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  1. FSX 744F GE. Flight from KSKA ( Fairchild AFB) to RKSO (Osan AFB) using B343 as fuel policy and auto re-dispatch per PFPX. Re-dispatch airport was RJCW which is the northern most airport in Japan. Release fuel was 248980 lbs. Once I completed this flight I ran PFPX again using same route but U. S. Flag Jet fuel policy. Obviouly the weather was different. First flight had an average TL wind of 11 knots and second plan had an average HD wind of 1 knot. Release fuel was 283507. B343 plus auto-redispatch saved 34527 lbs of fuel being carried.
  2. See this link for information on B343 from the PFPX forum - http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/79734-class-iib343b043-flight-planning-guidance/.
  3. Reduce your payload by about 10000 to 15000 lbs. I have done FAOR-KATL several times using U.S. Flag Jet Fuel Policy several times and this is what I have done.
  4. Leave the aircraft cfg file alone. Correct or incorrect the 777F works fine. Start changing the cfg file and it may never fly again. If you are having an issue submit a ticket to PMDG Support at - http://support.precisionmanuals.com.
  5. These three aircraft are absolutely the filthiest I have ever seen. Never been washed since picked up from Boeing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7idv2t4unn06e8v/PMDG_737NGX_800WL_AAL_bySLT.ptp?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5cvifzcntwel5p/PMDG_737NGX_800WL_UAL_bySLT.ptp?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ys827lgfv2pt3b/PMDG_737NGX_900WL_UAL_bySLT.ptp?dl=0
  6. Use 65. Total of above cost indexes is 445 divided by 7 equal 63.57.
  7. I do not have the 77W. It is so inconsistent as to when the compact engine display is produced on the EICAS, it is impossible to name specific liveries. For example a flight using Aerologic might work fine. The next flight using Aerologic I can not produce a compact engine display using the correct procedure. If switch and buttons are pressed In a random sequence, the compact engine display might appear or it might never appear no matter what buttons are pressed. I am done with this problem. I will use the full display from now on.
  8. I don't believe it is. I used the compact engines display on all 777 prior to the recent updates. There is no option that must be enabled in PMDG Setup.
  9. Thanks for the information. Strange as it may seem, I am able to get the compact EICAS display to work with some liveries and not with others.
  10. For FSX. Since the recent updates I don't believe the compact engine display on the EICAS will work. It use to be INBOARD DSPL switch to EICAS, press L INBD and ENG button located on the DSP, and switch INBOARD DSPLY to NAV. Can someone confirm this please. If there is a new sequence, can someone detail it please.
  11. When you save a flight use the FSX Menu Bar. Click on Flights, click on Save, type the Flight Title in the box at the top of the Flight Save screen, click OK. The flight is now saved. Don't be concerned with the files that were save of which there are six or seven. When you want to use the saved flight do it using the Free Flight screen. Click on Load, highlight the Flight Title, click Fly Now. Make sure FSX has been closed and restarted before attempting to load and fly a saved flight. Leave the FMC alone. That is it.
  12. See the Introduction Manual for the NGX page 19, 744 V3 page 20, and the 777 page 22 under Product Activation for the procedure. These are the only three that I am aware of.
  13. It's not your computer. If been that way for a couple of months now. I believe it is caused by all the updates to the Avsim forums.
  14. Instead of loading individual files why don't you just load the saved flight from the Free Flight Screen Load button. Click on the load button, highlight the flight you want, and click Fly Now. And leave the CDU/FMC alone. Don't touch it. Don't touch anything during initialization. I have done this several hundred times and all FMC data is saved with the exception of the FIX page.
  15. P3D

    Well if it is not the driver, I would suspect what Walter Wesmeier has indicated - KSFO 28R. That runway and missed approach procedure cause memory leak topic quite often. All though as fast as the memory is leaking it could be something else.