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  1. islandking

    PMDG 747 Immersion maybe causes CTD

    Same thing happening to me when running PMDG 747-8 always CTD after a few seconds. It does not seem to happen with the PMDG 747-400, 777, 737 or other addon aircrafts. Event viewer reports faulting app as Immersion Manager.exe. mmmmm
  2. islandking


    byork, sorry I managed to fix it. I had the throttle axis accidentally set as button C (alternate static source) Thanks for helping
  3. Hello all, I need a little help with FS2Crew for PMDG 747-400 v3. When I set throttle to idle it triggers the next action in FS2Crew, I am using FSUIPC to set up my axis and reverse thrust set in Buttons+Switches using CH Throttle Quadrant. Apart from this, everything is working fine. I cannot find anything in the forums relating to this. Have I missed something!? Using: P3Dv4.3 Regards Daniel Lai Lam
  4. You access it within the sim. Start your sim, load scenario with PMDG 747. Go to Add-ons - Immersion Manager. Daniel Lai Lam
  5. Yes, not working on P3Dv4 Hotfix 1 Thanks
  6. islandking

    Darker Shadows

    I thought so, its linked to the terrain/object shadows then. Thanks for your help Adam. Daniel.
  7. Hi Guys, Just a quick question, anyone know how to adjust for darker aircraft ground shadows in external view? I'm still new to PTA. Thanks a lot. Daniel
  8. If I knew it was online use only, I would not have bought it. I should have stuck to EZDok.
  9. Same here cannot even disable CP so I can use P3D without it. Stupid to use while online only Daniel Lai Lam
  10. islandking

    File always timeout.

    Hi AbdoTheEagle, Its still timing-out even when I try the alternate link, other downloads from avsim and other websites are fine and complete successfully. I have even disabled my anti-virus/firewall (Bitdefender Internet Security 2016). Daniel
  11. Hi Guys I am having trouble downloading this file It always stops around 48 - 68%. All other downloads work ok. I have use Google, IE default downloader and IDM. Any advise would be most welcome. I have been trying to download since last night and have used a large amount of my internet allowance as my service provider runs on a capped service. Kind regards Daniel