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  1. Yang Yang Nan

    KLM livery

    Can someone make a KLM livery for me? i would really like if someone can make this KLM livery: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=JUn1Eqsp&id=9EF743E7FC7943F37F94036C3110B4DD23F7382D&thid=OIP.JUn1EqspB5xMTgdf7l63uQHaFQ&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fairlinergallery.nl%2fb7378klmncs.jpg&exph=709&expw=1000&q=klm+737&simid=607988872939307084&selectedIndex=7&adlt=strict&ajaxhist=0
  2. Yang Yang Nan

    omg you kidding me xD

    Lol i was about to trim my aircraft till my eye catched something!! (Im flying Air china) 747-8i It says: Chewwy is my CoPilot https://gyazo.com/e3b190a8cb7b53d5759b197df3b474c1 IN MORE DETAIL: https://gyazo.com/3ea2214c714be7f8dfc8844bdb591d06
  3. mhh i did but didnt work
  4. Ow wow that was fast, Thank you!
  5. When i turn my FASTEN seatbell sign on, it still says SEATBELL OFF?!?!?!?
  6. Yang Yang Nan

    tiny detail bug

    i know i just wanted to share it!
  7. Yang Yang Nan

    tiny detail bug

    oh okayy, are you developersteam aware of the bug?
  8. Yang Yang Nan

    tiny detail bug

    if i go out of the cockpit you can see the gear coming thru the fusselage ( UPS livery) im gonna report this to PMDG so they can fix it :)
  9. Yang Yang Nan

    How to active GPWS test

    Yeah i was looking in the -8 and i was getting crazy i was like going trhu the haule cockpit to find a butten with GPWS test on it or something xD
  10. Yang Yang Nan

    How to active GPWS test

    Okay thanks
  11. Hey i fly the 747 now for i think 2Weeks but i could not find the GPWS test button are im blind? or is there no button?? and if there is where can i start it?
  12. Yang Yang Nan

    PART 2 nothing workss (No progess)

    okay thank you
  13. Yang Yang Nan

    PART 2 nothing workss (No progess)

    Nothing works !! part 2 PLEASE i really want to fly the plane and maybe may the -8 if this works!!!
  14. Yang Yang Nan

    PART 2 nothing workss (No progess)

    doesnt even give the thing with initailzing