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Found 25 results

  1. Hi! I bought and installed your GTN 750 today. Before doing so I also noted that the included GPS data was from July 2016. Recent enough. But I also use Navigraph and I noticed there is a difference between the Garmin, showing me old and faulty frequencies for airport services, and Navigraph giving me the correct ones. If I understand it correctly it is possible to update the Garmin software for a small fortune, whereas services like Navigraph and Aerosofts Navdatapro are quite affordable. Is there a cheaper way to have the Garmin and Navigraph information synced without taking out a mortgage on my house or starting a new career as a drug kingpin? Or do I have to resort to using an old Navigraph cycle? And just to be clear, I am just a newbie flightsim enthusiast and not a PPL holder so even though I may think thousands of dollars a year for map updates are fine, my wife most certainly do not agree.
  2. Using the PMDG Operations Centre users are presented with notifications of updates being available. If you select 'Install Update', the black banner 'Download Complete' appears within a few seconds with the message that the "Product is being updated - This message with clear when the update is completed". Then it just sits there seemingly doing nothing for hours. There is no progress bar or estimate of how long the update should (normal practice). What should the user do? Surely the Download is not complete despite the banner saying no. What is the Operations Centre actually doing? Is it continuing to download the update or is it stalled 'installing' the update. How big is the update? Remember no everyone is blessed with superfast internet speeds. Can PMDG not do something to improve the progress information?
  3. fstulm


    Hello all, I have seen a lot of information regarding the service pack updates and the massive changes that the 300 and SP1d bring in terms of flight controls model and autopilot logic. Q1: How come that such a radical difference had to be implemented after the initial design? Was it due to latter discoveries about the real design/behavior of the aircraft? Was it to make it more user friendly? Was it to make it more realistic? Was it to reduce complexity as compared to the real airplane and therefor easier to run on a limited environment (FSX) and hardware resourced at a minimal cost to realism? I am assuming that given your (PMDG) expertise you know from the start what it is that you want implemented and then just corrections follow as it is a massively complex undertaking. Q2: As they stand now, with all latest patches on 200 and 300, are there differences in the FBW and AP implementations of the two models? What are these differences and why? I know the two airplanes have a real massive difference in terms of size and performance but the FBW and AP basic logic should still be the same is it not? Which of the two stands closer to the real thing? My main interest is in how close to the real C*U behavior are these birds when hand flying them. I know that this is a very hard intellectual property of Boeing and this is what really makes this awesome aircraft what it is; as such, aside from a few publications that I read on the subject, it is after all a real industrial secret and real equations are not given away. I apologize in advance if this topic has been addressed before and there are other threads close to this topic. Sincerely, Ionut (John) G. Micu
  4. Hi, I am wondering how you guys keep track of software updates. I have missed many important updates for the Lionheart Quest Kodiak, REX Overdrive & Essentials, Aerosoft A320/A321, Ezdok and much more. Most of the time I don't even know that there is an update. I keep a list of addons and would frequently google ______ update from the time I realised that there was an update for REX that came out 6 months ago. Most of the time I would google the updates but most of them just don't show up such as the Lionheart Quest Kodiak and the Aerosoft A320/A321. The only way I found out about was when I changed computer and when I saw a FroogleSIm video about the new Aerosoft update. I was lucky enough to get emailed about updates such as the new FSPassengerX 2015. I do source around in forums but most of them have many sub forums that are tricky to navigate and I don't want to post a new topic every now and then asking whether there is an update So my question is how do you guys keep track of your updates? It would be a waste of money if I don't know about new updates (such as the Ezdok 1.17 and 1.18.5 update, which I had no idea abut until I watched a video by Matt Davies) Thanks, Aaron.
  5. Hello, I use active skies 2012 and I can only currently have the weather updating every 5 mins is there a way to make it more frequent like every 1 min or maybe 30 seconds? Thanks
  6. Hi,I have a couple of questions related to AS 2012 & PMDG 737 NGX.1) I plan a flight, for example, from EETN to LKPR (CRZ ALT F400). When I need to know what the CRZ TAS is going to be, I have to know the OAT in that level -- then I calculate speed mach 1 (in kts) according to that OAT and multiply it by the mach number which is going to be my CRZ (ECON from FMC); the speed that is economical for me in F400 is mach 0.782 … that's why I need accurate OAT -- BUT here I see the problem: For filling T/C OAT in FMC, I always find any airport that is located near by the T/C point (seen from NavDisplay), then I write this ARPT (ICAO) to the Active Sky (Wx Report) to see the TEMP at the required FL (under the symbols of weather, there are wind and temperature information for certain altitudes -- 3K, 6K, 9K, … 49K) -- so from that I can read that e.g. in 39K feet the OAT is –57.4 °C etc. According to that temps, I calculate the OAT for 40,000 ft (which is sometimes higher than in lower FLs -- possible?) -> I put that temp. to this http://www.csgnetwor...achonecalc.html and just calculate the mach 1 speed according to that temp, and then multply it by e.g. 0.782 -> I find out that my CRZ speed (that I also fill in the FPL) is going to be +- 447 KTAS. … well, as soon as I reached F400, I saw in FMC that the OAT was much lower, approximately –77 °C, so my airspeed then was a bit lower, e.g. just 425 KTAS and not 447 as I had been expecting… But if I check the weather at AS (locked to nearest ARPT), I can see there's just written something like 39K & –55.8, 44K & –57.4 --- so how is it possible that I have so much lower OAT than everywhere is issued? -- now I mean also this: http://jeppesen.com/...ion-weather.jsp -- also showing the TEMP if you open the wind forecast -- e.g. FL390 & showing –55 °C, but in FMC I can see OAT –77 °C…So, I'd like to know if the AS (and then aslo the JEPP. weather) shows the OAT correctly (-> then there must be any problem with FSX/PMDG), or if the OAT that shows FMC is correct. (But I suppose there shouldn't be any incorrect entry in the JEPP. weather maps.) :)And why do I need to know it?Well, just because I don't like when something is not working as it should / is not accurate, then also to fill the CORRECT CRZ airspeed to the FPL, and finally, when I calculate the EETs to FIRs, then it's not accurate (according to the planned TAS & actual TAS -- even if the wind is calm).P.S. I'm not using FSInn, but Squawkbox with Weather settings OFF.And the second, last, not so long question: :)2) Is it very important to have very quick internet connection to get the actual METARs on time (with minimum delay)? Because I have Wifi connection and sometimes it's delayed up to 20 min. -- it's 10:20 Z and I still have valid METAR from 09:30 Z (instead of 10:00 Z). And just one more note: In AS 2012 settings, I have set Automatic Downloads (+ VATSIM Online Weather) to every 5 min., but if I look on Wx Report, I can see “Last Updated: 00:15” and now it's 00:43 -> so “Last Updated” should now be showing +- 00:40 (update every 5 mins.); am I correct? (if yes, why is it not?)Thank you very much in advance!Adam
  7. Hello, I'd like to know how to install the SP1b update correctly.First I installed my standard NGX file, what comes next?Do I also have to install the SP1 update prior to the SP1b?Thx very much for helping me out.cheers
  8. Hello, I'm a new to PMDG so please forgive me if I ask something silly but when new updates come out will there be some notification please ? A pop up when the aircraft is loaded or e-mail perhaps ? Or should I check these forums once in a while ? Will update notifications be posted here ? I understand there already was one hotfix released but I don't see any notification thread here.
  9. I purchased the Reality XP GTN 750 add-on in January 2019. I noticed today that an update was available (ver. 2.5.16). I downloaded it and was surprised that I was presented with a "payment screen" that required me to enter my credit card information and that I was charged $49.95 for the update, the same price I paid back in January. Did I do something wrong or does Reality XP charge for updates to programs already purchased (and for which i have the necessary license key)? If I should not have been charged, I'd appreciate knowing how I may obtain a refund for that second charge. Many thanks. William Dallas
  10. Hi Bryan, many thanks for v1.2 (and 1.3 that's in the works). My question is, has the latest manual V1.2 included all the additional voice commands for 1.1 & 1.2?
  11. Look on their facebook page, maybe the 777???I think it will be the SDK and the NGX update, or even the announcement of the Dash 8.What do you think?Cheers, Tom
  12. Sorry Guys Im must be having a blonde moment but nearly every few days I get a notice of a update across the boards to uninstall reload then re install the 3 products for v4 however the latest one for the 737 says does this mean the 600 and 700 is now v4 ready? and please can we revert back to the smaller updates rather than re downloading the whole things again, its a small gripe as just as I reinstall everything and re do all the schemes i have to uninstall and repeat the process all over again 1st world problems I know but im seem to be doing more maintenance than flying
  13. Version 1.02 of Aerosoft's DC-8 has been released, including fixes to the INS system and fuselage shading. The short changelog was posted on the Aerosoft forums by Community Manager Mathijs Kok earlier today. As well as the INS and fuselage shading fixes, engine start problems experienced by some users are also thought to be fixed, along with a missing click spot for the marker receiver and a missing smoke effect.
  14. Jennifer Paige, Community Manager for Microsoft Studios today provided us an announcement regarding MS FLIGHT. Here's what Jennifer provided us: "New Microsoft Flight Update Now Available. Here are the changes included in this latest update: We made a few changes to help address an issue that was causing some players to crash when starting the game. We addressed an issue that was causing a CRC validation error for some players. We also made some adjustments to help improve Windows 8 compatibility. A special thank you to all the players who participated in the beta test of this build! Your efforts are appreciated."
  15. Here's a link to the update It's in the top original post ver. 0.9.8 Will be another update to follow. AP still not finished, but now has water rudder operation.
  16. Hi Hi, I fly FSX and to give me work and enhance the whole experience of flying I use FsCaptain. A lot of the time the FsCaptain program can't give me the latest weather from some 'Weather Stations' as they are 'Not Set in FS). I read somewhere that Microsoft no longer deals with Jeppen and maybe this is why. So, as the title suggests - If I purchase and install Active Sky Next, will all the weather stations in FSX get updated and become active again ? I do fly 'Bush' quite a lot. So I am flying near to the smaller weather reporting stations. Thanks in advance for any information on this. I have tried to search for an answer with no luck. Cheers Terry
  17. There has been a lot of discussion lately about DX-10 and fixes, tweaks and hints and as a result, we thought we would open a forum to cover this area of FSX specifically. Welcome! We will start moving existing DX-10 messages over to this forum shortly.
  18. Laminar has released the V.30 BETA update to X-Plane 10. Some categories of changes incorporated in V10.30 are: New GPS navigators X-430 and X-530 Playback and analyze your REAL flights in X-Plane! Cloud and Atmosphere Changes Controls for Networked External Visuals New Art Assets Aircraft Conversion from V9 Fuselage Mounted Speedbrakes – Change in Flight Model New parameters for steered and castoring gears You can view a comprehensive list of changes, bug fixes and updates here. If you have set your X-Plane 10 to NOT download BETA's, you will not see this update. The latest fully released version is 10.25. You can join in our forum discussions about this release in our X-Plane General Forum here.
  19. Why do I have to reinstall dozens of files every time there is a MSFS update ? WU files of all previous downloads, Files for purchased airports, etc. I have searched this forum for any answer to this problem. No luck. Does anyone else have this problem ? Dave Hinson
  20. Your packages are out of date. In order to get the necessary updates and go online, you will be returned to the sign in screen. Do you wish to continue? If I say yes it does not go to the sign in screen. It restarts and looks for updates like it always does but does not find any. And continues to start up. At some point later I will get that message again. This has been going on for about a week now. Does anyone have any ideas about how to cure it? Thanks.
  21. We have made a lot of changes in the last four months or so, executing things that we have been working on for some time. There are more to come, including the new File Library. In the meantime however, I would like to do kind of a tempreture check with you, our members. How are we doing with the new site? Any suggestions? We like to hear your input.
  22. Over the last 24 hours we have done some system work and added a few functions. First, the system; The pagination issue on the news front page and with the comments is still not fixed, although we though we had one. We are getting some assistance in getting this taken care of. At this point, that is all I dare say about it, because every time we think we have our solution, it disappears on us. You may have noticed a new feature, without realizing it. If you place your mouse cursor over a topic or post, you will shown two or three message summaries of that topic before entering the topic itself. This is called a PREVIEW function, which we think will a popular one because it prevents you from having to enter a topic to get a feel for what the topic might really entail. Don't know if you have noticed, but there is now a time indication on the user profile to the left of topics. That indicates the current time of the user's location. It is a not too subtle way of saying; "YO DUDE, DON'T EXPECT A REPLY IF IT IS 0300 HIS/HER TIME.." (or, in my case any time before 1100 and after 1200. :Nerd: We have also attempt to revive the award system, but have decided to move off that and on to another alternative. There are a lot of little tweaks and things that we are doing to improve your AVSIM Community and we'll keep you appraised as we have enough to report on.
  23. How long time is "very soon?". It's been what.. 9 months now and no actual "lids" are opened to me atleast, only official threads, but you won't answer any real questions because the "lid" ain't open yet. Not moaning, i'm patient and i rather want to wait, then get the real deal flight simulator instead of hasting it, but just asking, i'm curious what you Dovetail guys think of "very soon", years? months? Maybe even weeks from now? Have a nice day :wink: Best regards: Tor Jakobsen Ps: I bet i get the answer "very very soon".. haha.
  24. I purchased the boxed version sold by Aerosoft of the PMDG 777 -200LR/F. How do I go about getting/ applying updates for this add-on. The PMDG website is not very informative. Thanks. Noel Anderson Sheffield, MA
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