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  1. Looks great, are cloud shadows implemented in this iteration?
  2. Actually, I've found that XP11 performs flawlessly at the highest settings and apparently makes very good use of both GPU and CPU with excellent multi-threading of tasks. It also looks a hell of a lot better than P3D/FSX/FSW etc, although I reckon this is more down to the fact that the "plausible world" system doesn't use the same appalling combination of ground textures for fake roads/objects and vector roads/autogen as in the other sims that is so jarring and unrealistic at low level. Although I can see how that system could look better at higher levels. I do hope that DTG come through with their optimisations to the code and very much look forward to see what they manage to pull off. I did quite a bit of programming for my Physics degree and while it was not enough to call myself an expert, it was certainly enough to understand how difficult it can be!
  3. That very issue is actually the exact reason I ended up giving up on FSX and then P3D when I first tried it a year ago. I was using MyTraffic X and found that GPU loads were good and I was getting great visuals with excellent performance on the base installation (bar the OOM issues) until I started adding AI traffic. It was at that point the CPU became a bottleneck with one thread being stuck at 100%. Prior to using AI traffic, performance was very smooth and it was actually my GTX 1070 that was the bottleneck.
  4. Hello I have been messing around with FSW and comparing it to my experience in P3D v3, and one of the most noticeable differences is that the GPU usage tends to be a lot lower in FSW when compared to P3D in similar situations. Performance overall seems worse than P3D. When looking at CPU usage, it seems there is still the issue of very low utilisation on most threads on a i7 6700K, with just the one thread pegged pretty much at 100%. In terms of both CPU and GPU usage, there doesn't appear to be any improvement from vanilla FSX. P3D on the other hand seems to load the GPU considerably more, and from what I can tell from very early reports, P3D v4 also seems to improve significantly on the issue CPU usage with far more even utilisation of multiple CPU threads. Does DTG plan on making improvements at some point to both CPU and GPU usage? Odai.
  5. Will the new sim still be using a similar system to FSX for calculating the flight model based on performance tables etc, or will it be using something closer to the blade element theory system in XP? I seem to recall reading somewhere since the announcement that there has been a change but can't find the reference in any of the DTG material.
  6. Thanks for the input guys, but as I mentioned above the only settings that make any difference at all are the autogen scenery and traffic sliders. Everything else has zero impact, whether at maximum or minimum. And I have to either completely disable AI traffic or disable autogen to get decent frame rates. I will look at the cfg mods that are listed but it is not too clear what will help with CPU bound performance issues.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately using 'unlimited' still only results in a frame rate of about 14 FPS. CPU still seems to be the bottleneck.
  8. Hello I recently built the following system and installed P3D v3 to use on it: - Intel 6700K @4.4Ghz, HT enabled - 16GB DDR4 @ 3GHz - Both local drives are SATA3 SSDs - EVGA GTX 1070 FTW (boosting to 2GHz in the sim) P3D looks incredible in rural areas with little traffic or building-type scenery, running at a smooth frame rate when locked at 30FPS. However, if I try loading a flight starting at LHR (all default scenery apart from Orbx FTX Global and FS Global mesh), with traffic set at ~50% (MyTraffic X is installed), the frame rate plummets to 10 FPS. All the settings are at the maximum and frame rate is locked at 30 FPS. I appreciate it's a bit of an ask to have all settings to the right, but I can see that with this set up it seems that the CPU (not the GPU) is the bottleneck. I see from the task manager that the one thread is stuck at 100% usage, while GPU usage hovers around 70%. When in rural areas and I don't have these performance issues, GPU usage shoots up to the high 90's and the usage on the main render thread on the CPU drops. I did try putting all settings to minimum and one by one increasing back to where they were. My suspicions were confirmed, the vast majority of settings have no impact on FPS in the above detailed scenario. The only settings that I need at minimum to have acceptable frame rates are those corresponding to autogen and traffic. I can have everything to the right but disable traffic and/or autogen completely and get decent frame rates in urban areas like around LHR. As far as I can tell, these are the main CPU bound settings. However, there is no good compromise as you would expect with these settings to get a decent frame rate while maintaining realism. With traffic at 50%, I have to completely disable autogen to get decent frame rates. Even at "minimum", autogen results in the frame rate dropping to ~10 FPS. Conversely, if I want a decent amount of autogen, I have to disable AI traffic. The frustrating thing is, as was the case with FSX, CPU utilisation as a whole is quite poor (only around 50%), even with that one thread maxing out. Are there any mods that can improve CPU utilisation and therefore reduce the CPU bottleneck? The really worrying thing is that both the future DTG Sim and P3D are heavily reliant on FSX code, so this problem (with its roots dating back to FSX's launch) could be an issue we need to deal with way into the future! Odai.
  9. Hello Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, feel free to move if so. I have physical copies of the PMDG Jetstream and MD-11X addons (published by Aerosoft) that I am looking to sell. Do the end user software licenses permit this, and will there be any issues with activation on the buyers' machines (I have installed these addons already on my current system but since uninstalled them again after migrating to P3D from FSX)? Thanks! Odai Koukash.
  10. Thanks for your response! I suspected as much - I'm guessing the only drawback is that I would need to reinstall whatever addons are installed into the main directory (so FTX Global and I'm guessing every aircraft addon) whenever I need to reinstall P3D?
  11. Hello I recently installed P3D v3 and am slightly confused as a first time user regarding the procedure for installing addons. I was running the following addons before moving from FSX: - REX Weather Architect - REX Texture Direct - MyTraffic 6.0a - FS Global 2010 - Orbx FTX Global As I understand, the official LM stance is that all addons must be installed outside of the main directory for P3D. This was fine for most of my addons, as the content is in directories outside of the P3D folder. However, FTX Global was installed inside the main FSX folder. When I uninstalled then re-ran the installer for FTX, and selected P3D V3, the program created the content folder inside of the main P3D folder (I don't recall any option to install to another directory). I haven't tried any aircraft addons yet. Does this procedure (installing into the main P3D folder) cause any issues? Thanks Odai.
  12. Unfortunately there still doesn't seem to be any response from Burkhard. Given he was actually online on Thursday it would be reasonable to expect him to at least post a message explaining why there is such a delay in technical support, this is terrible. I'll keep trying, but in the meantime is there any chance anyone here knows how to disable the default traffic in P3D without using the communicator (given the option to do so is greyed out for some reason)?
  13. That seems to be a very recent change, last I checked it was 18th May. Fingers crossed for a response soon.
  14. Apologies, I thought I'd responded to this. I did see the indexes rebuilding message, but it didn't seem to make a difference to what was actually being displayed in the sim. In any case, I've since moved to P3D and uninstalled FSX:SE. I've tried reinstalling my addons into P3D but am now having issues again with MT in P3D. Specifically, most of the options in the communicator for P3D V3 are greyed out, even after "localisation". So at the moment I'm unable to disable the default traffic in P3D. I've posted on the MT forum, but am not holding my breath for a response from Burkhard, who seems to have disappeared.
  15. I noticed - might be responsible for my lower FPS. Still got a lot of playing around with sliders to do. Am I right in saying that autogen objects are no longer rendered using the CPU, as they were with FSX?
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