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  1. hi, after re-install CP doesn`t start with P3D anymore Setup a new machine, P3D 4.5 and CP, with ORBX migration When I start CP after P3D everything is fine. Autolaunch is activated Here´s the CP Report-file ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- --------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- User: d.dressel@t-online.de Time: 4/19/2020 6:51:48 PM GMT Version: 1.0.56 PLV: 1.0.56 OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro .NET: 4.6 RC or later Running Sim: Current aircraft: No aircraft Current aircraft cfg: No aircraft CFG ---------------------------------------------------- --------------- Installed Simulators --------------- ---------------------------------------------------- P3Dv4 "C:\Prepar3D v4\" ------------------------------------------- --------------- Preferences --------------- ------------------------------------------- experimental_version = False ui_refresh_ms = 500 ui_anim_duration = 0.4 ui_static_show_all = False view_sel_anim_in_ms = 0.2 view_sel_anim_out_ms = 0.1 view_sel_delay = 300 minimize_taskbar = True x_to_minimize = False confirm_close = True turb_pause_ms = 1 always_on_top = False debug_show = False vas_show = True vas_warning = True vas_remaining = True vas_warning_treshold = 400 turb_wind_amplitude = 1 startup_glob_enable = True app_auto_launch = True mouse_middle_view_switcher = True mouse_disable_on_gauges = True mouse_unhooked = False mouse_right_cam_look = False mouse_right_cam_zoom = False mouse_middle_cam_look = True mouse_middle_cam_zoom = False mouse_middle_pan_hide = True pause_turbs_on_mousemove = False pause_turbs_on_mousescroll = True pause_turbs_in_slew = True doors_enabled = False mode_cinematic_ctrl_speed = 1 mode_cinematic_ctrl_inertia = 3 mode_cinematic_duration = 30 mode_cinematic_distance = 1 mode_cinematic_delay = 10 mode_cinematic_fi = 1500 mode_cinematic_fo = 2000 mode_cinematic_vas_protection = True mode_cinematic_zoom = 0 boostFactor = 5 hdr_override = True hdr_compensate = True hdr_1_brightness = 1 hdr_1_bloom = 1 hdr_1_saturation = 1 hdr_2_brightness = 1 hdr_2_bloom = 1 hdr_2_saturation = 1 hdr_3_brightness = 1 hdr_3_bloom = 1 hdr_3_saturation = 1 hdr_cine_brightness = 1 hdr_cine_bloom = 1 hdr_cine_saturation = 1 binoculars_factor = 3 joystick_default_dead_zone = 100 user_statistics = True auto_cpu_afinity = False cpu_afinity = 1111 show_whats_new = True enable_advanced = True enable_trackir = False trackir_reset = False translucent_window = True invert_x_trackAircraft = False invert_y_trackAircraft = False user_defaults = aircraft_substitute = {} recorder_rec_max_s = 1200 recorder_loop = False recorder_playback_vis = Altitude recorder_playback_scale = 40 recorder_playback_start_s = 60 static_move_fast_alt = True static_walkaround = True inject_to_mem = True drop_object_1 = Flour_bomb drop_object_2 = Propane_Tank_sm drop_object_3 = Discovery Spaceshuttle control_assignments_preferences = { "cam_left": { "JoystickButton": { "JoystickGUID": "c9bb1c20-e887-11e5-8002-444553540000", "Pointer": 6 } }, "cam_right": { "JoystickButton": { "JoystickGUID": "c9bb1c20-e887-11e5-8002-444553540000", "Pointer": 7 } }, "cam_p_up": { "JoystickPOV": { "JoystickGUID": "8863c440-7f12-11ea-8001-444553540000", "Pointer": 0 } }, "cam_p_down": { "JoystickPOV": { "JoystickGUID": "8863c440-7f12-11ea-8001-444553540000", "Pointer": 180 } }, "cam_h_left": { "JoystickPOV": { "JoystickGUID": "8863c440-7f12-11ea-8001-444553540000", "Pointer": 270 } }, "cam_h_right": { "JoystickPOV": { "JoystickGUID": "8863c440-7f12-11ea-8001-444553540000", "Pointer": 90 } }, "cam_f_in": { "JoystickButton": { "JoystickGUID": "8863c440-7f12-11ea-8001-444553540000", "Pointer": 2 } }, "cam_f_out": { "JoystickButton": { "JoystickGUID": "8863c440-7f12-11ea-8001-444553540000", "Pointer": 3 } } } control_assignments_presets = 0c4e3d80-4c57-11e8-8001-444553540000;+2342772_K_94;2342783_B_0_24;2342783_K_97;2342789_B_0_19;2342789_K_91;2342827_K_94;2342846_B_0_18;2342846_K_90;2343727_B_0_18;2343727_K_90;2343728_B_0_24;2343728_K_97;2343729_B_0_19;2343729_K_91;2342168_B_0_18;2342168_K_90;2342631_B_0_19;2342631_K_94;2382218_B_0_18;2382218_K_90;2382219_B_0_19;2382219_K_91;2382221_B_0_22;2382221_K_95;2382222_B_0_21;2382222_K_94;2382223_B_0_24;2382223_K_97;2395883_K_90;2395885_K_94;2395886_K_97;2395887_K_95;2395888_K_91;2400414_B_0_21;2400414_K_94;2400415_B_0_20;2400415_K_95;2418828_K_91;2418827_K_90;2418832_K_92;2423110_B_0_18;2423110_K_90;2423111_B_0_24;2423111_K_97;2423124_B_0_21;2423124_K_91;2423127_B_0_19;2423127_K_94;2423125_B_0_22;2423125_K_93;2423995_B_0_25;2423995_K_96;2564121_B_0_18;2564121_K_90;2564124_K_94;2564132_K_95;2564156_B_0_19;2564156_K_91;2564162_B_0_24;2564162_K_97;2574660_K_90;2574666_K_97;2574670_K_91;2585389_K_90;2585400_K_97;2585397_K_94;2585398_K_93;2585399_K_91;2585410_K_95;2806533_B_0_18;2806533_K_90;2806535_B_0_24;2806535_K_97;2806569_B_0_19;2806569_K_91;2806571_B_0_22;2806571_K_94;2874184_B_0_21;2874209_B_0_20;2342632_B_0_18;2342633_B_0_24;2342634_B_0_19;2342636_B_0_21;2883956_B_0_20;2883955_B_0_21;2884262_B_0_18;2884264_B_0_24;2884267_B_0_21;2884268_B_0_19;2884271_B_0_22;2884272_B_0_25;2891943_B_0_24;2891950_B_0_18;2891952_B_0_21;2891949_B_0_24;2891948_B_0_20;2891946_B_0_19;2891945_B_0_23;2927233_B_0_18;2928700_B_0_18;2928701_B_0_24;2928708_B_0_25;3043732_B_0_18;3043764_B_0_24;3043783_B_0_18;3058026_B_0_18;3058074_B_0_24;3058072_B_0_19;3150843_B_0_19;3159394_B_0_18;3159395_B_0_24;3159396_B_0_19;3310304_B_0_18;3310305_B_0_19;3310306_B_0_24;3588660_B_0_18;3588662_B_0_19;3605367_B_0_18;3605365_B_0_24;3605370_B_0_22;3605373_B_0_19;3605384_B_0_24;3683095_B_0_18;3683098_B_0_21;3683099_B_0_19;3683100_B_0_24;3848497_B_0_24;3848498_B_0_18;3848499_B_0_22;3848494_B_0_21;3848496_B_0_25;4084293_B_0_19;4084287_B_0_18;4084298_B_0_25;4084292_B_0_24;4090382_B_0_24;4090381_B_0_18;4090383_B_0_19;4090384_B_0_22;4117538_B_0_24;4117541_B_0_24;4117542_B_0_21;4117546_B_0_18;4117555_B_0_19;4127651_B_0_18;4127650_B_0_24;4127648_B_0_19;4127647_B_0_21;4127649_B_0_22;4154202_B_0_18;4154201_B_0_24;4154199_B_0_19;4154200_B_0_25;4154203_B_0_22;4154198_B_0_21;4168156_B_0_24;4168154_B_0_18;4184011_B_0_18;4184012_B_0_24;4184013_B_0_25;4184018_B_0_19;4230658_B_0_18;4258223_B_0_18;4258260_B_0_18;4258261_B_0_24;4258263_B_0_21;4258262_B_0_19;4258264_B_0_22;4258376_B_0_19;4515318_B_0_18;4574385_B_0_18;4574383_B_0_24;4817151_B_0_18;4817155_B_0_24;4817159_B_0_22;4817160_B_0_18;5650850_B_0_21;5706138_B_0_23; control_assignments_named = + data_output_enabled = False data_output_port = 59888 afhs = 0 fishgame_enabled = True ---------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Cameras.cfg file for P3Dv4 --------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- CFG created on 4/14/2020 2:59:01 PM UTC CFG modified on 4/19/2020 12:52:08 PM UTC [CameraDefinition.024] Title=On-Board(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=1 [CameraDefinition.025] Title=Outside(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=6 [CameraDefinition.026] Title=Static(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=5 [CameraDefinition.027] Title=Gimbal(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=8 [CameraDefinition.001] Title=Cockpit HotKeySelect=2 //[CameraDefinition.002] //Title=VirtualCockpit //HotKeySelect=1 [CameraDefinition.003] Title=Spot [CameraDefinition.004] Title=LockedSpot HotKeySelect=3 [CameraDefinition.005] Title=FlyBy [CameraDefinition.006] Title=Top-Down HotKeySelect=4 [CameraDefinition.007] Title=NearestTower NoSortTitle=True [CameraDefinition.008] Title=FacilitiesTower [CameraDefinition.009] Title=FacilitiesRunway [CameraDefinition.010] Title=AIPlanes [CameraDefinition.011] Title=MultiplayerPlanes [CameraDefinition.012] Title=IR(WhiteHot) [CameraDefinition.013] Title=IR(BlackHot) [CameraDefinition.014] Title=NVG(WhiteHot) [CameraDefinition.015] Title=NVG(BlackHot) [CameraDefinition.016] Title=Weapons [CameraDefinition.017] Title=Static [CameraDefinition.018] Title=RadarCamera [CameraDefinition.019] Title=DISEntities [CameraDefinition.020] Title=HLAObjects [CameraDefinition.021] Title=VirtualCockpitOnly [CameraDefinition.022] Title=CigiView [CameraDefinition.023] Title=ScenarioObjects --------------------------------------------- --------------- END OF REPORT --------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- --------------- CONSOLE OUTPUT --------------- ---------------------------------------------- App Started v1.0.56 Couldn't get remote UriHandler object. P3Dv4 is installed in C:\Prepar3D v4\ Will load Diag Runtime Assembly Will load Google Analytics Assembly Will load Newtonsoft Assembly Will load Mouse Hook Assembly Will load SlimDX Assembly Will load SimConnect Assembly Assemblies loaded Loading Janet Start Timer cam_timing Start Timer main_stopwatch Starting Bridge Bridge Started Starting the Bridge server --> Connecting to Named Pipe <-- Connected to Named Pipe Bridge server started Loaded Janet Server ID: 0 (secure.oldprop.com) Average Ping Time: 9 Fastest server ID: 0 (secure.oldprop.com) Login success! Is Beta: False Getting last launch Getting Running Simulator Getting User Presets Getting User Presets from Local GetRecording is null Nullifying Running Simulator (True / False / False / False) Creating User List Creating Aircraft List Done with Json to Aircraft conversion Checking if Queue exists Queue file loaded Syncing with server Removing Orphans Getting Preferences from local Setting Aircraft Substitutions Loading Control Assignments (For Preferences) Done Loading Control Assignments (For Preferences) Loading Control Assignments (For Presets) Done Loading Control Assignments (For Presets) Done Loading Control Assignments (For Named) Getting User Presets from Server Minimized launch mode since launched by: P3Dv4 Setting Window Position Registring to Process Notifications Registring to USB Notifications Registring to Directory Notifications Reload Imported Motions Sleep Mode True Populating Control Assignments Initializing Keyboard Keyboard Initialized Starting Timer Started Timer USB Change Checking Config Checking Cameras.cfg file for sim: P3Dv4 in C:\Users\Dieter Dressel\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ Sending proc data to Bridge Checking TrackIR directory No registry for TrackIR Done Initializing USB Devices Count Mismatch Generating Joystick list Getting Running Simulator Proc 1-0-56 - Usage / -Last Launch- / 0 Analytics sent. Adding: 8863c440-7f12-11ea-8001-444553540000 Name: Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Trying to create Thread for: 8863c440-7f12-11ea-8001-444553540000 Name: Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Trying to start Thread for: 8863c440-7f12-11ea-8001-444553540000 Name: Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Adding: 88663540-7f12-11ea-8003-444553540000 Name: T.16000M Trying to create Thread for: 88663540-7f12-11ea-8003-444553540000 Name: T.16000M Trying to start Thread for: 88663540-7f12-11ea-8003-444553540000 Name: T.16000M Adding: 88663540-7f12-11ea-8002-444553540000 Name: Pro Flight Cessna Rudder Pedals Trying to create Thread for: 88663540-7f12-11ea-8002-444553540000 Name: Pro Flight Cessna Rudder Pedals Trying to start Thread for: 88663540-7f12-11ea-8002-444553540000 Name: Pro Flight Cessna Rudder Pedals Adding: 0b45f180-824c-11ea-8001-444553540000 Name: TQ6 Trying to create Thread for: 0b45f180-824c-11ea-8001-444553540000 Name: TQ6 Trying to start Thread for: 0b45f180-824c-11ea-8001-444553540000 Name: TQ6 Adding: f6607e30-8268-11ea-8001-444553540000 Name: Button Box Interface Trying to create Thread for: f6607e30-8268-11ea-8001-444553540000 Name: Button Box Interface Trying to start Thread for: f6607e30-8268-11ea-8001-444553540000 Name: Button Box Interface Nullifying Running Simulator (True / False / False / False) Sending proc data to Bridge Received User Presets from Server Creating User List Creating Aircraft List Done with Json to Aircraft conversion Total Presets: 143 Total Aircraft: 35 Abnormal Presets: Validating Sync with server Getting/Scanning aircraft for FSX Getting/Scanning aircraft for FSX:SE Getting/Scanning aircraft for P3Dv2 Getting/Scanning aircraft for P3Dv3 Getting/Scanning aircraft for P3Dv4 Getting/Scanning aircraft for P3Dv5 Aircraft scan completed Window Position Set to 459, 325 Populating Control Assignments Button clicked btn_nav_preferences tutorial_focusArea Button clicked btn_report ----------------------------------------------------- --------------- BRIDGE CONSOLE OUTPUT --------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Init Connecting to the ChasePlane Connected to the ChasePlane Connected: 1 Bridge received message: setProc-32,null,null Nullifying process Bridge received message: setProc-32,null,null Nullifying process Dieter
  2. OMG, I´m so sorry I forgot to save.....
  3. hi Andrew, thanks for the link 1. LINDA version 2. LINDA aircraft module FSLabs_A3xx_v1_4 3. P3Dv4.5 4. FSLabs_A320X_P3D_v2.0.2.434 5. programming functions, i.e. start engines 6. I try programm the engine start on my saitek throttle: FSLabs A32xx module functions\Engine Master Sw and Ign\VC PED ENG1 MSTR Switch on. No effect. Tried other functions, i.e. lights, -> doesn´t work At the Maintenance page: where can I find the LINDA Source, where is the directory? thanks for the help Dieter
  4. hi everyone, tried the Linda FSLabs A3xx module 1.4 with my Saitek Buttons, but nothing works Using P3Dv4.5, FSUIPC5, latest full version, FsLabs A320x v2.0.2.440 FSLA3XX_MAIN.MCRO is in the Modules Folder Does anyone have any idea? Dieter Dressel
  5. hi Rick, all axis and buttons work properly in the "Windows USB controllers" area, also in the P3D controllerr options. But not with FSUIPC Dieter
  6. hi everyone, since 2 days I try to configure my brand new GF-TQ6. The problem: fsuipc 5.103 (reg. version) doesn`t recognize the throttle. In the P3Dv4.2 control options I can see the TQ6 and it works, nearly. But not exactly 100%. Does anyone have any idea? Dieter
  7. hi graig, sorry, tried again, it works thanks DIeter
  8. hi Graig, right click doesn´t work Dieter
  9. Hello, does anyone know how to change to the altitude selector "hundred"-feet (600 to 6300 ft) DIeter Dressel
  10. hi everyone, does anyone know, where or how to find water runways in p3dv4? didn´t find this topic in the search engine.. Dieter
  11. hi Steve, OMG, as I thought (and maybe you too): pilot error!! 1. Wasn´t fully configured for landing. 2. Setting MDA in the MCP, but didn´t press (how stupid) Had a few landings at KLAX RNAV Y 07L, working fine, What do mean with "speed intervention" after FAF. I try to have Vref at the FAF. Thanks for your patience. Dieter Dressel EDQK
  12. hi Steve, I found this in the former PMDG 747-400 X manual 10_PROCEDURES_PROFILES_747_400_V10, NON PRECISION APPROACHES: "When passing the MDA, set the missed approach altitude into the MCP altitude command bug in order to minimize workload in the event of a missed approach." (page 12) But the diagramm at page 16 is the same as the new one in the QRH. Curios.... I will try again.... Dieter
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