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  1. Try it the way I have outlined and you will find out it works. I just did it on a takeoff that has no SID out of FNLU. After several vectors I was cleared direct to OPAPO. Rather than try to get on a intercept heading, I double clicked OPAPO, executed, pressed LNAV. The aircraft turned to OPAPO and that was it.
  2. Make certain that the waypoint you want to fly to is the first waypoint on the ACT RTE 1 LEGS. Left double click the waypoint, press execute, press VNAV immediately. The aircraft will now fly to the waypoint. Forget HEADING SELECT it has been disarmed.. You do not need to be on an intercept heading if you press LNAV immediately after clicking on the execute button.
  3. Try this - click on your user name in upper right corner, click on My Profile, click on Edit My Profile, click on Signature, in Edit Signature enter your first and last name, click save and your name will be on all of your posts.
  4. The 737 QRH is copyrighted. Don't print it out.
  5. On this issue you need to register first and use a new password. The password for the shop does not work with support at - http://support.precisionmanuals.com.
  6. Submit a ticket at -http://support.precisionmanuals.com. You may need to register and get a new password. Shop password will not work for support tickets.
  7. I am curios. What was the cost index you were using? What did the FMC show on the ECON DES page for speed?
  8. I never wrote that everyone is having this issue. If they were, there would be a load of topics on this Forum and the General Forum about the lighting for the 777. If you mean the Beta Team I have already done that and drew a couple of replies - none helpful.
  9. Chris I did not have the above line in fsx.cfg. When I first noticed the problem was right after I installed Beta1 of the 744 V3. I uninstalled the current version of the 744 V3. It made no difference; however, Beta1 is a long way from the current version. I will avoid taxing, takeoff, and landing during dusk and dawn. Thanks for the help.
  10. Chris Was the above line in his fsx.cfg file before or after the rebuild? In the [GRAPHICS] section? Thanks Michael Cubine
  11. If I come up with a solution I will let you know what it is. Don't do anymore installations as they seldom solve any issue.
  12. Everyday is something new with the lighting system. I will describe as of today. Dusk. Landing lights and taxi lights do not illuminate runways or taxiways. From the exterior view the lights are on. In the cockpit a light comes on with the intensity of low dome light . Pan up to the dome lights and the bulbs are not on. Turn dome light control to dim and then back to off. The light sources disappears. Night. Dome light is only dim. There is no bright . Both dim and bright are of the same intensity. Dawn. Same as dusk with the exception of the light source. If the dome light switch is not used to turn it off when it comes on at dusk, it will disappear at dawn. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. On some 744s' the GR WT ADV on the PERF INIT page has a < sign. If you see this be sure to click the line select button beside the GR WT ADV otherwise you will never get a V Speeds. This tripped me up during Beta testing until someone told me how to do it.
  14. Are you writing about V Speeds in he FMC or on the PFD speed tape? If they are not on the speed tape you need to click the line select buttons next to the speeds in the FMC on the Takeoff page to accept the speeds and send them to the PFD speed tape. If they never appear in the FMC the above replys should answer your question.
  15. That is an excellent idea. I have used the PFPX server for winds aloft. I didn't realize that PFPX would pull the historical winds from Active Sky. I will need try that.
  16. I am curious about the fuel planning for this flight. I know you can use historical weather from Active Sky for the weather and winds aloft that the aircraft will encounter on this flight. But I have never used a planner such as PFPX that has historical weather. I believe PFPX only uses current weather. So if PFPX was used to plan this flight, the trip, contingency, reserves and release fuel would be based upon December 8, 2017 weather and winds. Or was the fuel needed just guessed at.
  17. Starting at the bottom of page 99 of Tutorial 1 the 777 is shut down to a cold and dark state and then on page 111 Cold and Dark Start Procedures are described.
  18. This is an excellent repaint. Downloaded and installed this morning. Flying it KCVG-RJAA right now. Thanks very much.
  19. I believe that is the way it is done on the 744. Confusing to say the least when alternating aircraft for flying. From page 65 of the 747 QOTS II tutorial.  Passing the “5”marker on the PFD speedtape, select flaps 5.  Passing the “1”marker on the PFD speedtape, select flaps 1.  Passing the “UP”marker on the PFD speedtape, select flaps UP. Note that this is a different procedure than on our 737 or 777 products, where you would select the next higher flap setting at each marker. (i.e, select flaps 1 when passing the "5" marker.
  20. I have had the "unofficial" files recommended more often than than the "official" files.
  21. What does PFPX and TOPCAT have in common except for the same developer? I have been using the 777F in TOPCAT for the 777-300ER. It works fine for me.
  22. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0z1ktmdj0nfyhfl/Boeing 777-300ER GE90-115BL.txt?dl=0
  23. I found an Atlas Air GTI 8123 KLAX-VHHH using a 744F on Flightaware. Maybe that is one these flights. Over the past three or four years I have probably checked Flightaware 50-60 times and never seen an Atlas Air on this route. I am doing the flight now.
  24. The route I posted is pretty close to a great circle route. I believe the northern most waypoint is 6830N.
  25. The Captain is wrong. EDDF-RJAA is eastbound. The sun is westbound. I have flown this route many times using TOBA6G TOBAK N858 ERSIL UN858 ESOBU UN746 BINKA N746 KOKAT R355 NRM A333 IGROD Y301 SHELY Y30 SWAMP SWAMPN. Depart Frankfurt in darkness about 4:00AM local time. Then daylight until about 3 hours from Narita. Then darkness.
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