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  1. Hey everyone. I have purchased the 737-700 and 737-800 for MSFS2020, and it's been amazing overall. However, I'm facing a serious audio problem. In both airplanes, when I disconnect an audio device (which I have to do often, unfortunately) used by the simulator mid - flight, the sound coming from the aircraft gets muted completely. All sound effects coming from the simulator (menu sound effects, ambience, etc.) continue to work just fine from the other audio device I have. I have tried switching back and forth, reconnecting the device, changing default audio output device on both the sim and Windows 10, to no avail. I would really appreciate some help on the issue 🙂
  2. Good evening everyone! So basically I recently upgraded my PC to a multi - hard drive system and plugged in some old hard drives that I had from a couple of years ago. Inside I found out that I had bought an older version of ORBX's Global Vectors. Unfortunately though, when I tried installing them, the installer didn't ask for my FSX installation folder and just started installing the addon on its own. The problem though is that even though I recently uninstalled and reinstalled FSX to a newer hard drive, the FTX Global Vectors Installation started installing the addon on my previous installation folder for FSX Steam Edition on another drive, where the game doesn't exist anymore since I've uninstalled it... I don't know how to fix this problem, even though most probably it's a registry/PATH issue that gives the Installer the older, now invalid installation path of FSX... Finally, as a last resort I tried moving all of the FTX Global Vectors files to my current FSX installation folder, but unfortunately when I tried launching the FTX Global Vectors Configuration EXE that comes with the product, this error message popped up for some reason: "No Simulator can be found on your system. ORBX Lighting Configuration will now close" Any help would be appreciated :/
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