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  1. I’m slowly migrating to P3D, but I currently don’t have any weather addons! I’ve learned that active sky is the best weather engine, but I want to know what addon would give me the best textures? Things like Sky Force 3D, Active Sky Cloud Art etc...which is the best? Thanks
  2. JoshuaBrown

    Benefits of P3D v4 over FSX?

    I was thinking about doing that, but based on the fact it's quite likely I'll stay, I don't have £60 to part with at the moment...:(
  3. JoshuaBrown

    Benefits of P3D v4 over FSX?

    Well, looks like you've all convinced me... I can upgrade to the Aerosoft A318/319 Professional for just £30 which is nice. I'm probably going to get 1 month of P3D for £10 as a trial to see what I think, with my ORBX installed and some UK2000 Airports too. Google also claims that TomatoShader and ReShade are good, so I'll install those. Then I'll return here with my thoughts...! Thanks everyone, and so long FSX...(for now!)
  4. JoshuaBrown

    Benefits of P3D v4 over FSX?

    Hey everyone, I currently have FSX:SE and I’ve heard lots about P3D. My current addons are: - ORBX Global + OpenLC - ORBX Dubrovnik, Stockholm - UK2000 Newcastle, Belfast, and Gatwick - Aerosoft A318/319 How would buying P3D actually benefit me? What does it give that FSX:SE doesn’t, and would it actually be worth it? My specs: i5-6500 3.2ghz GTX 1050Ti 16GB RAM Thanks everyone! :)