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  1. Pablo Vazquez

    [20SEP18] Where in the world is RSR & the PMDG 747-8?

    Oops... I’ve got quick fingers!! 🙂
  2. Pablo Vazquez

    [20SEP18] Where in the world is RSR & the PMDG 747-8?

    That’s the reflection of mount rainier on the tail of the aircraft.
  3. Pablo Vazquez


    Yang Yang Nan.... Don’t yell at people... That’s wrong. Go to your bedroom... NOW!!!
  4. Hello, I have been using PFPX since it's release a few years back and never had a problem with it. I have noticed lately that when I export the plan to my P3Dv4.3 and to my AS for P3Dv4, the waypoints are totally different from the one exported. I have no idea why that is. Anyone else having this problem? I run it as Administrator. Anyone know how I can fix it? Thank you, Pablo Vazquez
  5. Oh well... I guess I won’t be able to fly the aircraft because the SPLAT of some BUG is the wrong shape or color. I just can’t believe people are making such a big issue about that!!... To be honest, I don’t CARE if it’s green, blue, black, red or what... or if it’s too elongated or not... it’s not important to me, but that’s just my opinion. I’m sure I’ll be crucified for saying that!! 🙄
  6. Pablo Vazquez

    Re visited thread

    I think this is going to get ugly soon. Are people doing this stuff on purpose? They know the answer to those questions. It is so annoying when they ask stupid questions or make stupid remarks.
  7. Pablo Vazquez

    Giving an aircraft away

    Ohhh I think I’m gonna grab my cocktail, light up my cigar and watch the show from here. This is going to be good! 😜
  8. Pablo Vazquez

    NavData Out of Date

    The date may be wrong in your FMC. Make sure you checked the “Use System Time For Default Scenario” in the Flight Sim options Menu.
  9. Pablo Vazquez

    PMDG app not installing

    You need to go here and open a ticket...
  10. I think you meant saving your Panel State?.. If that’s what you want, go to the PMDG 747 documentation and look in your Introduction manual, Page 70. It tells your there what you need to do to save your panel state. Pablo Vazquez
  11. Pablo Vazquez

    PMDG 747v3 CTD P3D v4.2

    I was having the same crash with the 747 in my P3Dv4.2. It was not happening with my 777 or 737. What I did, I uninstalled all my add-on airports (FlyTampa, FSDreamTeam, FlightBeam Studios, LatinVFR, etx). Ran my P3Dv4.2 and selected my 747 then started my flight at the default KMIA airport. Waited until initialization finished and had no problem whatsoever. I did a quick flight around the airport and landed with no problem. So I realized, in my case, that one of my airports is what was causing my crash. I then installed each one of the airports one at a time to see which one was causing the problem and tested the 747 with each install. It took me two days to install all one of them and at the end, I found no problem with my 747. I am also running Ultimate Traffic Live (UTL) and Active Sky for P3Dv4 and I never uninstalled them. I have not has any more problems since. Also, my frames have improved. I am averaging 30-40 at FSDreamTeam KCLT with rain and dinamic lighting on. I guess, in my case, the problem was with one of the airports but I don't know which one. I am not saying that it is the problem with other PMDG 747 users but for me, that was the case. Pablo Vazquez
  12. Pablo Vazquez

    747 V3 P3d V4.2

    Ahhhh... ok. Thanks!
  13. Pablo Vazquez

    747 V3 P3d V4.2

    Can I ask a stupid question??... What is RC4/PF3?
  14. Pablo Vazquez

    Pilot aggression

    I am an American Airlines flight attendant and sit in the flight deck often when we are ferrying an airplane. Usually on the baby buses. I don’t have an answer for you but I can ask next time I work on the 738. Just one question, I noticed that it says under your name that you are a 737 maintenance technician, shouldn’t you know the answer if you are?
  15. Pablo Vazquez

    Why isn't there a port-over price?

    Oh here we go again!!!