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  1. Unfortunately we simmers are just a few compared to other big games and we have to accept that when a company wants to develop something great, then they also have to invest into it great. And because Companys are not charities they have to make money which means they have to attract a lot of customers. They only can do this by making it easy and accessible for beginners and all we can hope for is that they also put a lot of details for realism into it which benefits us simmers as well.
  2. Correct that's the one. I think you can actually try the software before you buy with a 10 or 15min time limit. With this software you can also use the hand controllers, but I never got warm with theses and just use the mouse for switching the switches in VC.
  3. Quite easy...get a headset (best is to wait for the new oculus rift s) and flyinside-fsx (much better then vanilla vr) 1. Start oculus home 2.start oculus tray tool, set super sampling to 1.5 or higher (you have to test to get the sweet spot between performance and graphic This will make the resolution sharper in game and everything is easier to read. Someone else on this forum pointed this software out to me last month and unfortunately it "forced" me immediately to upgrade my GC to a RTX2070 😉 3. Start flyinside-fsx to start p3d with it. At initial startup it will apply some changes to your config and you have to restart the program 4. Set up your flight in the scenario screen like usual 5. After loading up you have to set a hotkey which will reset your view and which you will use to open the flyinside menu. 6. Adjust the p3d settings this way that you get at least above 20 ingame fps. The flyinside overview always shows you the actual fps like this "30/90" 30 is the ingame fps and 90 the flyinside asynchronous time wrap fps. Once you set all up one time, starting the sim in VR doesn't take any longer than without.
  4. Strange, I also use the rift but in conjunction with flyinside (vanilla VR has too many functions missing for me). So I installed and tried it. After first loading I only could look around with Space and mouse. And at second try P3D was not loading after I chosed my scenario. Only deinstall of EF restored my sim
  5. Already did yesterday evening.
  6. It also seems like EF has an issue with VR. Bought it yesterday and tried it and my VR stopped working. Had to deinstall EF to get my sim working normally again. Hope they get it all worked out eventually.
  7. I also don't know if it is worth it to drain $2000 (rough estimate) down the pipe and only gain a small margin in speed. I personally would not spend this money to go from a more than capable system to a slightly faster one. Maybe start small and just update one component at a time, starting by the one you think is the biggest bottleneck.
  8. Just did a test with your settings on my system. I started with the PMDG737 in KJFK (Dzwerski NY Airport Pack) and flew to KLGA. I did not use VR and just on my 1080p Monitor. I left KJFK with an average of 27fps and landed in KLGA with average 19fps, but with quite a few frame drops and reload freazes. Now seeing that you are using more then double of my resolution, I really think you should reconsider your ingame seetings. Here is my detailed system spec: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/16435176 When you want you can make a benchmark of your system on this website as well (for free) and compare it. Edit 2: Here are my in game seetings I would use in this case when flying in VR (almost same resolution)
  9. When you have this issue only at a few high detailed payware airports, then I would suggest to have different grafik settings which you can load in different Scenarios. One for good grafiks in light conditions and one for good performance in heavy conditions. And for each setting you have to dial in the sliders until you found the sweet spot. I for example couldn't go with your settings on my system (RTX2070, I5_6600K@4.6GHz), but I am also using P3D in VR. In my humble opinion your seetings look really high, for your system, but I might be wrong.
  10. Bought tir years ago and never got comfortable with it, and than switched 2 years ago to Oculus and for me VR was a game changer. Since then I never started TIR again. Also use it with asseto Corsa and ETS2 and never want to use these games without it anymore.
  11. Another reason is, that more and more developers already stopped supporting FSX.
  12. Thank you for the hint, it really looks much crisper in P3D now. But unfortunately I might now have to consider to buy a new GPU.
  13. I am sad about it. I live close to Detroit and used them last Christmas to get back home to Germany for the holidays. I paid for the roundtrip 550$ (+120$ for luggage) while every other airline was asking for at least 1700$. Yeah my butt hurted a bit after 5h sitting on seats which are build for Short flights but saving 1000$ was worth it. Also I couldn't complain about their service and everything was on time. Ok I arrived 1h late in Detroit but United already brought me home twice with a 20h delay. In general their service was better and friendlier compared to what I am used to from United, AA or Delta.
  14. I also would take the Majestics dash8 in consideration. I personally find this one the most immersive of them all and the easiest one to manually land. Downsides are that the preflight takes longer, the routes are shorter and it isn't always easy to find routes when you only fly real world legs.
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