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  1. Jonahbird

    Windows update

    I've found that some Windows updates have a nasty habit of altering USB settings. Try checking in Device Manager\USB Controllers\Properties (of each controller)\Power Management. You may find that the power to turn off option is ticked. Untick any that you find.
  2. Jonahbird


    Cepstral voices each have their own files for correcting mispronunciations. Cepstral also have lists of phonetics for amending words. Where is the "speech assistant " file for other voices?
  3. Jonahbird

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    Phillipe Yes - a great find indeed. I've already tried two of them and P2A does see them.
  4. Jonahbird

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    Hi Dave I am finding that IVONA voices work well, and at €39 are acceptably priced - shame about the weakness of the £ just now. For example, Brian, a UK voice, is excellent for my First Officer. Also, Hortense, a Microsoft desktop voice, speaks English in a delightful French accent. I use her on European flights. As there are 15 areas of control in the P2A list, I am wondering if P2a can use 15 different voices. I seem to recall reading somewhere that 12 are its limit.
  5. Jonahbird

    Loss of map in the display

    Thanks Dave.
  6. Mid flight, the map disappears and is replaced by a white display with a red diagonal cross. What is causing this, and what can I do to put it right?
  7. Jonahbird

    p3d v4.3 wont start

    If you are doing a full install, I have found that uninstalling is not enough. You must go through your drives and delete all P3D folders of previous versions left behind.
  8. On the question of judging their quality, I have two Ivona voices on 30 day free trial from Harpo. I am finding them to be excellent. Having used 4 voices from Cepstral for a number of years, Pete's heads up led me to Harpo. Theirs are better in my opinion. Thanks Pete.
  9. Jonahbird

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    Thanks Dave So that's the common factor - "desktop". And, there is only 1 male voice amongst them! That is why I can only use David, Hazel, Zira & Hortense. Frustrating! I have two males in my four Cepstral voices, and am trialling Ivona's Brian as my First Officer, but after the 30 day trial that will cost about £48. Ah well - no one said Flight Sim was going to be cheap 😀
  10. Jonahbird

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    Does anyone know why Microsoft's UK voices won't show up in P2A? Only the 3 US voices show. Being a Brit and my home airport is EGKK Gatwick, I would prefer to have George (UK) as my First Officer. Oddly, I have the French voice (Hortense) working, but I cannot get Frank (Nederlands) to show. If one French voice will work, then surely at least one of the UK voices should.
  11. Jonahbird

    Using more than 1 free Microsoft voice

    Hi Dave P2A is still finding only David, Hazel & Zira in English, but I have installed the French voice, Hortense, and that is seen by P2A. No luck with 8 others that are available in Windows. I cannot figure out why. As I may be purchasing, I am wondering what the difference is between the two Ivona protocols. TTS is about $20 dearer than the 'basic' version. Will the latter do the job?
  12. Jonahbird

    Using more than 1 free Microsoft voice

    Thanks Dave, I will certainly not try to make 32bit voices work. Your warning will be heeded. Windows10 causes enough problems without adding to them. The rest of your advice is just what I have been looking for. I have plenty of time to study it all, and see how I get on. If I make progress with this, I will post my results for others to benefit. I sense that European controllers with regional accents may even be possible.
  13. Barrick62, in another thread, correctly lists 2 English (US) and 4 English (UK) free Microsoft voices. He also mentions 3 European voices that will speak English with an accent. What isn't clear to me is how to use all of these in P2A. It only finds Hazel, David & Zira, so presumably the other three (George, Susan & Mark) are 32 bit. Is there any way to use these 32 bit voices? Ideally, I would like a different voice in each of the 15 ATC areas. I have 4 Cepstral voices making 7 usable in total, so it looks as if purchase is the only way to improve the ATC experience. I see Pete Dowson favours Nuance or Ivona.
  14. Jonahbird

    Config settings have disappeared

    Sorry Dave. I should have remembered that. I've re-read it and followed the instructions, and all is now well. I see there is an update. I must be careful when installing that.
  15. Jonahbird

    Config settings have disappeared

    Hi Dave I did try those things but had no luck. The dropdown for Joystick only shows mouse or keyboard. My Joystick is an Agronn, and is connected to the P3D computer.