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  1. I agree, the reflections are a little too much.
  2. I am not sure which "Download" to click? Thanks
  3. Yes, now I am buying the 650!!! Looks beautiful.
  4. Thank you Alvega.
  5. Hi Jean-Luc, Is there a sale on now for the 650? I could also be interested! Thanks, Howard
  6. That looks Great!!
  7. As always, thank you again Jean-Luc. I just downloaded the file.
  8. I hate to sound 'stupid', but how do I do that?
  9. Jean-Luc, I'm not sure why, but Microsoft Security Essentials is not letting me download this file from your site. This has never happened before. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Howard
  10. I too just purchased the Just Flight Arrow and the GTN 750 looks and works just great in the aircraft!
  11. Jean-Luc. Started a couple of flights and, so far, the 750 has started and is running just fine! Thanks, Howard
  12. Thanks Jean-Luc. I am looking forward to this update. Howard
  13. Yes, I agree with floydcox and his observations. I have the same results. 90% of the time it starts perfectly and 10% it doesn't.
  14. No Jean-Luc, I typically only use this computer for X-Plane and some very minor internet browsing.
  15. Hi Jean-Luc. I am running the 64 bit X-Plane 11.10, the latest beta. When it happens, it is usually the first flight after starting up X-Plane and changing aircraft does not help. Usually, after rebooting the computer it will be okay and the 750 will start up. Hope this helps. Thanks, Howard