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  1. Here in UK: Started at midnight. At 05.00 I have about 38GB of 95GB. It looks like I'll be done around 13.00. That will be a 13 hour download. I hope it's worth the wait. Frank
  2. P2A has been working well for me for a long time. Recently it has been closing down after about an hour into a flight. It will pick up from where it left off, when I open it up again. What could be causing this? I have been through the USB power managements, to ensure that they are all set at zero.
  3. I have 4 Cepstral voices. Cepstral provides its own editor, and a useful phonetic guide. Wind has always annoyed me. Without looking it up, I believe the phonetic is 'whind'
  4. Thanks again Andre. With your help, I have mastered the seating position in P3D. The further tips you have given me will be most useful. I will have to figure out the XP11 positioning. Chase Plane seems like a mallet to crack a walnut, but I may give it a go.
  5. Hi Andre Ah! I have it. Head Mounted Display. Sorry to be so dense. This VR stuff is new to me. I thought it was about time I tried it.
  6. Thank you Andre. Please can you translate the acronym - HMD.
  7. I am having difficulty with this. When I start into either P3D or XP11 I find myself too far forward in the seat. This is so whatever aircraft I choose. Is there a setting I am missing?
  8. Thank you Soloraj, Hi Flyer and Andreh I have not yet found where to recalibrate, but I note its importance. Chaseplane is new to me and I will consider getting it.
  9. I am new to VR using Oculus Rift S on P3D4, and cannot figure out how to: 1) Get into the pilot's seat. 2) See my hands in P3D. Grateful for any guidance.
  10. Hi Dave They are alright now. Must have needed rebooting. I have set the strong ones ( the Harpo voices) at 75%, and the others at 100%. I can then control the overall volume on the headset. Sorry to have raised a non-problem. Thanks for your help, as always.
  11. I have moved them down to zero with no effect.
  12. Perhaps I am not loading them correctly. What might I have missed? Having downloaded the software from Harpo, I then start its automatic install. Is there some thing else I should do. The voices work when I am flying, and interact appropriately.
  13. The volume buttons in Config\voices doesn't make any difference. Should they? I ask because I am trialling some Harpo Nuance voices and they are quite loud.
  14. I've found that some Windows updates have a nasty habit of altering USB settings. Try checking in Device Manager\USB Controllers\Properties (of each controller)\Power Management. You may find that the power to turn off option is ticked. Untick any that you find.
  15. Cepstral voices each have their own files for correcting mispronunciations. Cepstral also have lists of phonetics for amending words. Where is the "speech assistant " file for other voices?
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