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  1. Thanks Jean-Luc, I hope this works, Howard
  2. Thanks Jean-Luc. I just have to open my eyes and look.
  3. Jean-Luc. How can I tell if the GTN750 is detecting the Trainer 6.41? Thanks, Howard
  4. Now the black screen has returned and I can't fix it.
  5. Sounds great. Thanks Jean-Luc. Howard
  6. Yes, I did mean with the mouse wheel. I never even saw or knew the onscreen +- icons were there. Thanks, Howard
  7. In the newly released XP11.1 beta, the map will not zoom on the GTN750.
  8. Me too, I had the same thing. What I did was to reinstall the GTN750 and restart my PC and it now seams to be working again just fine.
  9. One more thing you might try, that Jean-Luc told me, is to lower the screen brightness slider down to about 80 or 90%.
  10. That is a great idea to paint the screen gray while it is booting.
  11. Jean-Luc, I took your advice and waited 10 or 15 seconds, and the 750 started up just as you said. Thanks, as always. Howard
  12. Hi Jean-Luc. I am still noticing that sometimes it still takes 7 or 8 cycles of the battery switch and I still will get the black screen, even after deleting and reinstalling the plug in. Thanks, Howard
  13. Hi Jean-Luc. Yes! I have started up XPlane several times and the GTN750 starts up successfully after turning the battery on & off 2 times. Thanks a Lot. Howard
  14. Hi Jean-Luc. YES! I started up with several different aircraft and after cycling the Battery on & off twice in each scenario, the GT 750 started up just fine with different aircraft in different locations. Thanks a Lot, Howard
  15. I don't think my problem is with Xenviro 1.07, because I cannot get the 750 to start up in any plane with or without xEnviro running. I am hoping that the new update will fix this. This started after installing Xenviro but still exists even after removing Xenviro. I really love the 750 and feel "Lost" without it.