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  1. Jonahbird

    Recognition of yoke to set PTT

    Thanks Dave, I can see the logic in this, but cannot find "the instructions regarding Networked Configuration using FSUIPC". My friend set this up for me originally, but he is on holiday just now. I will have to wait for his return.
  2. I have an Agronn yoke in my Jetmax set up. I have been using the rear switch on left side of the yoke to talk, for some time. For some unknown reason this is not now working so I am trying to reconfigure ( and cannot remember how I did it before). In config /btns, 42 is showing, but when I clear it and click on set button to start again, the yoke window that appears only offers mouse or keyboard in the drop down menu. Why doesn't it offer my yoke? I use server and client PCs, but to do the config I have both open with P3D4 running and the JM737 connected and waiting for start up.
  3. Jonahbird

    Different STARS in P2A & CDU

    Tried the same flight today and all is well. Must have been something I did not do 😞 RESOLVED
  4. I did a flight yesterday - LSGG to EHAM. The STAR in P2A looked right, but the STAR in the CDU was short of the waypoints needed to make a flyable teardrop approach at EHAM. Where are the CDU's STARS? Have I failed to do something inP3D to ensure that both have the same data?
  5. Jonahbird

    Updating Navigraph data

    Bang on , Dave. I'd never have thought of that. Thanks for the swift response
  6. Jonahbird

    Updating Navigraph data

    Hi Dave I have just had a session updating and 'spring cleaning'. Looking at everything closer than usual, I noticed that in the P2A heading an old AIRAC was referred to - 1705. I subscribe to and use the Navigraph Data Manager to update, and it shows that P2A is updated to 1804. How can I make P2A aware that I subscribe to Navigraph? Regards Frank
  7. Jonahbird

    Pmdg 737 autopilot issue.

    Hi Ryan So have you resolved this yet? I am experiencing a similar problem , but with Sim-Avionics 737. I have re-done the settings in FSUIPC, but no change. My tiller is set in FSUIPC and works perfectly. My FS Is P3D4.2
  8. Jonahbird

    What does ETE stand for

    Thanks guys.
  9. Jonahbird

    What does ETE stand for

    I know ETD and ETA, but not ETE. The information along the top row contains that acronym.
  10. Jonahbird

    Resize ATC window permanently?

    Excellent tip. I was totally unaware of the file - missionpanels.cfg
  11. Jonahbird

    Taxi route from gate 102 at EGKK

    Dave At last I have got EGKK sorted out. After following your advice, Gate 102 is there and its taxiway to 26L is correct. I have test "flown" it, and am well pleased. Your superb program has, for me, a steep learning curve. But it is well worth the climb. Thank you for your ever ready support.
  12. Jonahbird

    Ceroproc Voices

    I haven't seen Cepstral voices mentioned in this forum. I bought 4 of them, some years back for use with VoxATC, and they work with P2a.
  13. Jonahbird

    Taxi route from gate 102 at EGKK

    Hi Dave I detailed my setup in an earlier post in this thread. I am running P3D3.
  14. Jonahbird

    Taxi route from gate 102 at EGKK

    Thanks Dave I can't make MakeRwys.exe run. Again I suppose the programs must be running too. But, when I look at the taxi routes they are a mesh of meaningless (to me) straight lines criss-crossing the airport. I would expect to see defined routes to runways. I looked at JFK, and that is the same jumble of green lines. Does this mean I have something installed wrongly?
  15. Jonahbird

    Taxi route from gate 102 at EGKK

    Hi Dave Well, I've done the reading and have had a go, but no luck so far. I am using Sim-Avionics 737 on a Jetmax 737, and they are driven by two networked PCs, linked by WideFS. The scenery is P3D3 with all ORBX layers. My airfields in the UK are all UK2000 Scenery. Gatwick is the latest Xtreme version. There does not appear to be defined taxi routes in any of these programmes. So rather than import, I am trying to create the route, for which I have the taxiway letters, in P2A. Also, there is no 'pin' for gate 102. Do all programmes need to be running, with the 737 ready to taxi, before I can do that? 737 cold and dark would save time.