellow marker shows above or below the default 1013 (29.92) if the announced pressure is different. It aligns when the ATIS announced pressure has been set by the ECU. Occasionally the entry on the top line of P2A Control Panel matches, but mostly it does not. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong? Other detail along that line changes to match settings.
  12. Jonahbird

    Winds out of limits

    Thanks for that explanation. The conditions have been unusual in the last week, so what you say makes sense. I am impressed that the programmes I use are that realistic. Your tip for take off is a good one. Thanks again.
  13. Jonahbird

    Winds out of limits

    Yesterday I had a blockage on P2A that I have not seen before. It said "CAUTION: Winds out of limits for Current Aircraft". It was in red. I only ever use Jetmax737, and was preparing to take off from EGKK. I could not connect with ATC. What can I do to avoid that? I use real weather (AS4) and it is identified by P2A.
  14. Jonahbird

    Windows10 & P3D on dedicated PC

    Thanks Michael. That is very reassuring advice.
  15. Has anyone yet allowed Microsoft to update Windows 10 to its latest version 1803 on their Flight simulator PC? I am frequently delaying attempts to update when I am loading P3D for a flight. If I could stop it from doing this I would be well pleased. On my personal PC, I did allow the update to this version - it took nearly 2 hours - and there are a number of changes which may or may not interfere with the smooth running of P3D4. But for the present I am not willing to risk it. I would welcome comments from those of you brave enough to take this step.