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  1. I have tried all ways I can think of, but MSFS merely stretches one image across 3 monitors. For that reason I continue to use P3D on my Jetmax setup. P3d will put 3 different views on each screen to make an undistorted wide view. Are there plans to make this possible in MSFS?
  2. Pavlin - Thanks for that advice. I will give it a try. Ray - If it works for me I will gladly donate.
  3. Has anyone managed to get this to work?
  4. I am seeing the ground staff doing unusual things, and when I ask for pushback the tender does not move, but the pushback starts. Then the rear wheels of the 737 bury themselves halfway into the tarmac. The process completes, and once the disconnect has been made the wheels return to the surface. Have others experienced this? I am using P3D5. I unistalled and downloaded afresh to re-install, but nothing changed. Until the latest update GSX has always worked perfectly for me.
  5. Hi Jim Thank you for commenting. They don't. They merely say to download - open zip folder - drag and drop to Community folder - then start MSFS.. I have tried this several times - but no luck.
  6. Content Manager shows all installations are up-to-date, except: 1) Flyingiron Spitfire 1.2.0 2) JF- Hawk-T1 After purchase, I put their folders into the Community folder, but they are shown as 'not installed'. Why? Clicking onto the info button reveals under More info - "waiting". For what?
  7. Here in UK: Started at midnight. At 05.00 I have about 38GB of 95GB. It looks like I'll be done around 13.00. That will be a 13 hour download. I hope it's worth the wait. Frank
  8. P2A has been working well for me for a long time. Recently it has been closing down after about an hour into a flight. It will pick up from where it left off, when I open it up again. What could be causing this? I have been through the USB power managements, to ensure that they are all set at zero.
  9. I have 4 Cepstral voices. Cepstral provides its own editor, and a useful phonetic guide. Wind has always annoyed me. Without looking it up, I believe the phonetic is 'whind'
  10. Thanks again Andre. With your help, I have mastered the seating position in P3D. The further tips you have given me will be most useful. I will have to figure out the XP11 positioning. Chase Plane seems like a mallet to crack a walnut, but I may give it a go.
  11. Hi Andre Ah! I have it. Head Mounted Display. Sorry to be so dense. This VR stuff is new to me. I thought it was about time I tried it.
  12. Thank you Andre. Please can you translate the acronym - HMD.
  13. I am having difficulty with this. When I start into either P3D or XP11 I find myself too far forward in the seat. This is so whatever aircraft I choose. Is there a setting I am missing?
  14. Thank you Soloraj, Hi Flyer and Andreh I have not yet found where to recalibrate, but I note its importance. Chaseplane is new to me and I will consider getting it.
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