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  1. 24CarotMagic

    VHHH Taxi2Gate compatible with P3dv4.1?

    This may be a long shot, but do you remember how you fixed the missing terminal buildings? Disregard, found a fix on their forum as well Just dont download and update their VHHH scenery from his page as it's outdated or poorly edited. Not sure This is for the future solution seekers
  2. 24CarotMagic

    What folders to back up, and add-on licenses

    Thanks, I found it! I'll do the deactive form addon manager thingy. That was very convenient.
  3. Hi, So as my SSD is arriving, I am moving my P3D directory onto said SSD meaning I'll be uninstalling and reinstalling it on the new drive. The reason is to start fresh and have a new slate of P3D to tweak and configure. But before I do, what folders should I absolutely back up before tweaking to save me the hassle of reinstalling the client/content/scenery when something goes wrong? Also since I'll be reinstalling P3D as a whole, what Add-ons are okay with uninstalling and reinstalling without messing up the licenses? The reason of reinstalling the add-ons is to reorganize using the XML method. My Add-Ons: PMDG Aircrafts 737/747/777 Chaseplane Active Sky/Cloud Art ORBX Global FSDreamteam GSX/KLAX/CYVR Flightbeam KSFOHD
  4. Was it the ShadersHLSL folder?
  5. 24CarotMagic

    Max GPU Load

    I tried limiting my refresh rate to 60Hz, and following the RTSS guide, and all it does is make my sim laggy. But it does usually stay around 30FPS which is great, but again not ideal for me as it doesnt feel smooth compared to my current settings. I guess everyones system is different and im no exception. I did order an SSD so I can continue tweaking my sim as it takes AGES to load P3D.
  6. 24CarotMagic

    Max GPU Load

    Unfortunately, locking my frames isnt helping at all unless something im doing on my side is wrong. I've tried FPS limiting in NVIDIA Inspector, RTSS (Not sure how it works with my 120Hz Monitor) and even inside the game. Also im not sure how to set up P3D to sync with my Monitor Refresh rate in order to achieve smoothness as most posts i read, people have native 60Hz monitors which work well for them
  7. 24CarotMagic

    Max GPU Load

    Ive seen people with older GPU's having better performance/quality than me, so a 2080Ti is not an option for me 😞 and it's expensive
  8. 24CarotMagic

    Stuttering every few seconds

    *Duplicate post*
  9. 24CarotMagic

    Stuttering every few seconds

    How would I set it up if my Monitors refresh rate was 120Hz?
  10. 24CarotMagic

    Max GPU Load

    Hi Fellas, First off, as seen by the title, Im encountering Max GPU loads. At first, I thought the tweaks I have been using were the main factors, but after resetting my P3D config file to its default settings, there were no changes in load usage. I've read many topics about people utilizing only 50 - 70% of their GPU while having better settings than my default, and im thinking to myself "How in the heck?" I checked my task manager and it shows that P3D is using nearly all of my load on my GPU. What I noticed in task manager is that only 3.4GB/11GB of GPU Memory is being used when P3D is open. May this be the factor? GPU USAGE Specs: AMD Ryzen 2700X @ 4.05GHz 16GB RAM @ 3200MHz EVGA 1080Ti FTW3 11GB Windows 10 Pro